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Dr. Sebi’s USHA Village

The Usha Village is located in La Cieba, Honduras. The village is a pristine, tropical healing village with a plethora of natural resources. Which include plants and rare water within the village. The village is nestled in the hills of La Cieba, Honduras where the water located in the village contains the highest form of alkaline.

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2014 Prices:
Seven Days at the Usha Village is $1,000.00 per person. $850.00 for three weeks or more per week.
Prices include your own individual villa, all meals, and all herbal minerals during your stay!
(a minimum of 2 weeks is suggested)


Usha Village Contact:

Travel Arrangements:
Patrons wishing to visit the Village must make their own travel arrangements via Taca Airlines 1-800-400-TACA. YOUR DESTINATION WILL BE LA CIEBA HONDURAS.

Transportation from Airport to Village:
Patrons will schedule transportation (pick up/drop off) at the time of booking.
*Prices may vary

Clothing: Summer wear would be the ideal attire for the stay. Make sure you bring a pair of sneakers, sandals and shorts. There are no televisions. It is a serene environment. Reading material is suggested.

*During your stay at the USHA Village Dr. Sebi’s presence is not guaranteed.

2016 Update – USHA Healing Village Frequently Asked Questions provided by his office:

1. What is Usha Healing Village?
Usha is Dr. Sebi’s Healing Village. It is a pristine, tropical healing village¬†with a plethora of natural resources, which include plants and rare thermal waters within the village. The water naturally contains high levels of alkalinity.

2. Where is the Usha Healing Village?
La Ceiba, Honduras

3. What are the Usha Healing Village hours of operation?
7 am – 3 pm

4. What is the closest International Airport?
Goloson International Airport (LCE) (La Ceiba, Honduras)

5. Do I need a passport?
Yes a passport is needed for international travel.

6. Can you arrange transportation from the airport to Usha?
Yes. Dr. Sebi has a trusted taxi company he uses and your pick up can be prearranged. The average price for the taxi ride from Goloson International Airport to Usha ranges from $50 – $60 US dollars each way.

7. How much does it cost to stay at Usha and what is included?
It costs $1,000 per week when staying 2 weeks or less. The price is $850 for clients staying 3 weeks or more. This price includes the villa you stay in, the herbal treatments, all meals and access to the natural hot springs.

8. How much is the day rate for ONLY using thermal pools and sauna? (no food or no staying night) Day Rate Only?
$75 US dollars per day. No herbal treatments are included.

9. Can someone come with me during my healing visit to Usha? How much does that cost?
Yes, in fact someone must accompany you at all times; so you will have to bring at least one person with you – $75 US dollars per day. This price includes sharing the villa, access to thermal waters, sauna and food. No treatments are included. Children 3 years old and under are free. 3 years old – 9 years old is $50. 10 years old and above is $75.

10. How do I start the process to book my stay at Usha?
Call Dr. Sebi’s office at 310-838-2490. Speak to the call center to fill out an intake form and get approval for the visit. At least one month in advance notice is recommended.

11. Will Dr. Sebi be there?
Dr. Sebi made his transition August 6, 2016.

12. What type of clothes should I bring?
Summer wear would be ideal attire for the stay. Make sure you bring a pair of sneakers, sandals and shorts. It is also suggested you bring reading material as there are no televisions, in order to keep the serene environment.

13. Is there Internet in Usha Village and a place to charge my phone?
Yes there is internet but it is limited at times. Yes, there are multiple plugs for all devices but that can sometimes be limited as well; because they have power outages here and there. The power outages are not often and when it happens it’s not for a long time usually and hour or so.



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