Exercise is very important! The amount of stress that exercise can eliminate is far more than just life-saving when you consider its long term benefit. As you heal yourself and awaken the centers within you that cater towards the caring of others, you will learn that exercise is your second sun. The second sun gives you a type of “time” that is ungoverned by the rotation of the planet and more towards the sequence of experiences governed by interest.

Interest is best valued when supported by wisdom. Wisdom is having the ability to use information to benefit you in both long term and short term situations. Thus we are forever reviewers of information. Whenever we steer off course from doing things that make us happy, all we have to do is exercise.

Here is a list of exercise presentations and websites that we feel relate to Dr. sebi’s message of healing.
1. www.NowLoss.com

2. Special Video
On the trampoline: Actives the Lymphatic system. The lymphatic system flushes the cells by applying the force needed to draw impurities from the cell and replace them with oxygen, probiotics and alkaline solution. You can say it is the back bone of the detox system. To activate it all you need is to deep breathe, bounce or jump, or receive a message.

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