Come Together In Love and Healing


How many people know about and have not told you about it? There has been a version of health addressed since 1988 that cuts itself away from general health concerns (industry capitalism), escapes from the use of terms like “holistic” and “alternative” in order to present “complimentary” principles and … Continue reading

The Plumber


A human plumber; Dr. Sebi has consistently explained that this is all he is. While among thousands of healing enthusiasts of his time so many were detoxing to get rid of what many were referring to as viruses, bacteria and germs; Dr. Sebi was flushing the mucus out of the … Continue reading

It’s Not Hereditary

Hereditary Pic

“Dr. Sebi, you know, in my family, heart condition is hereditary.” Dr. Sebi replies to say, “Heart condition is hereditary? What about the hog maw? Isn’t that hereditary too? What about the pork chop? That’s hereditary!” Hear the rest for yourself IS DISEASE HEREDITARY? When we eat compromised and detrimental items titled as … Continue reading