How Long To Cleans and Detox – Audio Bite 11

How Long Should A Person Cleans and Detox?

Transcription of Audio Bite by Zee Malachi

It depends. It depends on the state of toxicity. It depends how much weight. It depends how much fluid. It depends on the state of your body. You come back and tell me ya know, when you begin to take this stuff you come back and say, “aye man, I feel good! I feel very good.” Or you can come back and say, “Ya know, I feel okay.” But then I know, I have some work to do. You know? It’s simple. You know more than me. So you know.

The question is asked often in various forms relating diseases. How long does it take to cure AIDS, Herpes, Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, Diabetes, etc.???

When Dr. Sebi conceived the African Bio Mineral Balance, his conviction of the ability to cure diseases due to an experience of his own in Mexico was ever more fresh on his mind. The Mexican himself incited that Dr Sebi refer to his African descent instead of claiming that he was from Honduras. Just as Dr Sebi recalls that none of the Doctors who tried to help him get rid of asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity were successful except for the Mexican, a concern for the African genetic structure is born.

As sick as Dr Sebi was, eating would have only agitated his body even more; and so he was instructed to fast. He was allowed to receive the minerals that were of necessity to his body by drinking herbal teas. After living a long enough life where an acid condition constantly stripped Dr Sebi of vital minerals, not only were they replaced but also balanced according to his own cellular status. For 90 days Dr Sebi fasted. Many other have fasted longer than this after learning about Dr Sebi.

I  hope this information inspires you to pay attention to yourself while cleansing, detoxing or fasting in order to help you determine what steps to take next. Should you fast a little longer? Should you begin to taper off of the medications? Should you exercise? How often should you go get checked? These are things that you would know more than anyone else.

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