Fasting with Dr Sebi – Audio Bite 8



Transcribed by Zee Malachi

Fasting is something that you would do gradually; over a period of time, you will learn to fast. You will adjust yourself to fast. I’m doing it now. I have used all kinds of methods. One, I remember the first time I fasted I went on it for 94 days non-stop. Didn’t eat anything. You know it was 20 years later that I did that. I didn’t even do that. Twenty years later I fasted for 28 days only. So I learned that in fasting you have to learn to fast. Becuase the stomach has to readjust. If you fast suddenly and your stomach shrinks, the conditioning up here would say, “I gotta fill things thing back up because it is still empty.” But if you fast one day and eat another, fast one day and then eat another, take that for bout 7 days and then next month you say “well I’m-O-fast for two days and eat two days.” And then you go gradually. And then your stomach have a chance to be shrinking on you. Slowly. And once it shrunk, the desire for food becomes minimal.

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  1. Who/where do I contact to apply to become member of advocate of Dr sebi?

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  3. Hello I would like to have the right lifestyle deity and exercise wise. Please give me a direction to herbs to take to live

    • Dr. Sebi states to exercise until we sweat. Stay away from detrimental foods – eat natural earth-made foods and drink teas rich in plant-based iron.

  4. I am so saddened he has passed I have just discovered him on the net. I would love to totally adopt his healing methods because I truly believe what he conveys is the truth. He mentions that fasting clears the arteries but is there anything one can do for hypotrofic cardiomyopathy a condition my son has he is only 39 with one child I hope that there is a cure for him. I have lots medical issues my self but I need to help my so.

  5. I’m taking meds for HBP and I am using an apnea machine. I am planning to fast to allow my body to cleanse itself, however, I am unsure about what to “eat”/consume during my fast. Please direct me to the info that will arm me with fasting nutrition.

    My meds state “take with food”. If I fast and take the meds, will the fast be in vain? Do I consult my Dr. before beginning the fast, who I’m sure will tell me not to fast without eating food?

    • You can eat fruit or veggies with your medication. Fasting is awesome simply because the majority of humanity has clogged their bodies with mess. So eating fruits and vegetables is a fast in regard to putting an end to consuming some of the most detrimental foods on the planet.

  6. Is spirulina, moringa, an blackseed oil a recommended product from you? What’s your thoughts on those 3 products?

  7. I don’t understand about fasting. Are you saying that don’t eat anything in fasting and start eating after moon . Can you just give me an example for first 3 days Please . It would be nice to start .

    Can I use ” Dr. Sebi’s Therapeutic products ” if I can’t afford his medicines ?
    ( medicines in fasting )?

  8. Can you define fast? It seems like there are many different variations of fasting. I personally have done a water fast for 17 days – no food and no compounds. The fast got rid of the cyst on my ovary. I am interested in doing another water fast, but this time I would like to take Dr. Sebi’s compounds during my water fast. Will the herbs be affective during my water fast?

    • Yes the herbs will be effective during your water fast. I have done a 15 day water fast and a 21 day fast on Dr. Sebi’s compounds and an associate in TN and I (i’m in NC) are water fasting for the next 5 days starting today. Fasting is when you are not chewing food for several hours. You can drink teas or consume smoothies.

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