Growing Foods From the Recommended Food List

Growing The Foods On The Recommended Food List
1. Grow Box
2. Getting Started [part 1] 7:50min

3. Getting Started [part 2] 3:53min

Now you might be asking, “what’s in my soil?”
Remember that potting soil and gardening soil is different simply because you will be eating food from the gardening soil.

Which means that you don’t want to put certain fungi, pesticide or chemical fertilizer in gardening soil. Even pre-mixed soils that you can purchase at stores for your garden could have been exposed to unwanted pesticides or chemicals. Lets keep it as organic as possible.

Concern for Soil:
a) Why rock dust?:
b) Why worm castings?:


More On Worm Castings:

Understand what your plants are doing and need to do [mycorrhizae and mycorrhizal fungi]

EXTRA: More about Mycorrhizal fungi

Note: after watching this video, I would like to point out to those interested in making their own soil that if you add too much phosphorus it will inhibit the growth of the mycorrhizal fungi.

For more considerations about making your own soil, Check Out:

1.Other Resources:
2.Other Resources:

These people will test whatever soil you’re using (bought or made) for under $10 and tell you what’s in your soil. They’ll tell you what’s harmful and what your soil lacks and more.
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