SPONSORSHIP SHOWCASINGWe try to raise $72,000 each year and use the money to purchase a variety of products that are given away to our advocates for free. Products are purchased immediately as the money is received and shipped out at the mark of receiving every $6,000. When our goals are… Continue reading

Q&A With Zee Malachi

This service works in conjunction with our forums. Zee Malachi will answer your questions and address your concerns resourcefully. This work will be placed in the “Q&A With Zee” forum for record keeping and easy availability to you. If your questions and concerns are lengthy, then a short title will… Continue reading

Promo Cards

Help us spread the word about Dr. Sebi and give more people the opportunity to learn from this website. PROMO CARDS (Qty. 50) Description: Front and back graphics and details promoting the following:1. Dr. Sebi2. www.AdvocatesForDrSebi.org3. www.DrSebisCellFood.com Price includes shipping and handle in the US for 50 cards. ($15.00) Simply pass them… Continue reading