Audio Bites

Here you will find a list of audios created from things Dr. Sebi has spoken on during speaking engagements and interviews. Click on the links and you will be taken to a page to hear the audio and view relating graphics.

There are literally thousands of people out there spreading Dr. Sebi’s messages and I would like you to know who they are. So I will be allowing promotions on the audio pages. I will do this by leaving room for the audios to be transcribed by people who have websites that promote Dr. Sebi and I will credit the transcription to the transcriber with a link to their website. If you would like to know if your website will be approved prior to making an effort to transcribe an audio, simply contact me with a subject title as “WEBSITE APPROVAL” and leave a link to your website in your message along with stating that you would like an opportunity to take advantage of the promotion/transcription juncture to help advocate for Dr. Sebi. List the number and title of the audio that you would like to transcribe, that has not already been transcribed.


1. Curing Disease After Eating Detrimental Foods

2. Alkaline Children

3. Energy in Food/Drink

4. Message of Our Sacrifice

5. Black People Cure AIDS

6. Lies Over Truths

7. Credit Nor Fame Makes Me Happy, Just Your Love

8. Fasting With Dr. Sebi

9. Chemical Affinity

10. Hybrid Apples, Pears and Peaches

11. How Long To Cleans and Detox

12. Living A Lie In The Face Of Receiving Truth

13. Conditioned To Eat Food That Is Not Ours

14. Are You Promoting Dr. Sebi?

15. Colonic Irrigation

16. Abandoned and Denied

17. Dr. Sebi Says NO to Parsley

18. Alzheimer’s Disease

19. Depending On Ourselves

20. Dire Consequences

21. The Imposition





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