Cleanz My Soul [Dr. Sebi] by Philly Chase

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Creative music

 [Click to listen to ‘Wall Street Journal Diss’]


Philly Chase was selected for the project of making a song relating to very well known paths of those who have heard of Dr. Sebi and became interested in getting their lives together by addressing their health.


Because I have followed and promoted his talent for nearly ten years while he made smash hits such as “Stellar,” “Mama Said,” “Thot” and many more. The songs all demonstrate his range of talent. I had been wondering for years, what kind of project could I give him.







You can discover him in several music videos and find that he does well in film. His efforts to be successful is clearly an honorable compliment towards one of the major loves of his life; MUSIC!

Being very passionate about his own growth is just one way that he relates to how quality is presented for the enjoyment of his fans.






Have you heard of him? Over one million people already have. And now we introduce him to an entirely different audience; to over one million of Dr. Sebi fans.  This is his gift to you guys as well as Dr. Sebi. If you enjoy the song, I would like to encourage you to do two things:
1. Contact him and let him know
2. Surprise him with a donation of your choice via paypal (by using the email address provided above in #1) in order to show your support for his time and consideration.



Philly Chase

Philly Chase

We are looking for more artists to step up to the plate and make similar music. If you are interested, simply contact Zee Malachi at

If you like what you hear and would like us to make more music, click on the link below that says, “Make Another Song” and show your support ($2).
Of course afterwards, you will be able to download this song and we appreciate your support.
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  1. would like moor information about helping to spread dr. sebi message in my community [ Newark, new jersey ]

  2. I wish I had known about all this years ago. I’m glad to know true knowledge about proper diet exists!

  3. This is great & spoke to Dr. Sebi about the music side of this. He came to DC to hook up with someone about singing a song dedicated to his mother! I’m an artist & if u need my voice, give me a holla!

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