March is Myeloma Action month according to institutions and foundations that seek to inform people of this disease and how it can be removed. Dr. Sebi addresses it in a very simple way.


Now in dealing with Myeloma what part of the body we dealing with? BONE! And in dealing with bones, what is the mineral?  Calcium! So are we gonna use the oxide calcium or the phosphate calcium of the plants? Phosphate calcium!  Ya see how smart we are we already became doctors in five seconds.

Bones have to harden after going through a process where they are made to be soft in order to grow from children to adults. Myeloma is when the hardening process does not kick in. This is when B cells are tricked into allowing a growth stage in our bone where the bones are softened without triggering the hardening process of our bones (the application of calcium) in preparation for growth of a growing body or the maintenance of a healthy body and the immune system fails to recognize the activity as a threat. The microbe responsible for this is capable of cloning itself as a natural threat (just like herpes) by developing a suitable message as a cytokine (chemical molecule and messenger between immunological cells) and infiltrates until they outmatch the population of the B cells.

1. Boost the immune system and the increase circulation. Since the microbe responsible for this disease is in an area where circulation is not the strongest it can only mimic the cytokine that is complimentary to an already compromised immune system. The immune system can be boosted by breaking the cycle of consistent consumption of acid/mucus causing foods – by FASTING. The immune system can also be boosted by increasing the mineral content of the carbon based body which is usually stripped and removed by acid conditions. We specifically look to increase our composition in iron, calcium and potassium phosphate. New cytokines are attached to healthier cells and will not be able to be mimic. Now all that has to be done is exercises (increasing circulation) or the consumption of potassium phosphates (natural diuretics like Dr. Sebi’s Fucus and Eva Salve) which will help flush the new and stronger material in and without the microbe being able to mimic the cytokine it will be detected and flushed out.

2. Consume plant-based calcium (phosphate calcium) so that the body is capable of making a contribution towards establishing strong and healthy bones. Dr. Sebi’s Bromide Plus (powder | capsule) is jam packed with calcium. He often demonstrates the power of consistently consuming his mix of sea moss & bladderwreck (Bromide) by dropping to his knees, even above the age of 80.

The same system can be used to cure herpes. Including the use of Bromide, you would use either of the compounds that will have a more aggressive affect (for quicker healing) in cleansing and nourishing the nervous system, such as the banju, iron plus, Bio Ferro (tonic | Capsule), green food plus, viento, testo & estro, and lily of the valley from the therapeutic package.

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  1. Marisa cabalejo

    I know that strong immune system is the best fighter of many types of diseases. But reading this very helpful links it help me more to understand of being healthy.

  2. I would like to ask how rheumatism occurs and does Dr.sebi cell food help and which one.

  3. will any of these foods aid in depression.

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