Depending On Ourselves – Audio Bite #19

Brace yourself and get ready to learn of yet ANOTHER violation that we are guilty of besides stuffing our bodies with detrimental foods. The violation that Dr. Sebi speaks of other than eating ourselves into a diseased state, is depending on someone else other than ourselves to heal us. Black people are in our communities sick and suffering and don’t have money. Who do you think they are expecting to come to their aid?

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So we are doing that, the black race. So we have to get back of the business of taking care of our self the way we always have. We always did. Nobody could take care of us better than we can. Who could do that? Why would we even put that responsibility on someone else? Why would we even entertain that? I mean that’s a violation; look at what you’re doing! Look at what you are doing! Expecting the Caucasians to help you in your health state; like these ladies I’m talking about in Harlem who are sick who need our help and don’t have any money. So how do we rectify that? How do we do that? It’s only me and my wife Anette and Lory and few others Margery and Judy and few more, just few people have taken on the whole weight of this thing. We made efforts you know? We made efforts to come to you. But those of us who are representing the white entity deprive you of hearing what I have to say. Like for instance, I was in Harlem and there was Dr. Prince and Dr. Justice and they were talking about something that really didn’t make sense. They was talking how they were going to make it easy for the AIDS patient to die. You know what I did? I just couldn’t take that because that’s when my arrogance comes out. I came up and I said, “Ladies and gentleman lets stop it I cure AIDS.” Everybody did this. {laughter} I Yes and so and so and so and so, I said “Oh No.” “Is this really serious?” “Are they really serious?” I just told this brother and this sister that I cure AIDS. And they right it off like was said.


Transcribed by Zee Malachi

Depending On Ourselves For Healing

Who can take care of you better than you? Dr. Sebi is not suggesting that the answer is “black people” who have undergone studies according to medical institutions. Since these systems prior to Dr. Sebi have not been able to apply protocols according to the African BioMineral balance, then they are more inclined to contribute to compromising your state of health instead of complimenting it. Who are we? Our genetics is of the highest electrical nature as a people of the African genetic structure. We need the African BioMineral Balance to meet our nutritional needs. We are not the Germans, we are not the Indians, the Chinese, nor the Japanese. We are proud to say our methodology, though initially designed to rescue the African gene, compliments the genealogy of all races. This can not be said of other therapeutic approaches. Other therapies, including the allopathic, homeopathic and naturopathic approaches may yield benefits for other gene types, but fail to meet the nutritional needs of the African gene because the substances used in those therapies do not compliment its high electrical resonance.

{Germany} The use of carcinogens. A system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann based on his doctrine of like cures like, whereby a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.
In homeopathy when you lack iron, they want to give you Oxide. This healing system is not sound.

{India} A system of Hindu traditional medicine of Vedic tradition, is native to the Indian subcontinent, and is a form of alternative medicine. One of their offerings known as “Ghee” is highly acid animal product and offends the kidneys. It crystallizes in the kidneys. It is used in the Indian food. This type of food may be consistent with an affinity towards Indians, but not for the Africans. The Ayurvedic also offers garlic and lactose, while neither of them are compatible with the African.

{Chinese Medicine} First, is it consistent with the African biology? 90% of the herbs the Chinese people use are cultivated. When you cultivate a plant, it means that the plant is unnatural. It is artificial. Chinese use herbs that are hybrid such as Dong Quai (female Ginseng ‘aka’ Angelica sinensis) and Goldenseal. Chinese medicine is not herbs but the same chemicals that are offered all throughout the world. People use the herbs but they are not curing anything. Dr. Sebi knew a man name France in New York who was treated by a Chinese Doctor 18 years for diabetes. When France came to Dr. Sebi he was cured in 3 weeks.

{Japan/Dr. Ohsawa} Recommends rice as one of the substance that we should consider in the removal of disease; to eat large portions of rice. When you eat rice, your mucous membrane will be compromised, unless you are eating the wild rice.


Being Deprived Of Dr. Sebi’s Message

Dr. Sebi’s message is that there is a therapeutic process available known as The African BioMineral Balance. Its methods include knowledge, a lifestyle, and a village that have all been known to play a role in curing blindness, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, AIDS, arthritis, epilepsy, fibroids, impotence, bell’s palsy, herpes, cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, lupus, autism, tumors, and even addiction.

People were recklessly being skeptical of a man who had a reputation for curing diseases instead of conning people. How do you impugn a reputation for not being true? Do testimonies expressing more experiences of positive benefit than negative benefits somehow seem like lies to people? Did 77 people appear in court on behalf of Dr. Sebi show up just to tell lies? There are thousands of youtube videos expressing positive experience as a testimony to Dr. Sebi products from the LA office of the Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food company in California. It is very fortunate that there are other companies that provide services according to the African BioMineral Balance and that they are represented by people who have had experiences with Dr. Sebi as assistants during the early years of Dr. Sebi’s curing so many people. However, since Dr. Sebi’s transition August of 2016, the business that he represented came under the attack of falsehoods via his grandson, ex-wife and a cascade of others who promoted and shared the lies.

My investigation of all companies who had owners that all knew Dr. Sebi started in 2011. Up to 2016 I discovered several companies and of them all, the most organized and reliable were Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food in Los Angeles California and New Life Nature Cell Foods in the Bahamas. Coming in next on reliability only, was The Fig Tree in New York. None of the other stores or people providing similar services who had owners that knew Dr. Sebi met my approval.

I made an effort to dispel what appeared to be a huge craving for herbs and the ingredients used in Dr. Sebi’s products, after I noticed that quite a few people began selling herbs and sea moss. The goal was to buy people more time to learn! I figured if they knew where to go to see the ingredients used in Dr. Sebi’s compounds, then they would delay purchasing herbs from some of these people with plans of their own to purchase the herbs from their local herbal store. Now with a no-rush-attitude they could learn about more than just herbs and allow Dr. Sebi’s messages to prepare them for the healing crises, the value of a therapeutic process, what foods to refrain from consuming and which water not to drink. Too many people are being tricked into thinking that it is all about the herbs.

Finding tropical herbs to make compounds was just one aspect of Dr. Sebi’s healing process and methods. Usha Village in Honduras was a part of that method, which offered additional herbs and experiences that you couldn’t get anywhere else – this includes the opportunity to speak with Dr. Sebi personally. He has already said so much in youtube videos that is currently being severely ignored and that knowledge is the most important thing that Dr. Sebi has to offer.

Advocates for Dr. Sebi org site exist for the purpose of preserving this information. All we have to do as a people is to share it.





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