Audio Interviews Part 1

Electric Food – The Only Food
November 06, 1995
Recorded at Milford Plaza, Produced by Kamet Ascendants & Afrikan Information Communication

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We then moved on to the first half of an interview with healer and nutritionist, Dr Sebi, called ‘Electric Food The Only Food’. Dr Sebi starts by pointing out the importance of carbon and not melanin as the main source of life on earth. He stressed the need for more Afrikan-owned laboratories to undertake research on chemicals and the diseases affecting Afrikans. Afrikans need to look at their intake of starch as this contributes to many of the diseases we face. We focus on ‘protein’ mainly coming from meat but historically many cultures have survived in a healthier state with little or no meat in their diet (and it was not force-fed, factory-reared). “To heal it isn’t necessary to understand the scientific aspect of it but you must understand the herb that correspond with the disease that is manifesting…And what we found that there is nothing on the planet that assimilates and could be of usefulness save that substance is electrical and the only electric substance on the planet is a natural plant.!”

Dr Sebi gives people iron strengthened with carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) for nerve and energy problems. The ‘C.H.O.’ chain is thus the chain of life. “The higher the concentration of carbon the greater the colour black would express.”

There are 142 minerals on the planet which each express themselves in a different way. Electricity is only produced by the resonance of the friction of copper and carbon. In humans the brain is the source of electricity. “The nervous system is the conduit that carries the electricity to various points of the body to cause motion…The pineal gland is carbon and the cerebral cortex is copper. We not only find that in the human being we find that in the eel in Brazil that produces electricity to kill his prey and when you open the eel all you find is copper and carbon. No melanin!”

Every race has a pineal gland but not every race has a thymus gland which regulates sex, maintains energy and ‘keeps you child-like, non-aggressive.’ It can disappear at 8-years-old leading children to become violent. Carbon allows people to retain their thymus gland. DrSebi questioned why western physicians are considered the authorities on health when they don’t address points like this. “No cure for common cold, no cure for diabetes, no cure for cancer, leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia, AIDS, blindness, and no other disease. Well, if the physician clearly shows us that there is no cure for any disease what do they understand?…How old is the medicine that they are practicing today? It is 265-years-old!…If Mr Hippocrates used herbs to cure every disease known to man then 2000 years later why aren’t we doing so? Because the healer has been ‘educated’ and the substance he uses is artificial and he is totally unaware of that, why? Because he learned his craft from an armchair position…not field research.”

Dr Sebi pointed out that without knowing the plants and minerals in their original form there is no way of knowing what is really beneficial and if you are even being offered the right thing. Researchers are also mixing plants that do not have the same chemical affinity leading to hybrids which can be ineffectual or deadly. He claims that much of the food now considered native to Arabia came from hybrids grown in Germany. Dr Sebi praised Elijah Muhammad from the Nation of Islam for stressing the need to stay away from pork but even Elijah Muhammad was not able to lay out his dietary beliefs in full for fear that people would desert the NoI in droves or never join in the first place. “Which Afrikan in America eats food which is consistent with their Afrikan ancestry? Don’t even go there because none!”

In Honduras Dr Sebi asked a guide on one of the Mayan tours what the Maya ate. The guide didn’t know. Dr Sebi pointed out that their core meal was not based on corn as widely believed but on greens that grew in the forest whose seeds were non-starch. They did not have rice, beans, chicken, eggs, pork or cows in their diet before Europeans came. White rice is a poison containing cyanide that causes curvature of the spine. Marco Polo bringing wheat into south-east Asia allowed them to vary their diet with noodles. One Chinese man who knew about this was Dr Lee Chen Foo who refused to eat anything that grew underground. He reputedly lived for over 125 years. “That’s why there isn’t one Afrikan leader that I respect. I can’t respect any Afrikan leaders because I know his head is confounded, why? Because look at what he eats!”

Dr Sebi was also against fish which he said rots in the guts. He recommended avoiding eating anything that walks, crawls, swims, flies or has a head. Instead he advocated learning about forest herbs and plants. While many people promote soybean it was used by George Washington Carver to produce plastics so he was unsure it would benefit a human body. The best potato is the Red Rose as that is only one generation down from the original found in Lake Titicaca in Peru all the others are hybrids created mainly by the Irish. Carrots are also hybrids created in Holland.

Spirolina and wheat grass are also hybrids. Fendo, teff and amaranth are the natural alternatives. However while wheatgrass will sprout after 21 days amaranth will only sprout once a year in the springtime. “So I was angry because the amaranth did not sprout. Then the amaranth laugh at me and said ‘You want me to sprout along with something hybrid? Well, I’m very sorry I only sprout once a year but the product I produce is FOOD.’ And when the amaranth sprout, came, oh, I was eating amaranth sprout and I was high for about three months I was on this high, this energy because the molecular structure is complete and therefore it deems that stuff electrical.”

Dr Sebi questioned how laboratory produced vitamins and minerals could help a human biologically or physiologically? “If you could do that, and if you could really do that, then you are God. Only nature or God makes something electrical. No man could do that.” Minerals are expressed either as phosphates or oxides. They come in rock form but they have a corresponding plant that also represents that mineral. This comes about from the plant extracting the mineral from the soil and converting it into a liquid digestible substance. When this process is done in a lab the end result is non-electrical. This is why most supplements in health food stores are of little or no benefit. “The body is not made up of any alphabetical order it is made up of minerals and when those minerals have been depleted by the presence of disease, a disease ensues. So you replace them in a natural form – in the form of a rock or a plant because it is electrical. Why does it have to be electrical? Because the body is electrical. How could you feed an electric body dead food. You just can’t do that! That’s not consistency.”

Dr Sebi pointed out that although he has cured diseases including diabetes, sickle cell anaemia and leukaemia, he wouldn’t expect any other behaviour than continual rejection from the medical establishment and ‘Big Pharma’ as their jobs, livelihoods and laboratories are based on telling people diseases cannot be cured and removed from the body but only treated and managed.

Dr Sebi took a hard line against Afrikans who abandon their culture. “The Afrikans have turned their back on their mother. In fact, the Afrikan has never regarded a Black woman as being equal to a male so when you abandon your position you need to pay the dire consequences. When you abandon your mother, and I’m not talking about only the biological mother, I’m talking about that greater mother, Afrika – they changed Afrika, they made an exchange for Europe in Afrika – they deserve to die…I would prefer to take a shoeshine boy from New York and put him in the presidency in Afrika in any country and he would do a better job than those that are there now ‘cos common sense just step out the window. The Afrikan doesn’t eat anything that came from their ancestors – what do they eat?…Have you ever tried to put a salad bowl beside an Afrikan before he eats and see if he’s gonna eat the salad?” [Laughs]

Dr Sebi was castigated in New York for saying that AIDS was not the result of a virus and at that time [1995] no other Afrikan healers or physicians in the city had publicly come out in support of his stance. Peter Duisberg who trained Dr Strecker agreed with him. Dr Strecker wrote the memorandum that confirmed that AIDS in Afrika began as a result of the United Nations World Heath Organisation’s polio and smallpox vaccine programme.

‘Electric Food – The Only Food’ – Dr Sebi. Recorded at Milford Plaza on 6 Nov 1995. Produced by Kamet Ascendants & Afrikan Information Communication.
For more info: PO Box 399 Radio City,
NYNY 10101. Tel: (212) 262 2784.
For Foods: Bayanah – (718) 722 3386 / (718) 629 5587 / (305) 252 1800.


  1. greeting i am learning so much about life it self,I lost my mom a few years ago do to diabetes and their any things she had would like to share that with,Dr sebi thank god for you been trying to reach his offices site but so hard…..peace…love…joy….blessing

  2. I am so grateful I came into the knowledge of Dr. Sebi! I am have been progressively been learning more and more about healing my body. I learned about and have drank alkaline water off and on for the last 8 to 10 years. Overweight, I have been slowly getting worse and worse, more and more dr. Prescribed med that only pause the diseases. The last few years, I’ve experienced memory and other brain health challenges. I know God has led me into this powerful knowledge, and I desire full manifestation of weightloss to diseases medicine freedom, yet my efforts only get me halfway to my freedom? I am now casting all my cares to God, cause I am limited to what I can do. I believe in Dr. Sebi findings as I’ve read about the pH alkaline diet, had my energy/electric readings done, and am a distributor of a product that boosts the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress, helping our body make cells like it did when we were younger before our bodies started started breaking down. I’ve experienced remarkable health status changes! With This knowledge also, I’m surely going to get off all medicine, heal or strengthen or enlarge my tiny veins, reach my ideal weight, and sharpen my brain power to that of a teenager! Thank You GOD! Dettrea Weston on facebook.

  3. Hi Zee Malachi,

    My name is Walter, i live in Angola, Africa. I have been trying to contact Dr. Sebi’s office but no success. I have a very good business proposal for him. Would you please help me?

    Best regards.

  4. Hi I have suffered with Delayed Pressure Urticaria (Sever Hives)(An auto immune disease)for 16 years what treatments do you have to cure this as I have been told that there is no cure by all of the specialist over here in the UK.

  5. How do fight off HIV with out medication .

  6. Hi my mother is HVI positive is there a treatment to cure this fatal disease

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