Dr. Sebi on CBS News

Dr. Sebi on CBS News

A media page is presented here not just so that you can see the coverage that Dr. Sebi is receiving and the work that thousands of other media sources/bloggers have in common with ‘‘; it is also established because we have learned that the “comment sections” explode with additional information.

Who else is brave enough to publish the works of Dr. Sebi? Oh that’s right, the quick-research-skeptics; they will not be listed here. We have a special section available for them. Only the well researched skeptics with excellent inquiry and points will be presented. There are thousands of writers like “Michelle Kerns” who will not mention Dr. Sebi’s defeat of the judicial system, FDA and AMA after trying to sue him for running ads that stated he cured AIDS and eight other diseases. The court demanded that he bring nine people to court and their information as proof of cure for each and every claim on the ad. How many people did Dr. Sebi bring to court????

Be sure to visit the OFFICIAL  Dr. Sebi Website, “Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food.” All this information and so much more can be found when looking into Dr. Sebi as I have. This website is almost becoming a one stop shop for those interested in researching Dr. Sebi’s teachings. Our FAQ section will be available very soon.

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The Barbados Advocate – The Advocate (“Barbados Advocate”) is the second most dominant daily newspaper in the country of Barbados. First established in 1895, the Advocate is the longest continually published newspaper in the country. Printed in colour, the Advocate covers a wide array of topics including: business, sports, entertainment news, politics, editorials, and special features. In addition the Barbados Advocate also covers investigative journalism, plus local, regional and International news daily.

The headquarters for the Barbados Advocate are located to the west of the capital-city Bridgetown, in the Fontabelle, Saint Michael area.

The Barbados Advocate came under the ownership of Anthony T. Bryan in the year 2000. This is a significant milestone and achievement as Anthony Bryan is the first black publisher to own the Barbados Advocate since the newspaper began printing in 1895.

Wake Up World – The founders, “Ryan and Andy” live on the east coast of Australia (north of Sydney) and are deemed as active participants in the collective awakening moment. The website, starting in 2012 as a blog now has a  Facebook community of over 1.3 million people (and growing!). Their mission, in part, is to offer information that will help people to live better, see through the lies, and break down the old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve society.

Energy Fanatics 1, 2 Founded by blogger “PL Chang” in 2007 with the intentions of teaching people how to think beyond conventional methods or “outside of the box,” so that they can free their minds and become empowered. He is a graduate of the Art Institutes International Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and the author of two books.

Urban Intellectuals 2, – Is a fast growing Media and Community Development source that is focused on advocating black organization with intentions to educate, litigate, incorporate, and if necessary resuscitate the community at large or in pieces through the UI movement. Owned by WHOISGUARD, INC.,

Food World News  Food World News provides information on food market, food trading, global imports, export and resources to assist readers to understand the food industry in depth.

Soul Spot – Owned by Christopher Taylor in Ojai California. SOULSpotTV is a multi platform progressive thought media outlet. They serve content to Google+, Facebook, Youtube, and Conscious Cloud.

Before Its News Founded in 2008 by dot com investor and Falun Gong practitioner Chris Kitze. Before It’s News (BIN) is a citizen journalism outfit, where anyone can write something and have it go up. Or at least, that was the intention, as it was promptly flooded with conspiracy theorists and is now an outlet for an “unabashedly unhinged” take on world events and religious prophecy. It’s a community of individuals who report on what’s going on around them, from all around the world. Anyone can join. Anyone can contribute. Anyone can become informed about their world.

Win For A Living – Owned by Kenneth Beckford, After losing his mother to cardiac aortic stenosis, Ken has been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and plans to spread the message of health is wealth throughout New York City and aboard through his blog and future endeavors. (Dr. Sebi’s Official website needs to be updated)

Mens XP – Owned by Angad Bhatia, Addressing to all the real life needs of men ranging from girlfriends to gadgets in a practical, useful and entertaining way, MensXP is India’s first men’s lifestyle portal. With daily updates of new articles on issues that men deem relevant and practical such as those relating to Fashion, Dating, Fitness, Entertainment, Work Life, Health, Grooming, Technology etc., they strive to be the sure shot solution for all lifestyle problems faced by men.

Planet Infowars – Ran by commentator and radio host Alex Jones. Original articles posted to PlanetInfowars may be featured on Go Viral! Don’t press the SNOOZE any longer. This is the safe place for patriots to come together to share knowledge and form grass roots activist groups. Connect with those that are awake and help raise awareness of the issues that matter.

Rasta Livewire (RL) – Rasta Livewire (RL). Rasta Livewire is a leading blog on Rastafarian that provides indepth and varying viewpoints from Rastas in Africa and African Diaspora.

Live Leak A  London, UK video sharing website founded in October 31, 2006 and came to prominence in 2007 following the unauthorized filming and leaking of the execution of Saddam Hussein.

Fourwinds 10 – Started by the Bellringers (Anne Bellringer and Patrick Henry Bellringer) in 1996 from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Four Winds 10 is now a website operated by Rukahn International, a division of The Star Light Foundation. The Star Light Foundation is a non profit entity dedicated to charitable causes based in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Anne Bellringer is the daughter of a circuit court judge of South Dakota, Anne holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Education (Magna Cum Laude) and a Master of Music Degree. Since 1994 Anne has been a receiver of the Ascended Masters, and especially of Hatonn and Sananda.

Patrick H. Bellringer is considered a modern day Truthbringer, holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Forest Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science Education, a Master’s of Religious Education, and a Master’s of Divinity.

Soul Surfing – Owned by Gary Lite, a blogger who put it together to deliver important news and information to the good people of our beautiful planet earth! He would love to see positive change in the world and our environment! The website will deliver some of the best stories and articles from Science, Physics, Health, Political News, Intel… And So Much More!

Natural Life Energy 2, 3– Owned by Aqiyl Aniys, who has a BA in Organizational Behavior and Communications from NYU and graduated summa cum laude. He started the blog site after being inspired from experiencing the positive impact that a whole food plant-based diet had on his life. He started on his plant-based journey by studying the methodology of the herbalist Dr. Sebi. From there he researched plant-based foods and their properties and started the plant-based diet focused “Natural Life Energy” website. This path led him to obtain a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Dr. Colin Campbell’s program at Cornell University.

Healthyss – A group of healthy enthusiasts, who believe that “We are what We eat”.  The site presents a collection of health related issues, including life style habits.

News Rescue – An organization whose mission is to restore some valor to the news industry. Their motto is to use 100% News, 0% Junk: Utilizing news to save the news.

Fabweb – The site’s goal is to write articles about themes that can be useful and funny for anyone.

Barbados Today Launched on January 26, 2010 and managed by Kaymar Jordan as the online epaper of the Barbados Today Inc. Their mission is to stimulate positive change by engaging Barbadians in discussion on issues that relate to Barbados and its relationship with the world. The goal is to give Barbadians information that will help them simplify and digest the world around them, raise the level of public debate and make informed decisions on matters that affect them.

360 Vidz – Search engine.

AFRO – President of the Newspaper Benjamin M. Phillips, IV, The Afro-American Newspaper was founded in 1892 by John Henry Murphy Sr., a former slave, when he combined his church newspaper “The Sunday School Helper” with two other Baltimore newspapers. Murphy led his newspaper to national fame by the time of his death in 1922, when it was led by his son Carl Murphy, who headed the paper for 45 years and established 13 national editions. Many prominent Black journalists and writers have worked for the Afro-American, including William Worthy, J. Saunders Redding, and Langston Hughes. It remains in the Murphy family, today led by publisher John Oliver.

BETINEWS – news for the people who need that morning coffee like they need to breathe: coffee is the best source of antioxidants in the world.

Enlightened Consciousness – Blogger Richie Holterman, Be the change you wish to see in the world, and what a better place to start other than the self? Let us grow and expand together as we enter the dark nights and reappear to the sunlight. We are here to enlighten our consciousness!

Dr Leonard Coldwell – Owned by Leonard Coldwell, Dr. Leonard Coldwell is in the opinion of countless experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome. He is the most successful motivational self-help education system trainer of our time.

The Event Chronicle – The Event Chronicle is a daily alternative news blog for people interested in seeking truth and exploring alternate view points not covered in the mainstream. We aggregate consciousness expanding articles and videos that are meant to trigger an awakening within the population to help aid in the liberation process of our planet.

Rock Newman Show – Owned by Rock Newman, THE ROCK NEWMAN SHOW, delivering candid, up-close and personal interviews with Celebrities and News Makers you want to hear from!

Mina Say What – Owned by Mina Llona, Mina “SayWhat” Llona is a Media Personality currently broadcasting on the Rise & Grind Morning Show (6am-10am) on Philadelphia’s legendary urban radio station WUSL-FM aka Power 99.  Mina is the founder, leader, and mentor of “The Power Squad” – an all female dance team (ages 15-22). She is also the voice of the weather for 103.5 The Beat in Miami and is an Ambassador for the Philadelphia 76ers “Sixers Youth” program.  In that capacity, Mina works with the Sixers youth basketball league.  In addition to all of that, Mina happens to be the female Ambassador for urban footwear and apparel chain Kicks USA, a McDonald’s “Mover And Shaker” and was honored placement on The Source’s Power 30 Radio DJ’s list in 2013. Mina talents extend beyond the radio. She is a contributor on Fox29 in Philly, has appeared on NBC10 In Philly and featured on Inside Edition. She also has a music blog – Mina is young, intelligent, fun and a triple threat – having expertise in radio, tv and digital. She is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication of Syracuse University and previously broadcasted on SIRIUS XM Radio.

How Africa – How Africa is Africa’s biggest knowledgebase for African content. African Trends, Buzzfeed, Buzz Africa, News Africa, ……

Relaxed Hair Health – Relaxed Hair Health is here for one main reason. To cater to those of you who will not cease until you’ve perfected the beauty and health of your hair. The approach to hair care on Relaxed Hair Health is holistic. I like to explore  both traditional and non-traditional ways to take your hair care to the next level. If you love to learn, you have landed in the right place. If you love to be entertained while getting your much needed dose of hair discussion, you need to look no further.

Elev8 –, a wholly owned and operated website on the Interactive One platform,  exists to educate, encourage, and edify the modern-day believer. For those who are new to faith, checking out faith, or desiring to grow in faith, is an excellent online resource.

First Post – will serve as a trusted guide to the crush of news and ideas around you. With thoughtful analysis and fearless views our team of editors and writers will track news in India and the world and provide a perspective that is reflective of a changing dynamic.

TNT News –  ‘The Nubian Times/TNT News ’ is a rapidly growing monthly multimedia publication reaching a readership of 175,000 people across Manchester with our online remit reaching much further. We target multicultural communities that mainstream media tend to overlook. Our ethos is to deliver news, inform, educate and inspire change and growth within the community. Inclusion is our driving force to bridge the gaps in the community.

Amebo Book – Owned by Nwadinobi Victor, Amebo Book is a blog designed specifically to satisfy your desire to get top class and accurate information and entertainment globally. Articles have been researched thoroughly before posting and professionals in various fields are contacted to satisfy certain technical areas.

So Posted – Owned by Anushrav Gulati, Beyond trends and headlines, SoPosted is a eulogy to free-flowing thoughts, inspiring stories, videos and pictures; a non-stereotyped space for readers, thinkers and writers.

Raw Vegan Matters – Owned by Louise Campbell-Anthony, We Love Raw, Veganism, Vegetarianism, and Fruitarianism – for optimal health.

We Say Yes Program Sponsor generated website.  You may qualify for the Pell Grant on your own Income Merits! Up to $5645 for 2014! We Help people get what they need for everyday living. School Assistance, Cars, Insurance, Gifts, You Name It. We Are here to help you help yourselves!

True Activist – We update our site with news articles and full-length documentaries free of charge, with no registration needed. We gather the news and films as we search the web and present them to our viewers. We adhere to all copyright laws and honour the wishes of the producers.

We created because we wanted to find an easy way to bring thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining media to anyone with an Internet connection.  We believe that the mainstream media increasingly practices self-censorship, and that it ignores many opinions and historical events.  With the media distorting or ignoring information, it’s often very hard to get an accurate picture of a problem, even while watching the news.







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