Quite often while we are thanking Dr. Sebi, he is thanking us and tells us that he listened to us. There is a Dr. Sebi in us all as we listen to one another and address some very urgent concerns regarding our health. In the same way that we are thankful for Dr. Sebi coming out and giving us lectures and interviews, we are thankful for those who arrive and record him so that it can be shared with thousands of others.

Advocates for Dr. Sebi desires to continue that effort as we archive the information that Dr. Sebi have presented to us over the years. We only hope that it helps to make your learning or research more convenient. In addition to the youtube videos, what we have done is select certain topics and isolated them into a single video here with an appropriate title. Dr. Sebi’s videos and audios are the backbone of this entire platform.

Our feature video for this month is “Perfect health with Dr. Sebi.”



Usha Village URUA



Healing Power of Usha Village Thermal Spring Waters/Herbs
The Thymus Gland/Violence Carbon Presence = Peace
Useful Pathology/Research.
The Grace of Honduras


Too Much Research!
What Have They Cured?
Destruction of The Immune System Causes All Disease
“I Don’t Want to Wear These Glasses.” URINE THERAPY


Curing Sickle Cell Anemia
and Sinusitis
The Cyst
The Mucus Membrane
How Dr. Sebi Learned.


Dr Sebi; divorced by wife and denounce by mother if ad to cure AIDS was removed.
Starch Contains Cyanide
Mucus Here, Mucus There
Mucus Everywhere!


I was wrong, but I Listened To Others
No Herb Nourishes The Entire Body and Spirulina is a No-Go!
Anamu РAlkaline Chlorophyll









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