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  1. I support The Brother Jeyone 100%

  2. I would like to visit your health retreat in Honduras. Please could you provide details of price, availability.

    Many thanks

  3. Now that I know of the USHA Village I would like to know details ……..

  4. God Bless Dr. Sebi, I love him and sorry he is gone.

  5. where could i get some sea moss from that is of quality?

  6. Please email me for products of dr sebi

  7. NOTHING BUT PRAISES FOR DR. SEBI. OUR GIFT FROM THE THE CREATOR.My heart is truly broken over his passing. I was on his liquid herbal tonics from his USHA PLACE in Bklyn and it suddenly disappeared and until recently, I had no idea he was the man behind it. Since his death, I am making plans to become an herbalist, I am studying all his lectures, videos and anything I can get hands on about his teachings. PLEASE send me info on how to be on the advocates list and a contact person that can help me reverse my son’s autism, He is high functioning, but lacks in areas that would otherwise allow him to lead a normal life. I refuse to let him die in a group home where he presently resides. I did not want to put him there. The home is very nive but the food is all GMO and are killing him with the medications. I cannot afford the expensive tonics Dr. Sebi has, I am making plans to change that but for now I need some help so I can help others who desparately need to get their lives and kids back. Please help with the requested info so I can at least get the process started. Need contact person to help me and info on Advocates list and where to donate the money. Dr. Sebi’s place in honduras closed as I heard, does anyone know what is being done to rectify that place and who will be making the herbal tonics or formulations to keep all of us who want to continue taking the herbs. Where does the future of Dr. Sebi’s legacy stand. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  8. Hi

    Can i come to the clinic to learn how to fast and cleanse my body of toxins ?

  9. how much it cost to stay there for my herpes treatment?
    how many days do i have to stay there

  10. Much love!!! I was wondering was there payment plans that someone could consult also, with me. Also, I always had the dream to meet Mr.Sebi in this physical realm. If only I wish! He has done incredible things even before my life existed. Can someone please contact me! Thank You.

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