The sole administrator and person responsible for the relating platforms (www.advocatesfordrsebi.org and facebook group) is Jeyone Sabir, also known as “Zee Malachi” which is short for Zee Anu Ubuntu Malachi. These platforms were not acknowledged by Alfredo Bowman (Dr. Sebi), the LA Office and their attorneys until January 2015. Through the assistance of the office manager and Dr Sebi’s daughter Saama, I was able to connect with Dr Sebi and have our first interview February 2, 2015. The Advocates for Dr. Sebi Org website and Dr. Sebi Who and What facebook group-page are not official representations for the following:

Alfredo Bowman
Dr. Sebi
Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food
2807 La Cienega Avene
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Facebook like Page:


The establishment of these platforms arrive from my review of a video where I saw/heard Dr. Sebi express that he is looking to teach his healing techniques to women. From this message I launch the facebook group “World Healers” and contacted women to join the group where some 200 plus woman joined the group prior to any males joining. Some of the women began asking questions about Dr. Sebi due to the information that I was promoting about his healing abilities. This lead to me changing the group title from “World Healers” to “Dr. Sebi Who & What” and males were accepted into the group. I began collecting content of Dr. Sebi’s expressions of which the majority was in written form from his very expressions as transcribed by me from his videos. Other women in the group would contribute by presenting links to websites that possessed interviews with Dr. Sebi as well as articles that could be found on the internet. During this time there were those in the group who could not afford his products, so I would purchase Dr. Sebi products (at the time was the Figtree and later Dr.Sebi Products after receiving a message that these two were not the same) and ship them out to people in the group who wanted to experience Dr. Sebi products. My experience with Dr. Sebi products was incredible and the testimonies that I received from those who I shipped the products to were either similar to mines or other women in the group who I sent products to who all were pleased and satisfied by their experiences except for one SHANNON WADE who is missing genes needed to assimilate certain nutrition.

Hundreds of group members began expressing to me how they would like to help and work in a similar capacity according to my known efforts. So I designed a testing platform with a blog page. It was the first “advocates for Dr. Sebi platform and it worked in direct relation to the facebook group where a list of advocates could be seen in the open. These were people who wanted to promote Dr. Sebi through an organized platform, especially if they had a philanthropist on their side such as myself who is more than willing to provide free Dr. Sebi herbs for those who can not afford them. This is the spirit in which people choose to join an organized movement behind supporting Dr. Sebi today.

There are still thousands of people so intrigued with Dr. Sebi that their research include youtube video viewing and internet research for complaints and testimonies regardless of being aware of the convenience of information that a platform (advocatesfordrsebi.org) we now all have access to can provide. I myself am so intrigued by Dr. Sebi that for a period consisting within 12 months I knew everything about Dr. Sebi that was presented on the internet. I saw and studied every single video, article and video to the point of knowing who else out there was promoting him. Based on my research I concluded that he was one of the most IMPORTANT of persons on this planet. I soon discovered that his work was being suppressed by a variety of techniques such as propaganda and character assassination. Even his court case “WIN” against the FDA was rendered a lost due to national media’s negation to promote the win. There is even a choke hold on celebrity testimony as he has healed several celebrities. And yet another way to phase him out of the picture is to promote other alkaline healers along with Dr. Sebi while he is the only one who spent nearly 2 decades learning how to put herbal compounds together for carbon based people. There is an active element on a global basis to tarnish this man’s work and efforts. When Lisa Left Eye passed, it would be up to the Nuwaubians to fight this battle. I am a unique student of Dr. Malachi Z. York and perhaps one of the last of the Nuwaubians and those interested in fighting to clear the smothering campaign that is apparently launched against Dr. Sebi.

Another thing that I have discovered in taking on this task is that there are independent advocates for Dr. Sebi ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!! Through this discovery I have acquired a vision where we can form a virtual community behind Dr. Sebi with goals to preserve and multiply the physical manifestations already in relation to him such as the village in Honduras and others who offer electric cell food from the US to the Bahamas, Hawaii and Barbados.

I would like for my efforts to be approved by Dr. Sebi and I will be working towards getting his approval. If this website and facebook page prove inappropriate, then we are to continue to purchase herbs from Dr. Sebi knowing full well that Dr. Sebi is after the same things that we are interested in, which is healing the sick and establishing institutions or centers that work in that capacity. {ACCOMPLISHED}

I am not selling Dr. Sebi herbs or anything else on this website, nor is there a donation button where people can send money directly to me. If people like what I have done with the assistance of others who help me collect information about Dr. Sebi and make it all convenient on one platform (which we then use to promote and help others learn more about Dr. Sebi) they can show support by supporting those who have already supported us. Those who support us, do so with the conscious effort of becoming advocates for Dr. Sebi and they are placed on a list of people who are advocates. I have a system established for selecting the advocate who should receive support from others looking to become advocates. There is no referral program, all that has to be done is PROMOTE Dr. Sebi. Receiving money from those aspiring to become advocates has more meaning in our growth as advocates than just receiving the money with an interest to profit. We need to be able to purchase Dr. Sebi herbs! or pay for a trip to Honduras! So becoming and advocate means that you are willing to help others reach these particular goals. People can pay and advocate any amount that they want in order to show support and become an advocate, but we recommend a five dollar appreciation fee. The list of advocates not only shows us how large our community is, but that these people are specifically the kind of people who will offer one another support. This is merely an additional way to reflect our love for Dr. Sebi and in doing so we have the security of a solid collective in case we have any more compromising episodes with the preparations of Dr. Sebi’s compounds like the one we all experienced in 2014.

As a philanthropist, it cost to purchase herbs and ship them out for free. I do not have a non profit organization, but I am thinking about setting one up that specifically purchases Dr. Sebi herbs to give away for free. I’m not even sure how possible that is. I would like to be able to sell t-shits with Dr. Sebi’s face on it as an advocate for Dr. Sebi T-shirt, but I am definitely going to need permission to do that. It would help offset my expenses. So far this venture has not been financially appealing, but it has been a pleasure and a joy helping others and showing people that we can come together and establish something great. And all of this is still within beginning stages. Dr. Sebi has said so much and I am still transcribing videos to make his words available on question and answering platforms as well as on the pages of the advocatesfordrsebi website.


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  1. your effort is greatly appreciated.

  2. I need to stay up.on Dr Sebi .

  3. Greatings from Jamaica my Family,
    I love the way this sounds, all what you are doing. For Me Sebi is one of the few people that have thought me something in life that is usefull and I have never met the elder. After hearing about him I am realy convinced that the problems that we as a people and the entire Human Race are facing are not to much to handle we can change if we only would see how much the foods we eat realy influence us but alot of us (especially us the black race) are not ready to accept that and when I talk it’s like I am talkin to a wall, no one has interest but I’m sure u know this feeling to well. I feel very alone with this at times, to tell you the truth. I would be very glad to get sebis products to our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children of our race and maybe one day we then can help humanity .Would realy love to be a part of what you doing.
    Greatings from Jamaica my family.

  4. Am not here because of donation or els but am sick I Need dr sebi email address and his phone number thanks from sierra Leone

    • This is not Dr. Sebi’s Official Website. His official website is http://www.drsebiscellfood.com The website that you are presently visiting is established by Zee Malachi; be sure to read the disclaimer page of this site. You have landed on “Advocates For Dr. Sebi” Org site which is a website that was developed to help fight against the injustice responsible for millions of people who would never learn about Dr. Sebi; the man who defeated the supreme court, FDA and American Medical Association in their challenge for him to prove that he cures AIDS, Blindness, and hundreds of other diseases. The rich and powerful all over the world knows about this man.

      Andrew Diggs Jr
      March 18, 2016 at 11:07 pm

  5. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the information given by Dr.sebi and soon his herbs god willing. As an advocate I want to do any and everything I can to help myself and then others of sickness in health and mind. Thank you so much Dr.SEBI and special thank you to you bro MALACHI for coming into our lives during this tragic time of life in our era to give us what we need to heal ourselves. may this journey be fruitful and blessing for us all

  6. whwer I can find testemonials of people who try to heal some seious ilness like cancer or HIV?

    • Those testimonies are the kind that people like to keep to themselves. What’s else can I tell ya? I wil be setting up a testimony page.

  7. Dear Dr Sebi you are send like an angel by God to come and heal us I have been praying for this moment and this is the moment and I have put all my trust in the Lord and believed one day all will be fine…i just want to know how to order medicine from Africa Namibia please urgently reply even if I can go to South Africa or Botswana to collect it dear Dr Sebi this is indeed an urgent and desperate. Situation I also want to know if this information is confidential…thank you very much…have a blessed night…

    • This is not Dr. Sebi’s Official Website. His official website is http://www.drsebiscellfood.com The website that you are presently visiting is established by Zee Malachi; be sure to read the disclaimer page of this site. You have landed on “Advocates For Dr. Sebi” Org site which is a website that was developed to help fight against the injustice responsible for millions of people who would never learn about Dr. Sebi; the man who defeated the supreme court, FDA and American Medical Association in their challenge for him to prove that he cures AIDS, Blindness, and hundreds of other diseases. The rich and powerful all over the world knows about this man.

  8. Thank you for sharing . I look forward to learning more and helping out as well.

  9. Thank you Brother Malachi
    You’ve created an intriguing movement on behalf of the greatest Black scientist we had since George Washington Carver. I’ve met the man and have visited he and his wife at Usha Research Institute in Honduras. I dropped in on them unannounced and they received me with open arms. Your efforts are worthwhile to push forward. Let’s get people healed. One People, One Earth!

  10. Dear Zee Malachi,
    I just learned of Dr.Sebi from my brother in the US. Here’s a bit about me a 71 year old survivor who didn’t expect to live past 30. Now with the serious research and reviewing of his videos, as you have, my confidence of the next 30 years of my life have gone up exponentially.
    As a Black man born and raised in the US I drove through and lived in Third World countries as well the ghettoes of Oakland and other US cities in additon to being a victim and survivor of the US prison-industrial complex or 21st century slavery. I applied, when I was able since I’m not rich and never had much money as presently a retiree dependent on SSI checks, the reading and studying of ‘How To Eat To Live’ 1 & 2 by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
    Survival suggestion to help to prepare you, Dr. Sebi followers and all Afro-Americans for a very possisble World War 3 combined with a Trump/Hitler-like fascist White House.: Visit Tepotzlan in the Morelos county of Mexico. The home of Alfredo Cortez – the Mexican- as Dr Sebi describes him who healed and taught him. For some strange reason The Honorable Elijah Muhammad chose his home in the same area.
    Why? All Afro-American city dwellers need the experiences in the change of environments from the clutter of the United States’ community life to that of the more resonant and peaceful habitats of Tepotzlan as well as the Afro-Mestizo communities and villages in the Pacific Coastal areas in the Mexican States of Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas
    Peace out

  11. My father had a troke around 5 years ago. He can walk normally but suffers from bad fatigue in the calf muscles, so cannot do so for long. Do you know anything that can help this. thank you

    • Consistent effort toward keeping the body in an alkaline state.
      1. Stop eating detrimental foods.
      2. Follow the nutritional guide.
      3. Stay hydrated – two liters of water a day (a gallon a day when consuming Dr. Sebi compounds). Dehydration contribute to fatigue in any muscle area.
      4. Get some plant-based iron in your system. (Iron plus or Bio Ferro)
      5. To return mineral balance to the body that will also help remove acid conditions that keep the body from repairing itself, you will want to make a tea to consume daily from the Bromide plus powder.

      Whether it is tumors, cancer or nerve damage, they require an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. An intra-cellular chelation; meaning we are going to clean the cells. The cells that make up the organs that make up the system. So not only the organ, but we are going to clean up the cell that makes up the organ. Why? Because when cancer is present it’s showing that there is a high level of acid condition; a very extremely high level of mitosis – the cell is eating up the chest or the uterus, or the bones or the stomach or intestines or the brain and even muscles and nerves. It is only cause the presence of acid. So the body must be nourishes simultaneously. Disease requires nourishment back to health. So we give them the Bio-mineral Balance. It is the Intra-cellular chelation coupled with the Bio-mineral balance. The chelation comes with the small cleansing package.

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