Conditioned to eat food that is not ours – audio bite 13



In the supreme court, I asked the judged, “if God made food special for gorillas, special for polar bears, special for orangutans, special for birds and not all bids eat seeds, some eat snakes and meat. So if God made specific food for specific animal God made also specific food for plants; this is a burdock leaf. You appease to burdock for what? For iron! You don’t appease to burdock for magnesium. Magnesium is in trace mineral here, but iron is predominant! So there’s a food for this plant. So I asked the judge, “Well if the plant, the animal, the birds has specific food that feed their selves; what about homosapiens – are we exempt from that natural cosmic law? She said, “no.” I said, “well, when you remove the African from Africa did you bring his food with him?” She said, “no.” So you see, so when you said that “I like my ham,” that’s not your ham, that’s not your chicken, that’s not your biscuits. That is something that we have been conditioned to eat. And because we have been conditioned to eat those things, it makes love difficult to come out. When I talk to my wife I have to, “girl what’s wrong with you??”

Many times Dr. Sebi has spoken about Love. “We must love ourselves first” he would say. But all the while he was talking about creating an internal condition that would not be chaotic on the cellular structure and organs. You would learn this from watching plenty of his videos. When the body is fighting a losing battle against mucus because our consistent consumption of detrimental food is depriving our cells and rendering them compromised, the person’s conduct will reflect his destructive internal state onto external relationships and interactions with people where the conduct is just as bad.  Dr. Sebi says he would snap at his wife and at one point he even wanted to kill her. When he was healed, he felt differently.

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