Dire Consequences – Audio Bite #20

“THE AFRICAN NEEDS TO DIE,” said Dr. Sebi during an interview. So many people have been concerned with Africa and want to do things to increase its economic qualities and values as a collective. Even Dr. Sebi reached out to the African president to no avail. What he breaks down next will add some clarity to the way nature works. I couldn’t help but to think that the perfect title for this audio should be “Dire Consequences.” Click play below and listen well.

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Guest: Only thing is they killing our folks so bad in African. When are they gonna learn?


Dr. Sebi: They killing our folks in Africa?


Guest: Yeah they’re all coming up with AIDS, where are they getting it from? AIDS is a thing of the mind, is not real. It’s -Inaudible-


Dr. Sebi: But the African need to be killed.


Guest: Oh well.


Dr. Sebi: I mean coming from Dr. Sebi to say that has family need to be killed.


Guest: I know what you saying.


Dr. Sebi: But that’s a fact. The African have turn they back on their mother. In fact the African has never regard a black woman as being equal to a male. So when you abandon your position, you need to pay the dire consequences. When you abandon your mother; and I’m not talking only saying about the biological mother, I’m talking about the GREATER MOTHER Africa, they changed Africa – they made an exchange for Europe in Africa. They deserve to die. Everyone that dies deserve to die. Or else you would not be dying.


Guest: I think you’re right.


Dr. Sebi: Oh I know I’m right. They wouldn’t be dying know.


Transcribed by Zee Malachi


Do Not Turn Away From Your Mother

Dr. Sebi and his ex wife Anette were curing people of AIDS with non-hybrid plant-based made compounds. By this time Dr. Sebi knows that disease and even AIDS exist because the immune system has been suppressed. What are the attributes of the suppression? The answer is “mucus” and it could be found in the most significant areas of the body. When it comes to AIDS Dr. Sebi reports the obstruction persisting in the skin, the blood and the lymphatic system – The generating force of the immune system. Some say the lymphatic system is the immune system itself.

Dr. Sebi explains that the food that is complimentary to an immune system of an African genetic structure are foods that exist in ecosystems linked by nutrient cycles and energy flows of 102 minerals. He reports that the African has turned away from eating foods that directly connected them to mother nature and started eating meat, starch like rice and beans and cassava. This is a violation and there are dire consequences. The African must die, the African deserves to die. Dr. Sebi talks about how the African took on European ways not only by consuming foods that they cultivated but by also taking on religious aspect through the concept of “spirituality” and the British construct via referring to themselves as kings and queens. Dr. Sebi warns that this is not an African construct.

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Living with AIDS 2
What happen 3
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Eating the wrong things 6
Eating the wrong things 7
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Eating the wrong things - Learn better 9
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