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Testimony: I’ve had the worst hot flashes for the past 3 years. I flash all throughout the day and night. I’m a public figure and my face, neck and chest would just get completely misted while in front of my audience. I have to fan and even dab myself to get it together and continue in a conversation. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing. Well, I recently stumbled across an article on Dr. Sebi which led me to FB, then to his website. I found this product “Estro” which claimed to help menopause amongst a host of other things, so I purchased it and have used it for a week now. I have NOT had any hot flashes since day one on this product. Everyday I am amazed and grateful! Ladies, there is hope! Thank you for persevering Dr. Sebi. God’s Blessings. [167 likes, 67 comments]



Estro 1

Estro 1

Most of the comments express support and gratitude. Featured below are the inquires and replies.

Ash Espíritu Libre:  What are the other benefits? Is it like estrogen?

Aretha Chapma: From his site: Nourishes the female endocrine reproductive system to aid in hormonal balance. Also improves fertility and overall sexual appetite. Good for PMS and menopause.

Ta Mar: What is in it?

Aretha Chapma: The label on the bottle reads: Damiana, Hortensia, Sarsaparilla, Irish Seamoss.

Aretha Chapma: I’ve been amazed everyday! To go from constant hot flashes to none is nothing short of a miracle! Grateful!

Ta Mar:  thank you, I was concerned whether or not it had Black Cohosh in it.

Aretha Chapma: I tried Black Cohosh and many other things. Nothing worked until Estro.

Aretha Chapma: Ladies, I’m a firm believer. Keep us posted. It’s changed my life literally overnight. I can’t wait to hear about how it’s helped you too.

Brooklyn Staley: How many pills are in the bottle?

Aretha Chapma: The label says that there are 90 pills in the bottle.

Cee Moore: Did you change your diet also? Just Curious.

Aretha Chapma: Not at all, I did not change a thing. I took it and it worked! It’s amazing!

Josetta Henry:  Another great thing about dr Sebi products are: they stay in your system for 14 days after u take them.







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  2. I have a question: Can Estro help with vaginal dryness?

  3. How effective is this in fertility issues.

  4. Where can we purchase your products here in South Africa? I believe in herb healing.

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  6. Will it cure infertility such as fluid in fallopian tube.

  7. Sekeytha McGuire

    Where can I buy Dr Sebi products in Atlanta,Ga

  8. Is estro and the uterine wash safe for pregnant women?

  9. since it helps with female hormones, will i stop facial hair growth?

  10. I commented a couple of days ago asking for some advice about Vaginal dryness as well as cystic acne, I have not received a response and my comment was removed. Is there no help for me?

  11. Will Eva Salve help with facial breakouts? It’s not acne, it looks like a rash along jaw line and cheeks area… Or should I just start with a blood cleanser?

    • Start with a plant based blood cleanser and be cautious of what you eat; detox if necessary. Eva salve can definitely assist.

  12. Will the estro helps with fibriods

    • Yes, it will HELP simply because it will play a role in contributing towards an internal alkaline environment.
      Here is what Dr. Sebi has had to say about the subject matter:

      The reason black females are facing such high incidents with fibroids is because of their diet. They have been taken away from the diet that nature has designed for us. And we have become victims, conditioned to that diet. Now we have to turn this thing around, we have to bring back everything that we know is consistent to our cellular predisposition.
      Mucous membrane has been compromised (broken down) in the reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the body there. Doctors try to cut it out, but there is no knife that can separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus; the doctor is going to cut into you now. If the doctor doesn’t cut all the way into you, he’s going to have to leave some in there.
      You need something that is consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines; which is potassium phosphate. When it comes to Dr. Sebi, you are given something to drink that enters the blood stream and where doesn’t the blood go? The blood goes everywhere; into the walls and pushes things away. This is how you naturally get rid of Fibroid tumors.

  13. Will estro help with early menopause? I would like to have a baby.

    • It will make a contribution towards your concern. A strict diet will also contribute. Study the website for learning more about the African Bio Mineral Balance way.

  14. Has anyone ever got pregnant using Estro? If so how long after. .Thank you, on my second bottle now.

  15. Hi! I’m on the first week of using Estro and I feel so drained. Why is this? I do have two uterine fibroids and I eat pretty healthy for the most part but I just feel so tired. Not sure if this is normal. I have high hopes in Estro helping me

    • This is normal and to be expected for a period. Eat according to the nutritional guide if you need a better experience to get here a quick, fast and a hurry.

    • This is called the healing crisis. You feel like crap, but it’s part of the process of getting better and detoxing

  16. Where can I go or what can I read to learn enough about plants and herbs to live a sustainable life?

  17. Will Dr Sebi’s products continue to be available for purchase, or is there a cut off? I would like to see his products continue to help people.

  18. Can cures be accomplished simply by changing one’s diet and taking Dr Sebi’s products, or should colon cleansing be included? If so, how often?

  19. Just received my bottle for Estro. Should I be talking 4 pills everyday or every 2 was being that it stay in you system for 14days. I hope someone respond soon.

  20. Can men take Estro because I am transitioning from male to female.

    • The estro is not a CHEMICAL designed to manipulate hormones; it is a plant based MINERAL substance of which long-term use could possibly cause you to become heterosexual. I believe that people are born gay due to a hormonal position. If the scientifically referenced “chromosomes” indicate that the human is a MALE, then idealistically its hormonal position should be complimentary to that. If it is not, then it could be due to an early stage acid condition which set the tone of function for certain organs and glands. If the affected organs or glands are naturally purged of the rhythm responsible irregular functions, then the person’s conduct would match the attributes of being heterosexual.

  21. Hidoes Estro help prevent with facial hair growth?

  22. I’m in surgical menopause, uterus and ovaries are gone. Can I still take Estro for vaginal dryness?

    • Yes, but I would include the use of bromide Powder plus

      • I had the same surgery, total hysterectomy BSO…ovaries, uterus, tubes and cervix gone due to endometrial cancer. I’m 41 years old in surgical menopause. Will the two products plus following the nutritional guide be the end all be all to any further issues as it relates to no available hormones/no reproductive system? Will my high blood pressure, risk of heart disease, other cancers just go away??

        • Although I have seen many testimonies that would indicate so, in regards to your question – it wouldn’t hurt to have more testimony for the related concern. Simply give yourself the time needed with consistent use of the compounds and fasting.

  23. Hello – trying to conceive and am currently taking a prenatal vitamin. Can I take both the prenatal vitamin and estro at the same time? Do you think taking both will decrease my chances of conceiving?

  24. I’m taking the seaweed/bromide and its causing me to get a yeast infection. What can i take to avoid that?

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