Audio Interviews Part 2

On midweek Nubiart we played the second part of the ‘Electric Food – The Only Food’ interview with Honduran nutritionist and healer Dr Sebi. It was recorded in New York, on 6 Nov 1995 and produced by Kamet Ascendants & Afrikan Information Communication. It started with Dr Sebi telling how prominent Afrikan-American doctors, healers and metaphysicians refused to support him when his practices were being criticised in New York even though he had a record of curing a wide range of ailments that they couldn’t. One member of the interviewing group told how Dr Sebi had treated his father for ailments including diabetes, prostate cancer and high blood pressure so successfully that he has returned to his job, full of energy, is active in competitive sports again and his hair is even growing back!

At the retreat in Honduras people bathe in the thermal springs on arrival then twice a day. The difference between hot and thermal springs is that thermal springs are precipitated by volcanic activity, which means that the water has a high concentration of sulphur and phosphorous. Not so for a hot spring. A hot spring is precipitated through a bed of geolite that’s under the ground and as you know geolite is a mineral that boils water – that doesn’t necessarily make it thermal; one has sulphur and phosphorous and oxygen in large amounts. It means that the body is receiving a large amount of hydrogen iron concentration that relaxes the body immediately. It plays a very good role on the central nervous system and stress is gone immediately after you enter the water.

With the release of stress the body starts to normalise itself and healing takes place. Illnesses such as palsies caused by stress immediately clear up once the hormones are relaxed. Dr Sebi also uses central American healing plants that are rarely used or known in north America and Europe. He is scathing of Western medical practitioners. At the Smithsonian Institute they have a programme of “East meets West” demonstrations where the western practices always win and traditional healers using indigenous knowledge are made to agree that allopathic is superior because the dosage can be measured even when there is no visible signs of success in curing anything.

Dr Sebi is the only healer with validated diagnostic sheets from five different laboratories confirming that he has cured AIDS. He said that the anti-AIDS treatment, Kemron, consisted of interferon mixed with AZT so would not have success. He has also cured leukaemia, cancers, sickle cell anaemia, sinusitis, kidney ailments, lupus, herpes, diabetes, fibroids, paralysis and blindness. He lamented the fact that Afrikans who he wants to help don’t use his services as much as the Hispanic population and wealthy Europeans even though Afrikan health statistics show a variety of illnesses and dysfunctional behaviour and thought processes. To rectify that, I’ve got to show you where we were derailed and change that environment, that brain environment. I have to change that immediately that you could begin to see!…Train your eyes towards Mother Nature.

If the human body was meant to be open it would have a zip on it! Dr Sebi stressed that except for microscopic work or ailments such as a burst appendix there are few reasons for intrusive surgery. The only disease in the world is the compromising of the mucus membrane. Afrikan’s biological structure has been weakened by the diets we have consumed since our food supply was changed as a result of colonialism, enslavement and enclosure. To restore health people need an intra-cellular cleansing of electric foods that match the electricity of the body. Electricity occurs from harnessing the friction between carbon and copper. If your immune system is strong you can not get sick with any disease.

For curing blindness Dr Sebi told how he had used urine therapy where after fasting for a month until his urine was clear he drunk it twice a day. After four days he couldn’t see but this was the inflammation breaking down and passing across his eyes. After another five days his vision returned improved so that he could read the tiniest writing. [Ed: Urine hydration is used in deserts where water is scarce.]In Ivory Coast 33% of the population have the sickle cell trait which is caused by mucus seeping into the blood plasma and turning it into sickle shapes. Removing the mucus restores the unity of the cells. To maintain health the patient needs large doses of iron phosphate not ferrous oxide. Iron is the only magnetic mineral on the planet that pulls other minerals to it so taking iron means you also take a proportion of other minerals as well. A sickler will see results within 5 minutes of taking iron phosphate.

Cysts are made up of calcium carbonate and hardened mucus that is growing and may burst and consume the patient if not treated. On alcohol eg malt liquour, Dr Sebi pointed out that as well as barley alcohol contains yeast. Ain’t yeast deceit for infection? They call it Chlamydia. Yeast is the bed for disease. But again since we have not had scientists, researchers as they are called, to come forth with the proper research or study we fall short and we’re vulnerable.

Among the people Dr Sebi has advised are: Dr John Henrik Clarke who wouldn’t change his diet and passed away; Chancellor Williams who preferred to put his trust in the allopathic method and passed away; Teddy Pendergrass who was incapacitated but Dr Sebi helped to walk and perform again; and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, from TLC, who was on her way to Dr Sebi’s base in Honduras when she passed away in the car crash. We finished by asking who do our so-called political, business and community “leaders” go to when they need health, political, analytical or economic advice as that is the person you want to talk to directly and bypass the public “faceman.”

‘Electric Food – The Only Food’ – Dr Sebi. Recorded at Milford Plaza on 6 Nov 1995. Produced by Kamet Ascendants & Afrikan Information Communication. For more info: PO Box 399 Radio City, NYNY 10101. Tel: (212) 262 2784. For Foods: Bayanah – (718) 722 3386 / (718) 629 5587 / (305) 252 1800.

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