Living A Lie In The Face Of Receiving Truth – Audio Bite 12

Dr. Sebi On Living A Lie

Transcribed by Zee Malachi

But with these plants god made, in 1979 a woman came from Mexico that was insane for 11 years and she was cured. My friends thought that I was lying. Mr. Fredrick came and he was blind. He was blind for 11 years, he was seeing in two days. Oh I was lying again! When the young man came to me or I was called from Washington DC because there was someone that was suffering with AIDS and he was cured; and I was telling people in New York and in Washington, DC – you thought again that I was lying.
But since I was prepared for the world; LIES, I was shown that if I talk to you and you believe that this is a lie – well I am not the one that’s living the lie. It is YOU who disbelieve me, that live that lie.


So every time that I saw that thing in your eyes that shows that you thought that I was lying, don’t you ever believe that I was uncomfortable. Yes I were comfortable. Because I knew that you were living a lie and it was living that lie, ONLY because of disease. And that disease bring that doubt, in us. We have not trust in one another any more. So when truth appears, how are we gonna receive it?



Dr. Sebi has mentioned on several occasions how the brain is obstructed from spending the majority of our lives eating detrimental foods so much so that we can not THINK. Reasoning ability is lost and shamelessly placed behind the curtains and away from the consciousness necessary to receive a message conveyed. Motivation for self preservation is lost and impulse receives power over discipline to the point of giving in to bad habits. Chicken, white bread, cheese and butter then goes easily into the mouth. Next, the intestines become compromised as an acid condition develops and illnesses set it. Solutions are only acknowledged by our environment of convenience in combination with our food addictions in the driver seat heading for the hospital and chemical medications.

While in such a diseased condition, it is difficult to believe that you can reverse your illnesses as easy as Dr. Sebi has prescribed.
1. Stop eating detrimental foods.
2. Stay hydrated.
3. Use plant-based herbal compounds and teas for cleansing and nutrition.

His reason for how and why this is able to cure people of so many diseases is because he is only replenishing the body of its deprived carbon based minerals and electrical state. After being healed himself, Dr. Sebi finally recalls that this is an observation that his grandmother made, who was also a natural healer.

Very simple solutions that come from two people who never went to school will always serve as an example in modern-day times of who it will be difficult to trust; at least until we come together in healing.

In order to help and heal more people in a world that continues to grow, trust is needed more than ever. Not only has Dr. Sebi done his part which has earned him his reputation for curing people (not a reputation for researching or conning people), but he has passed the knowledge on and forward as you can see by the collection of information on this website. When people trust you, it is one of the most ultimate ways of presenting your credibility.


Did Dr. Sebi document his accomplishments? Yes he did.

1. Negative expectations and a lack of confidence in the other party.
2. A sense of fear and anticipation of discomfort or danger.
3. The belief that one party may not care about the other’s welfare and may act harmfully.
4. Evoking a competitive (as opposed to cooperative) orientation that stimulates and exacerbates conflict.
5. No major media acknowledgement, no major educational/institutional acknowledgement.

When it came to healing, Dr. Sebi was a competent man. He was considered an arrogant individual for the confidence that could be seen when he presented information that devastated natural health platforms in a knowledge-intensive society. The goals of his passionate display was to get people to commit to themselves for the sake of getting healthier and preventing disease. Still people would entertain the fear of ending up in the hospital after either fasting or consuming Dr. Sebi’s compounds. Not only that but some people who where not able to receive either a good amount of information from Dr. Sebi or have answers from Dr. Sebi regarding significant questions of their own, would end up competing in order to discover some accomplishments of their own – most of the time relying on research from a variety of sources even if it contradicted the findings that Dr. Sebi would share with us. These things also contributed to the distrust that Dr. Sebi experienced. We can also count the refusal and denial of Dr. Sebi by an African president. I’m sure that I don’t have to mention how major media remained silent of his accomplishments which lead to keeping educational institutions and medical institutions from acknowledging Dr. Sebi and how this also lead to the distrust that Dr. Sebi experienced.

My final message is that you should not trust blindly, but you should avoid the paranoia of blind distrust.



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  1. I am honestly impressed with the work of Dr. Sedi, he seems to be special and one of a kind, so sad to hear him passed

  2. No matter what anyone can say about Dr.sebi the fact is he did solve a lot of people’s health issues and most of all saving people from dying on vice versa may I ask what did this so call GREAT FDA do for any one CANCER or AIDS patients so I would tell all these idiots shut up and learn from Dr.sebi.

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