Chef Deena

In the image above is everything that Chef Deena made.
Oyster Mushrooms – Chicken replacement.
Veggie Stir – Asian stir fry replacement.
WalnutMac – Mac & Cheese replacement.
Mash Chickpeas – Mash potato replacement.
Sauteed Squash/Zucchini
Red Quinoa with veggie stir – Rice replacement.
Butternut Squash Pudding – Sweet potato replacement
Walnut Tuna – Tuna replacement.
Kale Salad
Spelt Biscuits – Yeast/dairy bread replacement.

Butternut Squash Turnover
Walnut Mac
Nuttin Like Tuna
Veggie, Chickpeas and Oyster Mushrooms
Closeup Plate view

Chef Deena has prepared food for celebrities such as Eryka Badu (Female Music Artist), Carl Jones (Boondocks/Black Dynamite animation production) and even Pablo Medina (Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food – Herbalist).

Erykah Badu

Carl Jones

Pablo Medina

I finally met Chef Deena during my second visit to Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food in Los Angeles, California. She made a lot of food. I enjoyed everything she made with two amazing things taking place. 1) I got to try what I had been waiting to try for a long time; someone’s tuna replacement. Chef Deena’s tuna replacement tasted just like tuna. 2)
I ate all that food and didn’t get sleepy like I usually would if I ate a lot of food. My room refrigerator could not hold a lot of food, so I ate all the food that could not fit in the refrigerator that night. I thought it was a lot of food but I got through it in less than 30 minutes. My mother would probably say, “well you never did chew your food!” lol.

I also caught up with Chef Deena while she was in Virginia during graduation season since she was so close to North Carolina and I ordered about 30 pounds of her “Nuttin Like Tuna.” I brought it back to Durham, NC and shared it with my community. I bought little containers, wrapped a label around them and divided them up among my associates so that they could also share with their friends. Everyone loved it.

Front Label
Side Label

Chef Deena is an incredibly wonderful person with a tremendous amount of LOVE in her heart. Her passion for health and Dr. Sebi’s message is translated into her food preparation. Healing through food is definitely the way to go as far as Chef Deena is concerned. I am impressed enough to do all the I can to support her and promote her abilities and services. Quickly I wrote a song for her and had it completed in a professional studio.

I want many people of the world to know about Dr. Sebi, but I also would like for many people of the world to know about the very people who are doing things to help keep the legacy of his contributions alive. Even her best friend prepares food according to the African Biomineral Balance Nutritional Guide. These two people together had me trying all sorts of foods that were once my favorites foods with the meat category. It was an amazing experience that I hope thousands of others will have the opportunity to experience in the future. Veggie deli and cafes will soon open all over the country to offer food according to Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. This can happen sooner the more people like Chef Deena receives support. Visit her website and commit to placing an order for something at least once a week.

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  1. I would love to support chef Deena food and Dr Sebi but I can’t get to either lo c a t ion.

  2. Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    When I saw this page I almost passed out! You did SUCH an amaaaazzzing job on this! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! And you had to really WORK at this because I remember my flubs, hahahaa! And not to even mention my use of the ALUMINUM FOIL, YIKES! I had no idea back then, but now I know better.
    Thanks to all of you who are guiding me on this Alkaline journey. Being in the culinary industry for over two decades you see a lot of amazing cuisines. This one beats them all. No one knows better than me. So I am not looking back. I love Dr. Sebi. His heart is my heart. I’m so glad I found him. Dr. Sebi lives through me…through us all. May everyone be fully Blessed and eat to live. #MyAlkalineLife

  3. Chef Deena can you please create a Recipe book. I would love to have one on hand.

    • Thank you Marcus! It’s a work in progress, whew! But if you need one right now, go to Ty’s Conscious Kitchen; he’s working on his 4th Alkaline/Electric cookbook right now!

  4. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER. I been diagnosed. With a rare disease call ashy dermatosis in Jan this year. My face and scalp has black lesions on them. I’m told it may have come from some std. getting tested every couple of months. I’m cutrentl.y on my 3rd support package and looking to get the all in clusive In a coupe of weeks(borrowed from 401k). Some days I’m ok emotionally and others I’m emotionally scared like today, I roam the internet hoping to hear Dr. Sebi cured some one like me. My dr and Dermatologist I felt like they abandoned me because they tell me no cure. I believe I can beat this but it’s hard doing it by myself. I financially broke and I just found out my identity was stolen in 2002 for a student loan which I’m dealing with that because my identity still may be used. I’m not looking for anything but positive reinforcement. Haven’t told my family only because I cry I cry like I baby when I try to talk about it. I cry as I write this. I am a vegan and do live off the nutritional guide. I have suicide thoughts because I don’t know what else to do. Physically I feel great. I was in top shape prior and still work out but on days like today when I look in the mirror I get sad and depressed. I guess I’m telling my story because I have no one else to tell it to. Dr sebis office has been wonderful and passionate with me. Just quant to know more that I can do for my self to heal quicker. If anyone want to reach out they can email me at I’ve decided when I overcome all of this, I will definitely give back someway somehow. Right now just scared and emotionally wrecked striving to get better mentally and rid my body of this disease. Thank you for listening.

    • Hi Khalil! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very powerful. What you are going through is temporary. Thank you for holding on and being so strong and courageous during this battle. Now you are here – on a path to healing and amongst great supporters & friends. We are here to help you get to that day that you will be stable enough to let your family into your situation. It all takes time. Please be patient with yourself.

      If I can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to reach out as well:

      Stay Blessed!
      Chef Deena

  5. Hello,
    I Googled vegan alkaline chefs and happened upon Chef Deena’s page. I too am a chef and in transition to becoming alkaline vegan as well. I am getting a lot of contradictory info and thus I am overwhelmed :(. Ok so is garlic approved or not? Are just organic grape and cherry tomatoes approved or are all tomatoes bc I have seen other alkaline “Sebian”chefs use it? I have also seen others who use sweet potatoes, and that wild rice is ok. I really need help! I agree with a lot of what Dr. Sebi shared regarding the alkaline diet but even throughout some of his interviews there are some contradictions so I am taking the meat and spitting out the bones. I need insight please. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Natalie! So happy to hear that you are a fellow chef! And trust me, I remember my own frustration when I first started this Alkaline journey in 2016. No, garlic is not approved (ugh) but Ty’s Conscious Kitchen makes a FANTASTIC “mock” garlic substitute!

      Please look into attaining all FOUR (4) of Ty’s cookbooks!!! You will not be disappointed!

      I watched nearly ALL of Dr. Sebi Videos several times (and still do) in order to gain the confidence to go down this path. Now that he is an ancestor, I have to remember what he stated and not veer off just because new info is surfacing. If the information is not vetted, I ignore it or I test it. This is a challenge, but one that I’m built for. It is also very humbling. The contradictions can overwhelm the best of us, especially when they come from “trusted” sources. I just focus on what Dr. Sebi said while living and what God says daily. If my God tells me to change that, then I will, but HE hasn’t yet.

      I use Roma and cherry/grape tomatoes only. Sweet potatoes can be replaced with butternut squash real easy. I also use the b-nut as a substitute for carrots 😉

      Wild rice is perfectly OK. Be sure not to confuse it with the new “Black Rice” that has surfaced out of nowhere >:/
      Please reach out to me via phone is best. Typing is a (FYI to others 🙂

      Hiii Simone! Zee answered your question perfectly! Feel free to reach out if you have other questions:)

      Thanks, ZEE!!!!! We miss you!!! We hope to see you at Fit Bar (Hampton, VA) for the GRAND OPENING!!! Hollaaaaaaaa!!!!!


  6. Hi Chef Deana,

    Is there a reason you caution against eating quinoa, avocados, and chickpeas when addressing HSV, but the Sebi nutritional guidelist these as safe foods to eat?

    • The nutritional guide is a list of LEAST DETRIMENTAL foods to eat. If you are trying to heal, eat less dense foods and less starchy foods. The foods are safe if you aren’t that sick. However, your chance of healing are still good if you consume those foods, it might just take longer.

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