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Advocates receive free Dr. Sebi compounds.

1. Zee Malachi will purchase the compounds from the LA office.
2. He will notify advocate members of the compounds that he purchased.
3. And those who need them can make a request for them.

If you find that you can not afford the herbs or that you do not have the funds to make it to Honduras the Advocacy Program will help you.
There is only a recommended cost of five dollars to get on the list.

Once on the list you are an advocate for Dr. Sebi, which means that you will promote the content that we have collected in representation of Dr. Sebi. When we send you free Dr. Sebi compounds or herbs for tea making, this is not compensation for your advertising and promotional efforts.  An opportunity has been reserved for you to receive direct payment from those who want to join the advocacy program. Your compensation for promoting the knowledge that we have collected comes from that platform, instead of from your acquiring free items.


Once you are ready to become an advocate, you will be told who to pay. DO NOT CONTACT US UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PAY. When you go to our ‘Advocates’ page where you can see the list of advocates, you will notice that a vehicle of “scrolling asterisks” is used, where the advocate’s name is between 3 asterisks. Which ever one of the advocates names that is in between the 3 asterisks, this will be one of the people immediately benefiting from your support.

Every time someone makes a payment to become an advocate, it furthers the scrolling asterisks’s destiny to encase the next advocate’s name. This particular service is designed to benefit those who do not want to directly ask their family, friends, or associates for five dollars in order for them to become an advocate. Those who are available for this service will be listed on the “AVAILABLE FOR SCROLLING ASTERISKS” page.

Advocates can ask you to pay them or any other advocate in order for you to become an advocate. If our advocates direct you to pay an advocate besides themselves, it’s because they are following our protocol on how many payments they can directly accept.


1. to acquire money to go along with what they have already been saving up in order to go to Honduras.

2. to be self employed as a promoter so that they can afford to purchase their own herbs, especially the therapeutic packages.

3. to receive free herbs; because they can not afford them.

4. to join my team of people who send out free herbs; they can afford to pay for their own herbs and just want to help.

5. to show appreciation for the collection of information that we have gathered on Dr. Sebi over the years. These are the people who have already been promoting Dr. Sebi FOR YEARS! We save them time and effort as they meet their goals for showering people with all the information they need, simply because we have an organized platform.

6. to support those who need it the most. When people get on the list JUST TO HELP OTHERS, they could use your support. When people get on the list because THEY CAN NOT AFFORD THE HERBS, they could use your support.

7. because being on the list not only changes lives, it says a lot about your position in life. No longer do you have to be in a position FAR from receiving the healing that you need.

We accept whatever you can pay.
We will accept one dollar.
It will cost a recommended $5 to get on the list. You will be required to be an advocate for Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food and general promotion.

1. $5 appreciation fee which will give you access to organized, updated information that is collected from the Internet about Dr. Sebi, what he has said, videos, etc. much like what you have access to on this facebook group.

2. When people advocate or help market/promote Dr. Sebi products by presenting this collection of information they help uncover useful information in regards to healing diseases that have been killing us for years and they place themselves in a position to be compensated for their efforts. Free compounds, books, downloads and herbs for making tea are available to them if necessary and they won’t have to use a dime of their own money to cover shipping and handling fees.

3. The funds for the project comes from our appreciation fees, my own money, sponsors and donors. I have been doing this (sending Dr. Sebi compounds to people for free) prior to implementing it on this level. I became inspired to do this after contacting a few philanthropies and charity organizations. So do your part and my team will do the rest.

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