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The purpose of the facebook group is to help others learn about the things that Dr. Sebi has presented over the years. After learning about two categories of Dr. Sebi’s accomplishments, it is only natural to want to learn more about HIS THOUGHT PROCESS on health –
(1) Healing power
(2) Defeating the judicial system, FDA & American Medical Association in the NY court system, resulting in Dr. Sebi being the first person in America who is able to use the word “CURE” without having a medical license. There are testimonies in healing and reversing diseases such as blindness, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, AIDS, arthritis, epilepsy, fibroids, impotence, bell’s palsy, herpes, cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, lupus, autism, tumors, and even addiction. The greatest slam dunk of a case EVER in the NY court system that caused the prosecuting party to walk out, was Dr. Sebi’s African Bio-mineral Balance which is strictly a complimentary medicine and not an alternative medicine (meaning another form or way) which has left a door open to this very day for African people to state that they CURE according to the use of organic natural plant food containing an equally high degree of electrical resonance. Lancaster laboratories testified Dr. Sebi’s herbal compound products as being electric cell food.
Dr. Sebi was requested by the courts to bring 9 people that he has cured but he brought 77 people (including a client who flew in from Italy) and won his case by a standard that the world had not determined to be a FACT regarding two things in particular:

1. There is only one disease; mucus
2. Africans were removed from a complimentary source of nutrition such as IRON which is at the heart of the African Bio-mineral Balance because it provides a natural chemical affinity and keeps the immune system strong.

What is the African Bio-mineral balance? It is a system of nutrition that is consistent with our gene. The African gene resonates on a higher electrical vibration than starches, sugars, mucus causing foods, acids, indigestible meats and oxides. It works by the application of an intra-cellular chelation (pronounced Key-Lation) to clean up the cells that make up the organs while the body is nourished simultaneously and eating according to strict means.

Dr. Sebi successfully dismisses protein and acids for Africans in the court while retaining that the FDA and AMA have the right to use it, but not against Africans.

So the facebook group is there to serve the purpose of gaining greater insight to a major problem that Africans have among themselves, such as thinking that GENERAL HEATH and general health solutions apply to them. IT IS NOT A GENERAL HEALTH GROUP!!!!!!!!!! Africans have been removed from an iron rich plant kingdom environment and given hybrid and starch based herbs and foods to consume as a means to maintain health. The purpose of the group is to learn what Dr. Sebi has presented over the years. Many are welcome to gather there as a family to help those who want to know more about Dr. Sebi and what he has said about disease and complimentary foods.

Dr. Sebi Writes Robert Mugabe  sebi letter to Mugabe

Dr sebi who and what group banner for rules

1. Do not post information that lead to other websites unless it is a research reference base website reflecting a particular piece of information that supports Dr. Sebi’s premises. This rule is not testimony to the idea that we religiously worship Dr. Sebi, but that he is already certified and court-proven annexed to facts that the world is still either in denial of or uninformed. We do not look to websites that promote general health by presenting them in the open in the facebook group. You may or may not receive a warning for this prior to your removal.

2. Do not promote other healers in the facebook group. Please inbox that information and help us maintain the presence of the type of platform that we would like to make available for those who come there to learn about what Dr. Sebi has to offer. Please consider that 2,789 cases from medical doctors to herbalists went to court prior to Dr. Sebi and he was the only one to win. Today there is still great hesitancy for other healers to promote the necessity of acquiring a natural chemical affinity to specifically compliment the African gene; as Dr. Sebi has been presenting for over 40 years now: Video (Natural Chemical Affinity and how the resonance of the African can change) between 24m43s to 27m03s

3. Do not promote foods, herbs or remedies that are not made publicly available by Dr. Sebi’s office (The Recommended Food List or Nutritional Guide) or that have not been mentioned by Dr. Sebi according to audio or video presentations. The exception for CINNAMON and VANILLA are in relation to Dr. Sebi’s BROMIDE -only-. If you post pictures of foods with these ingredients, it will be deleted and you will be removed if it occurs too often.
Do you see LEMON on the list? -“NO”-
Information concerning food, herbs or remedies that is personally received from Dr. Sebi’s office or Dr. Sebi himself is exceptional, but it is of GREAT importance to our organizing efforts that you contact me so that we can archive this information to make it ready and available to everyone. Like the information that can be found on this page:

4. Do not argue when the group rules are presented to you while in the facebook group and claim that you are there to learn and help. It will not be tolerated! Too often people reply in defense when the group rules are presented to them as a warning. A defensive reply is unnecessary. Read the group rules before you reply, after being warned.

5. Do not ask questions that have been asked before. In the top right banner section of the group is a box panel that says, “Search This Group,” use it prior to posting your question in this group please; and then add a comment if necessary to the appropriate post. (Circled in RED)
search this group

6. Do not debate! As we reach our 16,000 member mark, it is ever more important that we are organized enough to be a liable/worthy extension of Dr. Sebi in regards to echoing or regurgitation of his messages as well as sharing data or articles full of research details that supports Dr. Sebi’s presentations. The SEARCH THIS GROUP application will be getting used more and more and for this reason it is time to cut down on the dialogues and debates that have nothing to do with the interest of the post. The goal of the group is to serve as a momentous referential source. While the advocate’s website serves the same purpose, the difference lies within the ability to interact with facebook group family members who can excel our ability to deliver appropriate information and propel our learning process. If you find that a post has too much clutter due to past discussions and debates, simply type “Too Much Clutter” and tag one or a few of the administrator’s names to it and we will clean it up.

7. Do not express disapproval or the facebook group or condemn it for being something that you do not like. We request that you be respectful and simply leave if you find that the group is not for you. Do not make comments that can be interpreted as your having no respect for the group; such as, “I could care less if I am removed from the group.” Or “My questions are never answered in this group.” You will be removed. Do not make remarks that indicates that Dr. Sebi is insignificant to you in a group where he is presented to be very significant; by making statements such as “I don’t just listen to Dr. Sebi when it comes to health and nutrition, I listen to other healers too.” “plus Dr. Sebi said that he doesn’t know everything.” Whether any of us listens to Dr. Sebi alone or other healers as well as Dr. Sebi is one’s individual and personal business. Do not express these things in a manner to put down those who you THINK only listen to Dr. Sebi; you will be removed.

8. Do not promote religious doctrine of any type. No matter how light a degree the mention is; you will be removed! Of course the exception is made for any religious doctrine that advocates organic herbs and plants, which is a message that has obviously been ignored by far too many religious organizations, sects or denominations. Do not make the mistake of turning it into an opportunity to promote your belief in God, or a God or the way you believe in God. Mentioning God as an authority that many people respect in order to present a message of consuming herbs and plants instead of meat; just as Dr. Sebi has done, is acceptable.

9. Do not express hate or imply dislike of any race or ethnicity, including Caucasian. We have the opportunity to become acquainted with Dr. Sebi’s insight regarding how aggression and violence from Caucasians effect societies around the world. The magnitude of carbon presence in the biological structure of the Caucasian equates to a peaceful Caucasian even after the thymus gland has disappeared, which is what is known to happen to many Caucasians by the age of eight.

10. Do not instigate division. You may or may not have had the discussion about the issues surrounding figtree, usha village with Dr. Sebi, his children, all the other healers that people like to listen to, the bolinga group and I, so we do not encourage the mentioning of these things any further than rule #10. Do not go into the group asking what the difference is between these groups. Learn what you can until we have a generation that is ready to unite! In fact, do something to help us united.


No more warnings will be going out on behalf of the chief administrator, Zee Malachi. If you comment under a post and post information that has not been presented by Dr. Sebi over the years, you will be removed. When and if you return and you do it again, it will be a permanent removal. Of course there are exceptions.

When you are warned by the other administrators, it is an opportunity to show your preference for the purpose of the group and delete your post. If Zee Malachi sees a warning where your comment is still up, he’s not going to worry about whether you had time to view your warning. He will then remove you.

Advertising anything without permission will result in permanent removal.
Blocking an ADMINISTRATOR will get you permanently removed.
Not taking heed to rules after WARNING will get you permanently removed.
The mentioning of marijuana will get you permanently removed.

Please do not post food pictures without listing the foods that are used and the spices that are used. Only foods made according to the recommended food list are acceptable. Do not try placing this information in your comment section, it belongs with the ‘post.’

This will get you removed. Stop chasing a darn spotlight, be sincere and connect the people in the facebook group. If you believe you know of other alkaline substances that are not on our recommended food list and you want to share that knowledge with someone, then inbox it or private message it to the person. The last thing we need is a platform full of contradictions and information that can not be immediately verified. Youtube and blogtalkradio and office activity help make Dr. Sebi’s knowledge and expressions PUBLIC. When you present things that are not READILY VERIFIABLE it produces a state easily seen as contradiction no matter how accurate it is. Make an effort to contact the administrators if you would like to do something to help. Failure to private message one another when necessary will get you removed.

Use the file section of the facebook group to explore more information. (Circled in RED)
'files' in group



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