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We have been force to violate and eat the foods that are not consistent with our biological makeup. After leaving an African bio-mineral construct or alkaline foods we begin to get sick and diseased. Disease will above all, break your energy, it takes away your energy. First it takes away your will and then it begins to eat all the way on you; it’s going to own you now. It’s going to make you hate yourself for the rest of your life until you die.

We are not able to think, we become depressed and irritable. And our relationships suffer the consequences. Today due to our generation after generation starch addicted ways, we can see the attributes of these consequences taking hold of our children within teenage relationships. And things can definitely get worse from there.

Dr. Sebi’s account of healing a man suffering under these conditions is able to reverse the disease that causes so much hate and destruction 7 minutes into a video; as seen in the following video:


To continue with our message of REAL LOVE for today, view 3 minutes and 40 seconds into part 7 of this video.

One ingredient that is so missing for this journey to be understood and accepted, is “LOVE” but it is not the word itself. It is that electrical communication that is between you and the other person or everybody besides yourself. But to be able to reach there to accomplish that place that you want to be comfortable with, you have to provide yourself the environment inside of yourself and that environment can not be provided by eating meat. It just can not; it is impossible. When you put meat in your mouth, love leaves you! Why? Because love says you don’t like yourself. Because this stuff is not design for you to eat, your body was not designed to consume meat, milk, or cheese or butter and eggs. So love leaves! And leaves you hanging. Hating yourself and everybody else and everybody hating you. But as soon as you get off of it, you find that love enters and everybody that see you now is smiling at you.


Violence is among the dating youth and it is a tragic element growing in our community across the globe. LoveIsRespect has some horrifying dating abuse statistics that you might want to familiarize your self with if you favor being in a position to help your children, nieces and nephews. (LoveIsRespect lays down the following facts)

Too Common

  • Nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year. ~1~
  • One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, a figure that far exceeds rates of other types of youth violence. ~1~
  • One in 10 high school students has been purposefully hit, slapped or physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend. ~2~
  • One quarter of high school girls have been victims of physical or sexual abuse. ~4~

Why Focus on Young People?

  • Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence almost triple the national average. ~5~
  • Violent behavior typically begins between the ages of 12 and 18. ~6~
  • The severity of intimate partner violence is often greater in cases where the pattern of abuse was established in adolescence. ~7~
  • About 72% of eighth and ninth graders are “dating”. ~8~

Long-lasting Effects

  • Violent relationships in adolescence can have serious ramifications by putting the victims at higher risk for substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior and further domestic violence. ~9~
  • Being physically or sexually abused makes teen girls six times more likely to become pregnant and twice as likely to get a STI. ~10~
  • Half of youth who have been victims of both dating violence and rape attempt suicide, compared to 12.5% of non-abused girls and 5.4% of non-abused boys. ~11~

Dating Violence and the Law

  • Eight states currently do not include dating relationships in their definition of domestic violence. As a result, young victims of dating abuse often cannot apply for restraining orders. ~12~
  • New Hampshire is the only state where the law specifically allows a minor of any age to apply for a protection order; more than half of states do not specify the minimum age of a petitioner. ~12~
  • Currently only one juvenile domestic violence court in the country focuses exclusively on teen dating violence. ~13~

Lack of Awareness

  • Only 33% of teens who were in a violent relationship ever told anyone about the abuse. ~14~
  • Eighty one percent of parents believe teen dating violence is not an issue or admit they don’t know if it’s an issue. ~15~
  • A teen’s confusion about the law and their desire for confidentiality are two of the most significant barriers stopping young victims of abuse from seeking help. ~16~



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  4. I am currently looking for information on how to make my way to the Honduras Village. Me and my significant other have been scouring the internet looking for information. I am a west African From Freetown, Sierra Leone. I have also been a strong advocate for one of the Greatest Man beside my father. I have been on an Alkaline diet since November 2016. I feel awesome. I feel like I am closer to God every day. He truly saved my life. Please if you have any information please relay it to me. Thank you very much.

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