Abandoned and Denied – Audio Bite #16

Dr. Sebi is known for sharing the message that “BLACK PEOPLE” cure AIDS. A message that he began subscribing to after realizing that the world was being deprived of the knowledge of his accomplishments because of the people who did not like him. A method that thousands of others could use to cure people of the world-known incurables was available and Dr. Sebi made an effort to share the credit with the so called Black Community. He was still abandoned and denied. Click play below to listen as he expresses it in his own words.

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Say for instance, ten of us set out to do research and nine failed. The brother over here, Mr. Simons found the cure for AIDS. What us nine, should do? “Come to you!” Because you did the research and found it. Sir Valentine, Dr. Love, Kania, Dr. Prince, Doctor All-of-them said “Good Luck!!” I said, “Thank you very much”

[Inquiry] Ah, what about Dr. Barabra Justice?

SHe don’t like me. And she is right, she should not like me. And I hope that she see this tape. Because Dr. Sebi love the idea that Barbra Justice doesn’t like him. She have to live with that hate herself and I hope that hate does not last too long.

  • Transcribed by Zee Malachi


Abandoned and Denied
Upon Finding The Cure For AIDS


Dr. Sebi’s journey into discovering the cure for AIDS has at least two empowering points. The ones the I recall deal with:
1. Miss Hollimand bringing his attention to the prodigious reality of the presence of hybrid foods.
2. A Mexican who refused to sell Dr. a non-complimentary herbal substance and reminded him that since he was of an African descendancy that his herbs should be of the tropical nature.

The vast majority of Dr. Sebi’s curing success began with Asians and Europeans. When he began his focus on curing within the communities rich in carbon based people with African genetic structures, he then faced a conundrum that he later resolves by advising strict consumption habits. He began recommending that these people refrain from eating certain foods.

Soon not only was Dr. Sebi curing AIDS but his mates/assistance and daughters were curing AIDS also (Anette, Maa, Xave).

Soon Dr. Sebi runs and ad about his abilities and the ad runs long enough (two years)  to capture the attention of authorities within the judicial system, the FDA and American Medical Association. They have him arrested and a year later he wins his case. Did major media champion his success in order to spread the good news to the world? No – major media goes silent and this is enough to establish the kind of atmosphere where health enthusiasts within the community become crippled in their arrival of a particular realization – and that is to promote and support Dr. Sebi and implement his methods into their own programs.

Local and nationally known celebrities found ways to support Dr. Sebi, but with a span of over 30 years of sticking around and managing Usha Village in order to still not end up being a household name – it is proof enough that he was merely considered a best kept secret.

Today as advocates for Dr. Sebi, what we do to the best of our ability is promote the variety of messages that Dr. Sebi left over the years which are now showing up on youtube, audio blogging platforms and websites presenting past interviews. We aim to share the scope of our findings with you on a platform where you can always return to review certain messages.

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