I exercise often but what can I use for a good detox?

Bromide Plus PwdBromide Plus is indeed the most amazing product that Dr. Sebi has along side of his Chelations.

“Detox” as a term that has a life in the concept of health concerns has a scope that is very rich even in its own broadness, but I feel it safe to say that those of us who have dedicated some rigorous time to turn over some sharp conclusions about it will agree that the unanimous viewpoint in regards to achieving the ultimate standard of health (free of parasites, or not influenced by parasites) is that it takes time to detox (clean the body of excessive mucus, starve parasites or neutralize signals caused by parasites).




Iron Plus1. Eating the right foods and staying away from the worse.

2. Focus on boosting the immune system. This is simple. It means two things, consistently taking in plant based iron; preferably after you have restored your reservoir of iron based nutrition.
(a) Restore your reservoir of iron based nutrition by consuming a whole bottle of iron plus or Bio-ferro for 10 days -a bottle a day-.
(b) Then eating something or drinking something with iron in it every day and it doesn’t matter how small of an amount.

3. FASTING – The most effective thing to do in regards to detoxing. Stay away from teas that are sweet even without sweetener (fruit teas/flower tea) and get into the bitter teas such as Burdock tea.


Bio FerroIn fact here are some iron rich eatables that you can make a tea out of:
Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
Purslane – Rich in iron.
Kale – Rich in iron.
Dandelion – Rich in iron.
Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.

4. Exercise and drink a gallon of Glacier Mountain spring water.


This was only intended to be a brief amount of information to help get you started on the idea of detoxing. Imagine for a moment that there are detoxing efforts beneficial enough to rid someone of AIDS. If you are ready to read more, continue to learn exactly what type of detox and cleansing can cure AIDS.

Glacier mountain spring waterDr. Sebi speaks of Glacier Mountain Spring Water as on of his preferred choices of spring water.
















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