Request List

REQUEST LIST Free compounds from the LA office of Dr. Sebi Cell Food company in California are available to advocates when they put in the appropriate request for them. From time to time other items from other companies will be available as well. THE TASK INVOLVED The task involved with… Continue reading


March is Myeloma Action month according to institutions and foundations that seek to inform people of this disease and how it can be removed. Dr. Sebi addresses it in a very simple way.   Now in dealing with Myeloma what part of the body we dealing with? BONE! And in… Continue reading

Cell Food Ingredients

INGREDIENTS FOR DR. SEBI CELL FOOD COMPOUNDS     Okay so you’re talking to your doctor about what he/she is prescribing to you for your heart condition and you mention Dr. Sebi’s products. Then he asks, “what in it?” Of course you tell him/her that it’s all natural plant-based herbs, but… Continue reading

Bell’s Palsy

We are no stranger to disease as it cripples us by our feet (i.e. gout), grabs our heart, organs and precious colon in order to claim the best of our lives. Illness has never had a boring time with our lives and has never even considered our head and face… Continue reading

Shipping Status

OPERATION DETAILS Once all items have been requested, preparation for shipping begins. If I can not afford to ship all items out at the same time, they will be shipped out when I have the money to do so. Please do not ask to pay for shipping – be patient.… Continue reading