Usha Village

Mr G photosImages of Usha Village here are provided by Abelardo Guerrero Jr. also known as, “Mr. G.”  Perhaps you can see his love of photography as he captures several locations and plants life that exist within the Usha Village. With the skills that he has developed over the years, we can experience a type of sensation afforded to us from the very talent of his eye and vision for the capture.

The many places and celebrities that he has shot include Honduras, Brazil, China, Japan, Paris, Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Hawaii, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Turks And Caicos, Trinidad And Tobago, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, Haiti, Italy and countless locations in the United States.

Jamie Fox, Busta Ryhmes, Will and Jada Smith, Joan Rivers, 50 Cent, Gabrielle Union, Jimmy Fallen, Alicia Keys, Vivica Fox, , Westly Snipes, Vanessa Williams, Dashawn Taylor, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, Tommy Davidson, Mr.Vegas, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, TI, Slim from 112, Boris Kodjoe, Joe, America’s Next Top Model Eva, Pit Bull, Tom Brandy….and many more.

His talent has landed him as personal photographer to Wendy Williams.


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  1. Island in the sun like ambience like my home island Trinidad..can`t wait to start internship , utilise the herbs, begin the healing path.

    • My brother And i are from Trini too Was trying To Get an Internship How Did yiou Get It .

    • Maka,
      Did you complete the internship? I have a sixteen year-old daughter who’d like to become a dietician/nutritionist. I’d like her to learn correctly opposed to the western world. My family is from Trinidad as well.


  2. Shonkeesha Gilyard

    Hello! Can you direct me to where I can find info on applying for an internship? Thank you in advance.

  3. Beautiful place need info re dr. Sebi

  4. I would like to do an internship so that I can become more familiar with the herbs and the lifestyle.

  5. I would like to help my mom got diabetes

  6. South Africa Tando

    Good day. Does Usha Village really cure HIV? I really need help.

  7. I’m dying I have no money I live on disability I want to live I’m only 38 years old with a disease that they say I got from my husband who died 3 years ago his mistress died as well I don’t want to pass away so young with this I can’t afford to go to the village my income is only 735 I’m trying to just at
    Least stay alive long enough
    To get my income
    Taxes which I filed yesterday the thrush is horrible I haven’t eaten in 2 days it’s so bad please anything that will help me survive until the money comes I will be receiving 2,402 I will give all of it to heal …tears I’m weak from not eating and all day I been in bed again I don’t want anything free I just have to make it till the money comes maybe a month more then I can purchase all the herbs I’m not afraid I have faith I just want to see my children and they kids again I love in Las Vegas I will do anything and follow advice to the letter I don’t want a handout or sympathy I’ll buy the products and eat healthy to live but how do I make it one month more if my toungue is so white with thrush I can’t even swallow juice …I’m desperate any advice will be a blessing please hurry

  8. Greetings To All My Condolences to Our Father and Healer ubaba Dr Alfredo Aka Sebi, My Name Is Khulekani Kenneth Hlongwane I stay aim South Africa Born and Raised By My Mother Alone With 3 brothers and a Sister she’s Pass now but I am willingly Volunteering to be Anything That would be of Help my aim is to Continue our Fathers Work I believe if you have internship may you Consider me Bless Up.

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