Alzheimer’s Disease – Audio Bite #18

Listen to Dr. Sebi’s tone as he answers a woman’s question about Alzheimer’s. It is a tone representing the determination to reveal to people just how easy it is to overstand disease. “There is only one disease!” Dr. Sebi would always say. The only other source for disease that he would mention that was just as detrimental to the human body was “Yeast.” He regarded LUPUS and Candida as yeast infections.  Just like Fibroids, yeast infections are an accumulation of toxins.

President Ronald Reagan designated November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in 1983. At the time, fewer than 2 million Americans had Alzheimer’s; today, the number of people with the disease has soared to nearly 5.4 million.

On many occasions Dr. Sebi has acknowledged our ignorance on disease by answering thousands of our questions with one consistent idea in mind – cleansing and repairing the body on a cellular level for all people; starting with an ability to cure people with an African genetic structure or a people richer in carbon-based genetics; aka black people. Click play below and listen to Dr. Sebi addresses this question in less than 30 seconds.

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Dr. Sebi: Yes Maim?


Inquirer: I have a question about Alzheimer’s. You talked about Alzheimer’s.


Dr. Sebi: Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s is what on the brain? The mucus that causes sinusitis, the mucus that causes bronchitis, the mucus that causes pneumonia, the mucus that causes inflammation in the prostrate gland, the mucus that cause endometriosis and then vaginal discharge. Where is the mucus now that someone has Alzheimer’s? On the Brain! That’s right. Next!

  • Transcribed by Zee Malachi

It’s Mucus, Not Alzheimer’s

When the cell is compromised, it tares apart and tries to hold itself together by producing pus. The reason for the tare is due to a bed of mucus that sits in the cell, causing the cell to divide. When this happens that cell loses oxygen and iron. The first step in repairing the cell is to refrain from eating the most detrimental foods for the human body. Dr. Sebi was healed by way of being instructed to not eat at all. During his healing experience, he lived for 3 months on herbal teas alone.

“The body can heal itself and the herbs are just to assist you” Dr. Sebi would also say.

Many times Dr. Sebi has reported that so called, “black people” are a tropical people. He explained how in these tropical areas the fruit and vegetables were the riches in iron. He talked about how even people residing in Africans turned away from their native foods in order to consume starches and meats.

“Every black man or woman inside or outside of Africa suffer with some form of sickle cell anemia.” Dr. Sebi would also say.

Dr. Sebi clearly knew that he was in the business of removing mucus from the body. He would use herbs to assist the body with this task that would end up doing two things simultaneously.
(1) Remove the mucus.
(2) Replenishing the cell with mineral nutrition.

Early on Dr. Sebi realized that certain areas of the body thrived on particular minerals and he began making compounds for specific illnesses. Following this procedure of developing certain compounds, Dr. Sebi had another experience. It was an experience of incidental healing for a man that would visit Dr. Sebi for a case of a disease that was cured from iron plus – which at the time Dr. Sebi was not sure would help him. He learned the iron enriches the blood and can nearly cure everything.


Dr. Sebi had a vast amount of knowledge that he used just in his general healing process alone. He would apply this process by healing people according to methods that hold the key to activities that sick people must observe if they want to be healed. For now I will present some of the general aspects that involve his healing process. Dr. Sebi would cleans the blood of mucus (so that the broken cells can reunite and hold the nascent minerals) and then feed feed the appropriate mineral to the appropriate part of the body.
Head – Copper & Carbon
Bones – Calcium
Spleen – Phosphorous
Pancreas – Chromium
Blood – Iron
Thyroid – Potassium iodide and Potassium bromide

This is just a brief amount of information regarding his general healing process. And when we get into his methods, there are at least 8 steps and they are as follows:
1. Fasting
2. Dr. Sebi Compounds
3. A Gallon of Water a Day
4. Exercise
5. Refrain from consuming detrimental foods
6. Eat according to a list of foods that Dr. Sebi has recommended.
7. Sleep (be kind to your body and get some rest)
8. Usha Village (or stress relieving practices)


I recommend Blueberry Burdock tea and special music for anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They should be encouraged to sing along and dance. Once reaching the age of 60 it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to elderly day parties. Burdock, blueberry tea and nurses should be on the scene, lol. The elderly seriously need to socialize to keep depression at bay. Don’t encourage our elders to smoke and drink after the age of 60. Teach them new words to help them build their vocabulary and make sure they use the new terminology. If they are up for it, have them go to tech school and learn a new language. The key factor being that they must ENJOY these activities.

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