Warning Of The Imposition – Audio Bite #21

“Don’t give me the CREDIT or POSITION,” Dr. Sebi said, “SHARE IT and lets do it together.”
This brings audio bite #7 into greater light. And even though we live in a monetary world, Dr. Sebi urged the Usha Family’s position to be that of sharing the credit and position by doing the work of healing along side of so many others. Our people need healing and this was the direction that Dr. Sebi had in mind. Click play below and listen for yourself.


And I don’t like that. I never liked that position in which you give me that kind of reverence. Because I don’t deserve that. Cause I’m not doing something that you can’t do and do it better. It’s just that it has been removed from us for so long, that when it happens then you want to give that person all kind of credit and then you throw them off the rhythm; because that person that’s careless becomes what? Swell-headed.


Well this is what happens. The reason why it is difficult for me to become swell headed because see I like to walk bare feet and I like to go in the river and bath. I like to laugh, I like to scream. See I like those things. Those things makes me happy.


And I told the family of Usha at the ending of this year I would divorce myself totally from being in front of you “talking.” Because I don’t like this. It’s an imposition on you. It is, it’s REALLY an imposition on you for your brother to come and talk to you, then what it’s saying about you, where is your head? That your brother doing it and not you when he’s you. Noooo it’s an imposition. So let us all rise together. Not the Usha family alone. Nooo.

Transcribed by Zee Malachi


We Can Not Work Together

Dr. Sebi said that he is not doing something that you can not do and do it better. How can we do it better without working together? I came into this when the Usha Family was already divided. Xave told me personally that she would never work with her father again and an associate of mines spoke with Maa of Fig Tree who told her that she would never work with Dr. Sebi again. Regardless of these reports, I made extensive efforts with Xave to reconnect her with Jenny after Jenny confirmed with me that she loved Xave and had nothing against her. Xave ended up visiting the office in Los Angeles with some associates of hers and it was reported to me that the associates created a negative atmosphere and had to be escorted off the property by security officers. Xave contacted me immediately and told me what happen, but she did not tell me the full story. I was surprised that she would make a trip to the office without letting me know. Meanwhile she was upset with me over the idea that I had not really spoken to Jenny. I am explaining all this so that people will know that an EFFORT was made to bring everyone (the Usha Family) back together. Not only through communicable contact via phone but by social media (facebook) as well. On facebook I made an effort to connect all the administrators over Dr. Sebi groups with Xave in order to create a tutelage atmosphere which they could use as additional guidance towards informing their groups. Xave and Charlene began teaching on protein and their message was different from Dr. Sebi. Xave began addressing me as a person who is still learning and that I should set up an appointment for consultation with her. So I made a post in the group (This was a private group) that pointed these remarks out and I expressed that we should not speak to one another in this manner. My next move was to play this audio bite, but by then Xave sent a report to facebook expressing how she didn’t like how the post made her look and the post was removed. Soon after she requested to be removed from the group.


Rise Together

I share all of this in order to present that it may be nearly impossible to work together, especially with people who don’t want to work with you. So our focus is better used in RISING together to help the sick in our community. More of us need to get into the business of healing our people now that we are reconnected to what Dr. Sebi refers to as The Cosmic Precession. – Having the knowledge of how he learned to heal, the methods and processes behind his application. There are people out there who would like the public to believe that it is ALL ABOUT THE HERBS and this is not true. These are people who just want to sell you herbs. Dr. Sebi gave comprehensive details on what the AFRICAN BIOMINERAL BALANCE is, explained things by recording himself while in Usha Village and taught classes on what people must do to heal themselves. These classes and speaking engagements were caught on video. During most of these moments he would use a chalk board or white board and even a paper board to help people learn about what the body is doing during a toxic and cleansing experience.
Dr. Sebi refers to himself as a messenger but he was clearly also a teacher. However, there are videos where people are made to tell you that Dr. Sebi never taught anyone how to make herbal compounds. Why? We are supposed to be preparing to give credit to others who put herbal compounds together, so that we won’t be the only ones. Instead, there are those who want to incite competitiveness and as many can see this has turned very negative.


Where Is Your Head?

“Where is your head when your brother is doing it and not you, when he is you?” is a very powerful question asked by Dr. Sebi. Are you not receiving the information that he has presented over the years? Did Dr. Sebi not say that this work of his is extremely easy? Cleansing the body and removing the mucus by simply fasting or consuming a chelation with the intent to refrain from consuming detrimental foods, is the kind of information that we would never have if Dr. Sebi did not teach on the more significant aspects of our interest to heal ourselves. The compounds are already available; made possible by the employees of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food in Los Angeles, California. Now you have the herbal compounds to assist you in your effort to encourage people to eat better, exercise and fast when they are ready to. The value in the brand of Dr. Sebi’s herbal compounds is that hybrid herbs are avoided as a part of the selection process. We know that Dr. Sebi traveled the world discovering plants and herbs that aren’t even listed in published herbal books. And even in 2016 I knew that Dr. Sebi was experimenting with new compounds because he gave them to my associate. So as we watch Dr. Sebi’s videos, we have a part to play.


How Can We Do It Better?

What is it exactly that we will be doing better? The answer to that question is that we will be reaching our people and connecting with the sick in order to help them get a better handle on their health. Too many people were deprived of knowing about Dr. Sebi, his accomplishments and the messages that he consistently presented. The efforts involved with promoting the kind ignorance that keeps people from becoming aware of Dr. Sebi’s messages has lessened to some degree.

We have to do more as messengers ourselves when we spread knowledge knowing that it came from Dr. Sebi. This means that we should get away from using weak characteristics of a socialized self that causes us to convey messages by merely expressing “alkaline food consumption” or “electric/alkaline vegan” instead of saying AFRICAN BIOMINERAL BALANCE. When these people that you speak to no longer have connection or access to you, how will the know to go and find more Dr. Sebi teachings? I too have met people who have been turned off by the mention of “African” when presenting Dr. Sebi’s accomplishments, but I dare not refrain from appropriately informing people about Dr. Sebi.

Today there is even more positive testimony that exist from people who have benefited from taking the compounds. So now we are in a better position to do things better in regards to healing more of our family. Today we not only have the advocates for Dr. Sebi but we also now have a society of people who are interested in living an electric lifestyle influenced by nature, known as “Alkaline Eclectic.” Being influenced by nature is the rhythm that we want to follow. We are not looking to be swell-headed. We merely want to follow the rhythm and get the job done just like honey bees. When we meetup we don’t want to meetup to teach each other as if there can only be a certain amount of teachers, but as a means to spread the information that is working for us and to spread inquiry about what we can do to make things better.

So let use rise together, not the Usha family alone.





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