Colon Irrigation – Audio Bite #15

When it comes to colon cleansing, people often ask if Dr. Sebi has spoke on colonics. Yes he has! Buckle your seat belt and hit the “play” button when you are ready.

Dr. Sebi Says “NO” To Colon Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is extremely unhealthy because it pushes water against your cecum.

This is your ascending colon right here.  This is your transverse colon, this is your descending colon.  Things goes across very easy and down very easy, but to climb up the crawl up is very difficult.  Now I’m going to push water up here then across, down, now there’s nowhere out here;  so aren’t you having to impact things down here with that water of 15 lb per square each pressure?  Not only that,  the obstruction is not in the colon, it’s in the small intestine; because the valve – the cecum valve only pushes things out,  it doesn’t admit things in cause that would be an atoxemia (it would be a toxemia). So as this valve clogs, so the small intestines and there goes your ileum.  So when you got your colonics, yeah you see some feces out of it, but the obstruction is in the small intestines. and fix this valve does not allow any water to go in,  how is it going to clean the small intestines now, where the petrifaction predeceased? Not only that, when you take water and put in machine and then push that up someone’s colon, isn’t  there life forms in this water already? And they will seat inside of you. Because if you had taken this water through your mouth and it had the life form which it does, it would die in the mucus membrane or in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. But no you bypass that because some German invented colonics. And some black person told us that because the Germans did it, it must be right.

  • Transcribed by Zee Malachi






















Clearing obstruction from the small intestines is an appropriate step towards reversing Crohn’s disease, intestinal cancer, or tumor related obstructions. During a time for healing we will not only be focused on eating the least detrimental foods, but also the foods that compliment our digestive system (foods that are easily dissolved by stomach acid) and drinking plant-based iron herbal teas because they are natural stool softeners.

The nutrients of the food is absorbed and digested in the small intestines. The small intestines is also known as the small bowel. Google Small Bowel Obstruction (SBO) if you would like more information. This is a very important area because if obstruction causes pollution which in soon enter our blood stream, our central nervous system will soon be compromised and then every organ of our body will be at risk. This is why Dr. Sebi turns to fasting; because fasting is one of the quickest ways to detox the body as well as give it both room and time to focus on getting rid of toxins. Herbal teas and herbal compounds can assist the process.

We need our nervous system to be intact because it aids in use of our rhythmic contractions (known as peristalsis) for the small intestines and if it stops, we will be looking at an additional obstruction of the small intestines. Be sure to watch the video below for more clarity.

Drinking at least two liters of water as a minimum is a good way to keep your intestines from twisting, resulting in a hernia – this too can cause obstruction within the small intestines.

Excessive mucus lining the intestines in both the small intestines and the large intestines makes a great case for Crohn’s disease. Dr. Sebi’s Chelation is definitely necessary.







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