-Dr. Sebi Cured By Fasting-

Sick and angry to the point of wanting to kill his wife, Dr. Sebi suffered from obesity, impotence, diabetes, asthma and suicidal tendencies. His frustration with impotency caused him to express his illnesses with his associates in hopes that someone could help. He sought remedies from African herbalists to the Chinese, alternative and holistic solutions; oh he tried everything. Eventually a friend of his by the name “Ronald Evans” called him on the phone and told him that he knew a Mexican that could help him. After Dr. Sebi and some of his street partners divided a large sum of money, he bought a car and was soon on his way to Cuernavaca, Mexico to see a 94-year old man by the name of “Alfredo Cortez” who had two wives.

He was cured. And since his experience, he committed himself to learning how to articulate what happen to himself by reading books. He never had the intention of digesting and learning from what he read in order to present himself as a knowledgeable person, but merely to be able to convey to people how they can be healed without the use of modern-day, medical industry chemical medicine. He begins his journey teaching how lactic, carbonic and uric acid are responsible for the amount of deterioration that occurs in the body. These three acids cause what they call uncontrolled mitosis. Starch is carbonic acid.

 Dr Sebi has stated that fasting will heal every part of you that you need to be healed. Fasting cleanses the arteries and eyes; it enhances the nerves, the cognitive state and continence or temperament. Dr. Sebi talks about how it lowers high blood pressure and he often speaks about a 21-day fast.


During his very own healing process in Mexico when he fasted, he reports being calm the first 7 days and then becoming dizzy every day after the 7th day on to the 15th day. He noted how he was so dizzy that he had to crawl to the bathroom on all fours for a whole week on his knees and hands; explaining how he couldn’t stand up because everything seemed to be moving. On the 16th day he experiences a peace that he is unable to remember ever experiencing before. He noticed that he was no longer wheezing on the 27th day.
– Diabetes ~ Gone
– Two-year impotency ~ Gone
– Asthma ~ Gone



Dr Sebi reports how Lisa Lopes came to him with severe eye twitching, smoking addiction and herpes (of which she did not inform him of until she was cured). Dr. Sebi recommended that she fast for 40 days and 40 nights. She drunk a mixture of juiced kale and bromide tea on her fast. Once Lisa was cured of all her illnesses she began promoting Dr. Sebi by holding lectures and organizing trips to Usha Village in Honduras for family and friends.


Dr. Sebi addresses how all the fat that we have been eating over the years begins to clog the penis and prostate gland. Being impotent at age 30, he says he had an erection on his 29th day of fasting. Fasting gives the body the opportunity to drain itself of the buildup of calcification, cholesterol, triglycerides and the rest.
The orifice of the penis is spongy; it needs blood to flow but the orifices are clogged. Fasting will help it to drain out.

Dr. Sebi reports how his asthma cleared up due to fasting.

Dr. Sebi reports how he put his mother on a 52 day fast; consuming only water and his compounds. Afterward, her arthritis was gone and she was able to lift her arms above her head.

You fast to allow oxygen to reach the arteries, organs and blood.

For more on FASTING WITH DR. SEBI check out our audio bites.

If you would like additional information about fasting, be sure to look into a person Dr. Sebi spoke about named Arnold Ehret.

I have also selected a wonderful video covering the topic of INTERMITTENT FASTING.
THE 7 SIMPLE RULES of starting IF for fat loss:

  1. It takes time to adapt to the fasting/feeding schedule.
  2. Start with a longer feeding window. Gradually work up to a longer fasting period.
  3. No food (calories) during the fast.
  4. Don’t push your workouts to extremes, especially in the beginning. Go intense after eating, or skip “IF” on the day you want to do an extreme workout.
  5. Don’t gorge when feeding. Do not overeat. Eat slowly to aid digestion. Spread meals out throughout the feeding window.
  6. Avoid junk food and poor eating habits. “IF” will not negate the effects of these “foods.” Get your nutrition from whole, nutritious, nutrient dense, high-quality foods.
  7. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.
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  1. What do you recommend for me I suffer from diabietes type 2 Asthma and colitis that all came on me in my late 30,s thank you. Regards Hameed .

    • Simply observe the African Bio-mineral Balance. Eat according to the nutritional guide, feed your body in a complimentary fashion by giving it the minerals that it is made of and needs and contact the LA office for chelation.

    • I am doing a fast for genital herpes and I have been taking my herbs and drinking a lot of water. I am on day 2 and have been so sick and weak. I have been so light headed and have threw up multiple times today already. I ate pineapples and melon, but it didn’t do any good. I usually am a meat eater and I know doing the fast is going to be hard, but is there any suggestions that you could give me. I don’t want to end up passing out at work.

  2. Michelle Delvalle

    im having trouble uinderstanding what dr sebi is saying for the fast. is he saying grren blur plus??? for the fasting juice or what is it exactly and where is it purchased?

      • What is chelation?

        • The Chelation is a combination of herbs to make a compound that will help clean the body of toxins of many sorts. It can be acquired by purchasing the small cleansing package.

          Dr. sebi began to formulate the combination of herbs based on what he learned from steam engineering; thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is heat exchange.
          1. Latent heat of evaporation,
          2. latent heat of condensation and
          3. latent heat of fusion.

          All three occurs in the human body. In steam engineering, to prevent the system from clogging; you give it a chelation. But the chelation treatment that they give is one that is made of inorganic and carcinogenic chemicals. They call that sodium phosphate monobasic. What Dr. Sebi did was put together sodium phosphate dibasic, not mono basic. Monobasic means that the substance only have one instruction. Dr. Sebi reports that God did not make anything with one instruction. Anything that have life has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. So when someone makes a substance that is monobasic, meaning “ONE” it’s a poison.

  3. First of all I would like to say thank you so much for this website. It is very informative. Also Rest In Power Dr Sebi we are all indebted to you.

    My query is in regards to my Sister, she has been diagnosed with Costochondritis in 2011, which is causing inflammation in her chest which can push against her heart. This is leading to severe discomfort. Doctors are giving her steroids for this.

    She has also been diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in 2013, this began in her right hand which made it difficult to write and complete other everyday activities. It has spread down the right side of her and now is starting to spread down her left side also.

    The doctors have said both conditions are incurable, but having watched a number of Dr Sebi’s lectures and reading through your website, I am beginning to believe there may be hope. I wanted to know if there is any hope in the conditions being reversed and what she needs to do to make it happen. She has just finally comes to terms and accepted the condition is permanent so I thought it would be best to be certain there is hope to avoid bringing her hopes up unnecessarily.

    • We are always happy to highlight the messages that Dr. Sebi has consistently presented, which is to refrain from eating the detrimental foods that bring on acid conditions that are responsible for the loss of iron in our system which then leads to several type of diseases. We replace the lost iron, cleans the mucus out from damaged cells and then revitalize the cell responsible for health organs and excellent internal functions.
      1. Follow the Nutritional Guide.
      2. Drink a daily cup of Bromide Plus Powder tea in order to provide the body with most of the minerals that it needs.
      3. Get Iron plus or purchase plant-based iron teas from your local market or order online.
      4. Contact the LA office to get your chelation in order to remove mucus and extra toxins.

      • Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply.
        Does this mean that it is possible to reverse, I understand case by case things can be different but I just need to show my sister it is possible so I can convince my sister to follow the path Dr Sebi has laid out for us as she has lost hope.
        I have contacted the office and am awaiting their reply and I understand you’re not a doctor but I appreciate your knowledge.

  4. I Have 3 Blisters That Are Open On My Penis… I Want To Go ABout It Like Its Herpes… Please What Do I Do To Cleanses and Alkaline My Body Of This Virus I Think It Is? Please.

  5. What kind of Apples can I eat? can you please help.

  6. My husband was diagnoised with stage 3 rectal cancer. Traditional medical plan i s chemo, followed by chemo rafiation, surgery, and more chemo.

    Is there anything in Dr. Sebi’s protocals that can help cure my husband?

    • Rectal cancer and cancer anywhere else in the body:
      These require an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. An intra-cellular chelation; meaning we are going to clean the cells. The cells that make up the organs that make up the system. So not only the organ, but we are going to clean up the cell that makes up the organ. Why? Because when cancer is present it’s showing that there is a high level of acid condition; a very extremely high level of mitosis – the cell is eating up the chest or the bone, or the colon etc. It is only cause the presence of acid. So the body must be nourishes simultaneously. Disease requires nourishment back to health. So we give them the Bio-mineral Balance. It is the Intra-cellular chelation coupled with the Bio-mineral balance.

      1. Chelation
      2. Iron plus
      3. Bromide powder Plus.

      stop eating meat and starch. Leave cow milk alone and no sweet tea. No yeast products. (someone needs to make bread without the yeast – use approved grains such as spelt, teff, quinoa, amaranth, etc)

  7. I’m diabetic and used insulin needle every questions are: what’s Dr Sebi’s compounds I have to used to reverse diabete. while getting compounds,Am I going to stop insulin needle

    • 1. The Endocrine
      2. The bromide powder plus
      3. The Bio Ferro
      4. The green food plus
      5. The chelation

      stop eating meat and starch. Leave cow milk alone and no sweet tea. No yeast products. (someone needs to make bread without the yeast – use approved grains such as spelt, teff, quinoa, amaranth, etc)

  8. I want to get an understanding, where to start. I do understand fasting is important and beneficial. I have a few health problems and I take medication. I am looking to cure gastroparesis, uterine fibroid, high blood pressure and Herpes. I have to work 40 hour week days. Can you tell me where to start and what products.

  9. How long are you suppsoed to fast for each time you fast? Can you still eat the foods without fasting and still be cured? Is it the same ritual for curing all diseases?

    • You can fast until you are completely healed or you can fast off and on until you are completely healed.

      • Dudley Peter Placide

        When taking the bromide plus during fasting could you add hemp milk, fruit and or agave. Or must you drink it plain during the fast and at all other times dress it up with other electric foods.

        • It all depends on why you are fasting. Hemp milk is good to use in nearly whatever health state you are in, especially if you’re making the hemp milk yourself. When it comes to healing I prefer bitters over sweets. If you are sick, overweight, want to heal quickly, and you’re not exercising, then I would not use agave and would eat as less fruit as possible. I enjoy my bromide plain all the time.

  10. Hello I appreciate what you are doing and I would like to know what do u recommend me to do for Chronic Hives, I do plan on fasting for a long period but what herbs should I consume?

    • We continue in our effort to revitalize the body after all we have done to it over the years. Follow the nutritional guide and stop eating mucus causing foods. Make sure that you are hydrated and provide your body the minerals that it needs. When we fast it is a time when the body is not compelled to have a bowel movement, so we use chelation. Get the small cleansing package. Thank you for your consideration and I am glad that you appreciate this website.

  11. We continue in our effort to revitalize the body after all we have done to it over the years. Follow the nutritional guide and stop eating mucus causing foods. Make sure that you are hydrated and provide your body the minerals that it needs. When we fast it is a time when the body is not compelled to have a bowel movement, so we use chelation. Get the small cleansing package. Thank you for your consideration and I am glad that you appreciate this website.

  12. Hello
    Thank You for this site it is a major help. I started this journey 6 months ago with my two girls, one 18 the other is nine. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my now nine year old was diagnosed with some sort of tummoric growth in the knee area which they were never really clear about any of what they were saying. I just know that the body is not made to cut/open up I couldn’t afford the compounds so I purchased some of the herbs that you have been recommending to other people. Today, I am asking your recommendation on those past issues and also to include whats going on with me this week. Everyone in my daughters classroom has what they call the am I still able to get this if I am not eating meat,starch and sugar..Lastly, what can we take for fever, headache, chills and body aches. We have been sipping on elderberry herbs with a tablespoon of ginger straight every few hours. This is a miserable feeling.. I would greatly appreciate your recommendation for all past and present symptoms. Thank you for being a blessing and please stay encouraged to keep blessing others.

  13. Much love
    Since birth I’ve had allergies environmental and food related, eczema, poor sight (glasses since 3rd grade) and general weakness/injury prone/no very strong so i was convinced I had Ehlers-Danlos. …still convinced. However now that I’m older things have really turned ugly. 3 yrs ago i started having more pain than usual, im used to physical pain from multiple sprains all over from spraining my neck 3x to each angle spraining just walking down stairs, and painful menstrual cycles pain was just normal, i always easily injure doing day to day task. Since 2013 I’ve been all over to specialist who have said
    Ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, anemia, bipolar 2, anxiety, depression. Im allergic to raw fruits and vegetables, wheat, dairy (obviously), soy, nuts, seafood shellfish, latex protein, green beans, hardshell squash, chocolate, lemon, ginger, kale….alot going on.

    Recently my rheumatologist told me probably Lupus bc my mom was diagnosed in 2012 she’s doing better but taking steroids… rather not! My littlebrother is noticing alot of joint pain too, would like to see what to do to heal myself and help my family heal.
    Thank You! !

  14. Thank you for everything you’re doing, this site is truly a blessing. My question is, can you heal the body of all diseases with just the nutritional guide alone without taking the herbs ? Thanks for all your help 🙂

  15. So take plus iron and the bio for curing herpes and HIV ppl? While fasting first 49 days and 40 nights? I also have asthma.

  16. Greetings,

    Let first acknowledge how much I appreciate this site. When one is trying to cure themselves of herpes why should chickpeas, avocado and quinoa be avoided? Is it bc they have starch? And it’s it all the grains or just limited to quinoa? I’ve fasted for 30 days on one of the higher end pkages and although no more breakouts I still test positive. The antibody count went up actually. I’m just at a moment of confusion right now. Not sure where to go and what to do. I’m already slim women and I lost a lot of weight. More than I had to give but I’m not giving up just trying intermittent fasting instead. I appreciate you and thanks in advance for your response.

    • Quinoa is hard on the digestive system as most grains are and slightly on the starchy side, chickpeas and avocado are starchy. Once the body has remained or maintained long enough – in a state where disease can need feed and grow, the source of it will consistently be flushed out. Hang in there.

      • I am so late but thank you for that info! I also read to the you will always have the antibodies and well need to get a pcr/ dna test vs the IGG/antibody test. Is this correct also? Logically it makes sense bc if you have been exposed you will always have antibodies, that’s how vaccines work. Same if you are exposed to chickenpox but doesn’t mean you have chicken pox you just the antibodies from the exposure. Appreciate the response in advance.

    • Hi . I am also trying to rid of herpes . I read somewhere you need to take the herpe DNA test because we will always have the antibodies once we’ve been infected .

  17. What is recommended for uterine fibroids?

    • 1. Stop eating detrimental foods.
      2. Follow the nutritional guide.
      3. Stay hydrated – two liters of water a day (a gallon a day when consuming Dr. Sebi compounds).
      4. Get some plant-based iron in your system. (Iron plus or Bio Ferro)
      5. Consider the Estro as well as the Uterine Wash & Oil
      6. To return mineral balance to the body that will also help remove acid conditions responsible for keeping the body from being able to naturally break down unnecessary calcification, you will want to make a tea to consume daily from the Bromide plus powder.

      Whether it is tumors, cancer or uterine fibroids, they require an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. An intra-cellular chelation; meaning we are going to clean the cells. The cells that make up the organs that make up the system. So not only the organ, but we are going to clean up the cell that makes up the organ. Why? Because when cancer is present it’s showing that there is a high level of acid condition; a very extremely high level of mitosis – the cell is eating up the chest or the uterus, or the bones or the stomach or intestines or even the brain. It is only cause the presence of acid. So the body must be nourishes simultaneously. Disease requires nourishment back to health. So we give them the Bio-mineral Balance. It is the Intra-cellular chelation coupled with the Bio-mineral balance. The chelation comes with the small cleansing package.

      The reason black females are facing such high incidents with fibroids is because of their diet. They have been taken away from the diet that nature has designed for us. And we have become victims, conditioned to that diet. Now we have to turn this thing around, we have to bring back everything that we know is consistent to our cellular predisposition.
      Mucous membrane has been compromised (broken down) in the reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the body there. Doctors try to cut it out, but there is no knife that can separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus; the doctor is going to cut into you now. If the doctor doesn’t cut all the way into you, he’s going to have to leave some in there.
      You need something that is consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines; which is potassium phosphate. When it comes to Dr. Sebi, you are given something to drink that enters the blood stream and where doesn’t the blood go? The blood goes everywhere; into the walls and pushes things away. This is how you naturally get rid of Fibroid tumors.



  18. TaSchanda Johnson

    Do you have an Honduras internship program?

  19. I have an eye condition called keratoconus which causes the cornea to thin and lose it’s shape resulting in vision lose. What should I do to correct the problem?

  20. Can you advise me , is there a way to cure kidney disease? I’m not rich not even close but only 41 with 2 kids and grandkids

    • Treating kidney failure is tricky and tedious Even Dr Sebi has not been successful in all cases. Conditioning comes into the picture. A strict diet must be observed and ordering the therapeutic package is necessary. Some people who were treated recovered overnight and was off the dialysis and there were others who just could not stop eating that Canadian bacon.

      Be sure to get some Chickweed to make tea, also drink the Bromide Plus Powder tea.

  21. What’s up. Well right now I’m in the middle of fasting and would like to know what to take for congestive heart failure.

      Has two active ingredients when most plants have only one. 1) Iron fluorine 2) Potassium phosphate. Good for congestive heart failure and cancer of the breast.

  22. Rachelle Plummer

    Hi there. I’m an athlete and cannot fast for a prolonged amount of time. What kind of intermittent fasting would you recommend that would be just as effective for the healing process? Also, is it possible to take the herbs while eating from Dr. Sebi’s list? Thanks in advance.

    • I recommend the not eating for 12 hours straight. You may choose your own hours.
      6am to 6pm
      12pm to 12am
      3am to 3pm

      Outside of the 12 hour time frame you gave give yourself three moments for eating; two different moments lasting an hour each for snacking and a third moment (2 hours) for heavy meals. Yes you can take the herbs while eating from Dr. Sebi’s food list.

      • Dudley Peter Placide

        Excellent information on the 12hr window for fasting, and the reduction or elimation of even some somewhat starchy grains and fruit, therefore you may have answered my question on should we or should we not add hemp milk and agave to the bromide plus during fasting.

  23. Hi I was reading your info on curing herpes. It says very little fruit , no starch . Does that include the fruits and starches on the approved food list ? I was eating raw this month but have added fruits to my smoothies and eat soaked spelt flakes in hemp
    Milk . Am I doing more harm than good if I’m eating raw including smoothies & spelt
    Flakes? Is it better to just eat a bunch of cooked leafy greens & mushrooms? I’ve been on Sebi herbs and drinking recommended teas


    • Yes this includes the fruits on the approved food list. Eating a little fruit here and there will not cause too much harm, but a consistent diet should help speed things up. Eating raw, consuming smoothies and spelt flakes are good. The longer you are able to stay away from the most detrimental foods out there the better your body has a chance of cleansing itself completely. Leafy greens freshly picked and mushrooms are TOP choices in powerful foods to consume. Keep up the good work.

  24. Hi,
    Firstly, I want to say thank you for your great work !
    I am 23 years old and I think I have some erectile problems. 2 month ago I went to the doctor he told there is no physical problem in your body. He told maybe it is because of mental factors.
    After that I did 7 or 8 times sex with different girls during 2 month for checking if it is only mental.But I think it is not mental, I am sure that I don’t get the same erections which I had when I was 16 or 18 years old(It was better). Also I don’t have same libido it is less now.
    What can I do ? Can you help me about this ?

    • I had the same experience when I was 23 and I learned that I simply was not being sexually stimulated enough. For those who might be a little more intellectual, attraction is not enough, you might have to be entertained or teased so that your mind can successfully make a switch into a strong physical sexuality. Relaxation is a must and if there is still a problem just be sure to check out or handy film collection before the deed. If all else fails, fast for 3 days while taking the chelation which can be found in the small cleansing package.

  25. Dudley Peter Placide

    When fasting can you add hemp milk and agave to your bromide tea. Also are coconut sugar and or nectar and coconut liquid amino allowed.

    • Hemp milk is okay to use. I would avoid agave if you are sick, overweight and not doing any exercises. It is okay to use but when healing I don’t mind sharing with you that I prefer bitters over sweets. Coconut sweeteners and liquids are good to use if it is from the natural soft jelly coconut (not the hybrid coconut) that did not go through a heating process.

  26. Dudley Peter Placide

    You are certainly a blessing! Thank you!

  27. Hey,I was just wondering is eating once a day beneficial to some one that is severely sick, let’s say cancer? Like in the morning can the person have the bromide with hemp Milk and date syrup mixed with graviola powder( all home made, the milk n syrup) and in the evening eat solid food off the approved list? Is that a good tactic?

    • That’s not bad at all. Excellent work there!!!!!

      The less a person eats in order to heal, the better they become. Sometimes the body will need a little assistance if we are emotionally or psychologically challenged during the process. This can be addressed by eating natural green leafy plants and oyster mushrooms (small portions) in order welcome energy and immune system boost.

      What you have suggested is wonderful. I’m rooting for you in regards to your efforts and speedy recovery for those you have concern for. It is a good tactic!!!!

      • O man thanks so much for the reply back beloved. I appreciate all the work you and others are putting in to continue our father Sebis legacy. I just had one more question, what do you recommend for severe sinusitis that causes dryness in the nasal passages, balance issues and nasal polyps? Thanks in advance

  28. hi my father was diagnosed with acute leukemia on April 10th he received his first round of chemotherapy on Sunday April 23(3+5)the doctors said that his genetics have been mutated and that the cancer will be more aggressive me and my sister have been trying to convince him to become a vegan..but i would like some advice from you on how you think he can battle this without the traditional chemo we want to start going all natural as me and my sister believe thats the safest most effective way. his immune system is really weak at the moment his white blood cell count is at .01….i would like to get your advice and also if the path you recommend will be affected by the chemo or interfere with his chemo because i dont want to make the situation worse…thank you in advance and hope to get your reply soon

  29. Hi
    Can you have rice ( brown ) milk for smoothies, if you want to cure Herpes?
    Do you really need the supplements or can you just change your diet with some fasting?


    • I do not recommend brown rice milk for smoothies or anything else. Dr. Sebi never recommended brown rice. Changing your diet and fasting will boost both your oxygen intake and immune system; especially if you exercise. Any effort towards removing conditions for herpes to thrive will get rid of it sooner or later.

  30. Hi,thank you for this site, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer that had not spread to beyond the breast or lymph nodes, I have already finished about a little over 4 months of chemotherapy and is learning about cures from your site, so since I’ve
    already had chemo therapy, how beneficial are the products for me, which ones should I use? I am in the process of researching alternative treatments to radiation such as hyper baric oxygen therapy. Thanks

  31. I have been having outbreaks on my genitals. I have been diagnosed with HSV herpes simplex virus. I feel like I have no life and being very depressed of recurring outbreaks, Is there something I can take or do to retrieve my life back to normal and erase this virus from my body? PLEASE HELP!

  32. When your fasting 40 days with iron plus bromide abs bio ferro how much bromide should be taken weekly if you have herpes

  33. Peace, harmony and great health to all. Rest in power our beloved Dr Sebi.

    I ordered the green food plus a few days ago and i will be starting a 40 day fast when it arrives to cleanse my mind, soul and body as well as shed a few lbs.

    I would like to know, what i should incorporate into this fast to help aid or cure my eczema/atopic dermatitis/severe dry skin.

    I was born with this condition and im so tired of purchasing these ointments from the pharmacy

  34. When you say fast does that mean do not drink or eat at all? Or does it mean you can eat the foods on the nutrition list? I have herpes and I want to cure it also I have pancreatic divisum which causes pain and bloating in my stomach after I eat! So does he mean full out fast like no eating or drinking or fast meaning you can eat what’s on the nutrition list only? Should I fast before I do the “herpes” diet

    • You can adjust fasting according to your comfort level as long as you realize that the goal is to refrain from eating anything as long as possible. If you feel that you need to eat, then eat – very little and make sure it is on the nutritional guide.

  35. Hi! I currently started taking the small cleansing package and estro (estro together with healing helped cure my endometriosis). I fast from bedtime to lunchtime and then I eat vegetables. Theres a lot of mucus coming out and im thirsty and need to drink a lot of water all the time. I guess my body really needed the cleansing. What my question is though. I have a inguinal hernia since birth that has gotten worse (doctors thought it would heal itself). Do you know if the tissue will start to heal itself once my body is functioning optimal again? Im just curious as to how the body works. It seems logical if it did.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • I am curious to know the same thing. I know mucus can cause a hernia to bring the pain in the abdominal section which I experience when fasting and exercising or sitting a certain way for 30 minutes or so. I need to lose weigh in order to really determine if the issue has been naturally addressed.

  36. Blessings. I am about to start my fast for HSV. Do I fast with green juice first, and take the supplements and teas after? Or, do I combine the activities during my fast? Also, I want to really atttack this virus, but I can’t afford the largest package. How will using a smaller package affect my healing process? Please help, thank you.

    • Healing is an ongoing process. Consistency is the key no matter what herb, compound or package that you have. You have to refrain from eating detrimental foods on a consistent basis. You have to consume herbal teas or compounds on a consistent basis. You have to fast consistently but according to a manner that is fitting for you.

  37. hi, i don’t no where to start but i’m stressed, i am depressed, i have genital herpes that the love of my life gave me and i just cry because i feel like it’s the end. i spent hundreds of dollars on a piece of crap book that told me it would rid me of herpes. after the 21 day book i had another outbreak and i felt hopeless. an ex of mine told me about Dr. Sebi and all that he has done. thank you Dr. Sebi , may your soul rest peacefully. how do i heal my self of herpes? does the tea go with the fast first and how do i use the other herbs?


      You can fast on liquids, this includes herbal tea and the bromide plus. Simply drink a few cups of tea a day along getting your water in for the day. Dr. Sebi’s compounds come with directions on how to consume them.

  38. What are the treatments for hiv

  39. I am very new to Dr. Sebi and his teachings. I am currently​ a vegetarian shifting into mostly vegan lifestyle. A few days ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 testicular cancer. After reading all of this I realise I have been eating alot of acidic foods (peanut butter, yeast etc). I believe that following Dr. Sebis food chart and some of his products (and possibly going to Honduras for his retreat) is my next step. What do you recommend?

    • You’re on the right path. Study the website. Eat better, fast, exercise, use the herbal compounds or go to usha village if possible.

  40. Hi, I suffer from very bad hyperpigmentation (very dark spots) around my mouth. I’ve went to receive laser treatment for it and I use cream on it but nothing is working. I ordered the “Eva salve” from Dr. Sebi and it didn’t work. What do you recommend? Would following the nutrition guide help it?

    • Hyperpigmentation seems like a tough one. Resume as if you were trying to cure herpes. The key is to be consistent enough in an alkaline life style that your health and skin reflect good health – good complexion, eyes, hair and strength.

  41. Hello, I was just wondering where I should begin with fasting. I’ve never fasted before so I’m afraid my body won’t be able to handle a thorough fast. Can you give me a few beginner’s tips?

    • Simply refrain from eating as long as you can. After deciding to eat, on the next day just see if you can fast again and a bit longer. Keep increasing your fasting hours until you can fast for days, etc.

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