Addiction pic

“The man that takes alcohol, heroin and cocaine is far from being and addict” Dr. Sebi says. Chemicals and spices that will harden our arteries were given to us as we grew up and as result we would give way to other stronger drugs. Dr. Sebi easily cures people addicted … Continue reading

Dead Pancreas

Obstructed Pancreas IT IS NOT DEAD

You’re a diabetic (brittle diabetes) with high blood pressure, poor circulation and the doctor tells you that your pancreas is DEAD!!! “Your pancreas is dead!,” says the hospital doctor, but what does Dr. Sebi have to say about that? Put your seat belt on and listen to what Dr Sebi … Continue reading

Midsection Digestive System

        SOURCE Prepared by Tim Taylor, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor. Digestion The stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas work together as a team to perform the majority of the digestion of food. Food entering the stomach from the esophagus has been minimally processed – it has been physically digested by chewing and … Continue reading


Nervousness pic

ADDRESSING NERVOUSNESS Dr Sebi speak about what can happen when the head is obstructed with mucus. You will constantly experience mucus in the throat. A noted symptom when the head is obstructed is nervousness. Dr. Sebi tells of his own experience. Listen to the audio below. Dr Sebi speaks of … Continue reading


Sebi on dialysis

DIALYSIS ADDRESSED BY DR. SEBI You will be given the “Iron Liquid” initially. This will replenish your minerals. Then you will be gradually given “potassium phosphate” to open up the kidney, so that your urine can start again on a diuretic. Listen for more by Dr. Sebi.   KIDNEY FAILURE … Continue reading

The Seville Orange

WHAT DOES DR. SEBI SAY ABOUT THE SEVILLE ORANGE? Use the Seville orange instead of vinegar. It is baked and given to people who have colds and it would draw it out. Listen to the audio for more. Post your recipes for the Seville Orange. Additional information below (source) Description/Taste … Continue reading

What about PROTEIN?

          Jöns Jacob Berzelius is credited with coming up with the word PROTEIN. It is obvious that he simply wanted to have influence over Mulder, enjoyed it and told him what to think. “Yeah, lets call these that we know have carbon based organic compounds, “PROTEINS”; … Continue reading