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Have you heard about the guy who was curing all sorts of diseases with natural herbs? The same guy who won the case in the supreme court of New York proving the he cures the incurables! Why wasn’t he as popular as he should have been? Long story short, it is up to YOU to tell people about Dr. Sebi.

My brothers and sisters around me now, off of knowing that this was done, sickle cell was cured, diabetes and herpes and the rest, “Dr. Sebi, why Oprah Winfrey haven’t interviewed you?” – I don’t know. “Why Al Sharpen haven’t interviewed you and support you?” – I don’t know. “Why any of the leaders?” – I said I don’t know, but today I want you all to know this. All of you that have been bothering me with this question, don’t ask me that question anymore. Ask it to those people that you feel should know – maybe they would be oblivious to what I have done. Because miss Oprah Winfrey is a beautiful lady. You know, we know all of us love her. She promoted a book they call it “A million broken little pieces.” And the reason why she did that because thought that the individual was truthful because she Oprah lived a truthful life. And it’s beautiful to be that way. Well I only want to send the message out to all of the leaders, the so called leaders, male and female. There is a book out with diagnostic sheets showing that we have reversed AIDS. This is not a claim that we are making that is empty, NO! See, Sebi’s integrity is above all else and I would never sacrifice that for you and to nobody. So what I did wrong, rest assure it is the truth or do I constantly live in a period of life and an era of life in which you could be truthful; you could be right, you could also be dead right!


Here is the book (to the left) that Dr. Sebi is heard mentioning in the audio above. Inside the book there are pictures of the diagnostics sheets; beofres and afters. People would come to Dr. Sebi to be heal and he would have them go to the local hospital to be tested prior to receive Dr. Sebi’s assistance and later, afterwards. This idea was suggested to him by his mother, who knew the day would come where he would be challenged.

To learn more about this book you can go to Beverly Oliver visits and interviews Dr. Sebi. For more information go to In November 2005, natural healer Dr. Sebi invited author Beverly Oliver to his healing center Usha Village to share stories of his life in Honduras, the United States and the Caribbean. He talked about how he transformed from Alfredo Bowman steam engineer in Los Angeles to Dr. Sebi the international herbal medicine specialist, curing people with his herbal compounds for more than 40 years.

In his homeland La Ceiba, Honduras, natural healer and alkaline advocate Dr. Sebi takes his visitor author Beverly Oliver on a seven-day roller coaster-like journey into his transformed life in the United States, the Caribbean and Honduras. For seven days in November 2005, this African man born in Honduras, as his grandmother Mama Hay described him, shared tales of his change from Alfredo Bowman steam engineer in Los Angeles to Dr. Sebi, renowned international natural healer, using his herbal compounds created by his Usha Research Institute. But there were roadblocks, including an arrest and a New York Supreme court trial, on Dr. Sebi’s trailblazing journey to cure people of cancer, diabetes, AIDS (diagnostic reports inside ebook) and sickle cell anemia. Emotionally revved up, yet insightful, enraging at times, yet revealing and informative, Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi (question and answer style) is a seven-day visit in the anomalous life of natural healer Dr. Sebi.


In order for Oprah to promote it, she has to trust and believe that it is true. She probably did not believe in the reputation that Dr. Sebi earned. It’s not just Oprah; everyday new comers arrive to Dr. Sebi platforms on facebook asking for testimony right off the bat. Testimonies can be found on youtube, facebook group file sections and the official website for Dr. Sebi. The reputation for a man who refers to himself as a messenger instead of a healer, is a pretty HIGH reputation among natural healers since he just happens to cure the incurables.

Not only did major media do their part to keep Dr. Sebi out of the spotlight based on his accomplishments but so did health enthusiasts who were known to have herbal/vegetarian shops – they just didn’t mention Dr. Sebi to others. Very few celebrities would mention Dr. Sebi the way Lisa Left Eye Lopes did. Even when Dr. Sebi came to communities across the country for speaking engagements, more than half of them who heard Dr. Sebi speak may not have been capable of impressing others with the message that we now know Dr. Sebi consistently conveyed.

Why didn’t you hear about Dr. Sebi’s win against the FDA, AMA and judicial system in 1988???? Well, one of the reasons is because major media all across the country did its part to make sure to distract everyone and creating an issue that was sure to be a topic on everyone’s mouth. It was 1987 when a black teenager, Tawana Brawley, said she had been raped and kidnapped by a group of white men in Dutchess County, N.Y.

Her story of being attacked, scrawled with racial slurs, smeared with feces and left beside a road wrapped in a plastic bag made front pages across the nation — especially after the Rev. Al Sharpton took up her case. Tawana claimed she was kidnapped and gang-raped by white men, including a police officer and local prosecutor it was a major mess! Turns out that it was all lies! Al Sharpton stuck by his client though, he believe in her innocence.
after a long investigation revealed Brawley’s claims to be false, it was dropped. Brawley finally began making defamation payments in August 1987 for her false accusations in the case, but Sharpton would still admit no fault Tuesday for his controversial involvement.






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  1. I was wondering if you could provide any information Dr sebi has shared on any information on how herbs help the male reproductive system.the only thing I managed to find was a video from Dr sebi saying seamoss strengthens the connective tissue of the penis

    • Yes, he also spoke about the Blue Vervain for this.

      The Blue vervain – Containing iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and potassium phosphate; has always been one of Dr. Sebi’s favorite plants in addressing prostatitis and the central nerve system. Also effective in the reproductive organs of women. Roots can last 6 months but the plant must be processed fresh everyday.

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