Brandy Taylor and Dr. Sebi

Brandy Taylor and Dr. Sebi

A few of the Sebi vegan family are already familiar with the term “food porn” in association with a beautiful young woman who has visited Usha Village many times. Her drive and focus has helped her to lead an assault on shopping, cooking and raw preparations of foods from the Dr. Sebi’s recommended food list which turns out to cover everything from lunch, dinner and deserts with soups, salads, pizza, sandwiches and alkaline water. Meet Brandy Taylor.

Brandy’s efforts in the kitchen answers a very common question asked by those who learn about the Dr. Sebi’s recommended food list and the foods we do not eat. “WELL, WHAT DO WE EAT THEN?” Once people learn about the foods that we don’t eat and the limited amount of foods that we do eat, it is then processed along the category of a turn-off. This is expressed in all sorts of ways.



No Soy; we don’t eat it!


We don’t eat it


We don’t drink it



We don’t eat it


Other foods we don’t eat

food alerts



So we have to eat these same ole foods all the time and forever? But this ain’t enough food; why can’t we get some more on the list? I mean no more fish, eggs or milk; *faint*
Are you sure we can’t eat corn or pancakes? What’s going to replace my meatloaf and mac & cheese? I like steak and Oh My God! I can’t even eat soups or go out and eat anymore? This is ridiculous!!!
Did you say I have to drink a certain type of water? Oh this is too much! Look at how much I’m giving up though. Oh no!, I don’t want to live forever if I have to give up my pizza weekends with my children and their friends. As a matter of fact, I was done when you said we can’t eat any more pasta. No more spaghetti or fettuccine; forget it!


We hope you enjoy Brandy Taylor’s images from a world that she has discovered when facing the same turn-offs.





Soy Free, Canola Free, made with Brazil and Hazelnut Mylk, Safflower Oil, 1 lime, Raw Coconut Vinegar

Soy Free, Canola Free, made with Brazil and Hazelnut Mylk, Safflower Oil, 1 lime, Raw Coconut Vinegar



Still wanna put mayo on your sandwich? Brandy has found a way to make mayo the Sebi vegan way. Go the extra step and see it you can do it without using any form of vinegar. Once you do that, you’ll be on the road towards making several dips for your Sebi vegan breads and meat substitutes for fish sticks, nuggets & strips and even sauces for spaghetti and vegetable pastas or thick soups.





Salad 10



Salad dressing can be made according to the Dr. Sebir food recommeded list as well. Brandy makes her own homemade honey mustard.



Salad dressing


Or you could purchase your own salad dressing if it would make things quicker for you, but you may want to be just as knowledgeable in selecting the kind you will want if you plan on staying as close to the recommended food list as possible.





Shopping is another category on the turn-off list, especially when people do not know what to shop for. Looking to make those delicious steaks and burgers? Brandy shops for a variety of mushrooms while well conscious of their flavors. She tosses them in her shopping basket with plans to either saute’ or add to salad for shrimp flavor. When she gets hold of portabella mushrooms, get ready for some tasty steak.







Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor









soup foods

Chickpea Miso with Ginger, cilantro, Seaweed and Mushrooms






Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor










Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor










eating out

Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor










Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor









Brandy Taylor

Brandy Taylor














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  1. I noticed on the list I recieved from Dr. Sebi when I ordered some Bromide plus on 1-11-2015 was different from the list on line? The new list had no Maple Syrup or almonds therefore eliminating almond milk? Any thoughts on why?

    • Almond production has taken on more than enough arsenic last year.
      Maple Syrup processing is now eliminating more of the nutrients that maple syrup has and the trees used by commercial industries are compromised enough to drop them off the list.

    • autumn delaporte

      he said almond contain cyanide. watch his you tube videos

  2. Does Brandy Taylor have published recipes for these foods? If so where can they be accessed?. Thank you.

  3. The recipes look good, but my wife is very picky with her foods and I need her to change up her eating habits with me. My wife suffers with lupus, high blood pressure, and she suffers from headaches. We gonna do a herbal 12 day detox and then fast after that, but when we change our food type I need to know what foods would be best to try..

  4. Peace. I am trying to find Brandy Taylor so I can inquire about these beautiful and raw dishes pictured here. Please post contact info for this sister, if she wishes to be contacted. I was unable to find her on Facebook.

  5. Ibrahim Abdurrahim

    Thanks for the almond explanation. I going to continue looking for the best organic almonds. Aslo arsenic is naturally occuring in thr enviroment it is even in the pits of apples. Almonds taken on arsenic from water sources especially quicksilver contaminating our herbal teas.

  6. Lisa Lopez, a.k.a Left Eye, was the reason for me learning about Dr. Sebi, but that was some time ago. PAIN of all types, foggy brain, blurred vision, severe problem retaining information I am trying desperately to learn, depression, anger and sadness has taken over my life and I asked the CREATOR to please help me find true healing. I have been viewing Dr. Sebi on YouTube for a week now and even sent an email to his advocates for help/guidance.
    Also, my 78 year old mother whose vision has been destroyed by surgery, misinformation and religious fear teachings have her suffering and it’s breaking my heart and cause distress to my life.
    My sister/best friend suffers from the spine, ankle, knee, depression, anger, headaches, feels cold most of the time and is practically paralyzed( in the sense that she does not come out of her apt). That hurts and worries me. I worry for my 18 year old son who is overweight( drinks sugary drinks and foods)and shoulder, base of neck, lower back and bottom of foot hurt a lot. I want guidance on making the necessary changes so that we ALL heal and know what true joy feels like. Please HELP us so that we can heal and be a living example of what God intended for us all. Does anyone have Dr. Sebi’s phone # ( I called numbers I saw in the videos and website, but they are not in service) so that I can have the honor of speaking directly and openly to him for his loving help. My family and I are in dire need of healing. Does anyone know of any upcoming events he will be attending in the New Jersey area where I am from?

    Brandy Taylor, you remind me of Lisa, so beautiful and healthy. Please show me how to change my life so that I, too, can look and feel the way you do.

    God bless,


    • A simple solution for depression would be matural sunlight. Vitamin D in the natural form helps reduce depression. Get outside and get some sun. Also, a clean atmosphere allowing naturall flow of air and sunlight in the home should help. Push back the curtains and open the windows.

  7. would like to attend alecture by dr sebi when and where?

  8. My dream is to eat like this for the rest of my life and and be light to others.

  9. I wanna eat like this for the rest of my life. I’m in desperate need of recipes. I mostly eat fried quinoa with onions and vegetables or kale and beans. But thats getting boring. I need recipes!!

  10. I want to be able to purchase ALL of the electric foods and stop buying anything else from the grocery store, however I’m having a hard time finding a lot of the items. I’m not sure there’s any of these markets in Arizona that carry what’s needed. I live in Mesa, Arizona. Can you help with that?

    • As we grow the advocates may be able to help with some or all of that, but not currently

    • We are following Dr. Sebis nutritional guide from his website.
      You have to create an account ( free) to get access to guide.
      Everything on there with the exception of maybe 2-3 things you can find at Sprouts or whole foods or even frys …
      We buy lots of Spelt flour, garbanzo beans, bulk quinoa, wild rice, almost every fruit and veggie on the list.
      We watch and have tried :
      Ty’s Conscious Kitchen ( on YouTube)
      He has an amazing “Sebain Way Recipe Book”
      I live in the west Valley of Phoenix
      So believe me you can get everything you need!!
      Be blessed

    • Twyla, I go to Lee Lee’s International market in Chandler, AZ off Dobson and Warner. They have a good variety in their natural/organic section

  11. How may we get these recipe? That’s the only thing holding me back from being 100% Sebian. I never know how to cook the stuff..
    so I end up eating the same things or “cheating”

  12. Is pure honey okay

  13. I like the foods you have created and I need to change my diet fast please assist me with gathering these recipes. I am changing to the Dr Sebi food list.

  14. Great article, read about my experience with Sour/Bitter Orange here!

  15. Shalawam, do you have a recipe book? Thank you!

  16. im vegan but i found out foods that i cant eat now and its confusing lil bit i cant get hempseeds i eat chia seed every day and i have only 50 dollars per week but i get som extra money for nuts seeds grains. can i manage this diet on 50 dollar budget?

    • Yes you can. I do. I eat apple chips without dehydrating them and eat hazelnut bread, watercress salads and garbanzo bean veggie soups.

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