Hybrid Apples, Pears and Peaches – Audio Bite 10


Dr. Sebi Investigates Why Junglemen Were Healthy

Transcription of Audio Bite by Zee Malachi

When I begin to go on this journey I had to take my brain all the way back to Africa.  To Investigate and to research  why our brothers in the jungle was so healthy.  When I found out;  it was the food that they were eating. Those plants, those leaves those natural fruits and I’m not talking about apples and pears and peaches; those things are artificial. They are hybrid.



You will find foods that are hybrids listed on the nutritional guide because these were merely provided as the least detrimental foods to consume during your process of healing. Once you learn more about how and why the nutritional guide came about, you will be able to tailor your own food list by determining what is more detrimental for you on the current nutritional guide and what you can add that you feel you may moderately consume during your time of healing. Click here for more information.
For a list of foods that Dr Sebi has spoken against, click here.




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  1. Hello I would like to ask is it safe to eat organic apples pears and peaches.my love to doctor sebi always.

    • With exception to the apple – Yes, but they are still hybrids. They are the least detrimental foods and better for us to consume than the more detrimental substances as can be found of the food alert list.

      • Hello zee thank you for replying my message you see I am living here in Hong Kong well I hope you know where that is but I have I problem I want to purchase Dr.sebis bromide powder but I would like to ask is there any access here in Hong Kong for me to buy it directly aside of the website giving your full information.

  2. Hi I would like to ask because I usually drink water with lime in it is it alright to do so please advice me many thanks.

    • It’s okay but there are better things to put in the water than Lime. toothpick size ginger sticks, dandelion sticks, with berries, etc.

  3. Hello zed I have heard that in Irish sea moss there is something called carrageenan which if consumed for some times could be harmful to the body oh and another thing I would like to consult you is to ask should we choose the ones wildcrafted and not aquarium grown. Yes zed by the way a thousand thanks to your advice on the organic fruits and the advice on water with limes.

    • Yes, carrageenan is an extract of the sea moss which indeed is a posion once removed from the sea moss. – not while it is in the sea moss where its mineral contribution is balanced.

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