It’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s Birth Anniversary 2016

May 27th is Lisa “Left Eye’s” Birth Anniversary and I was in Atlanta on the 26th of May for the Lisa Lopes Foundation -Relaunch.  Lisa’s sister “ReignDrop” Lopes is an exquisite ball of energy and their brother Ron is just as down-to-earth as they come.

The Lisa Lopes Foundation will be raising founds to help get back to doing things that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes did when she visited the Usha Village in Honduras. We will be going in groups and will have things to do from sun up to sun down.

For those who do not know, Lisa Lopes lit dynamite in Philly with the Dr Sebi EXPLOSION capturing the attention of other celebrities such as Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson. The moors received this promotional blast and began supporting Dr Sebi from the North down to the South of the East Coast as Dr Sebi was booked to speak. Happy Birth Anniversary Lisa Left Eye, RIP.



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  1. Love u Sebiyour Truth lives on Swear

  2. Hi Zee Malachi,

    Why did dr. Sebi recommend spelt? it containst gluten and he said gluten are bad. could you clear this up?

    • So Dr Sebi says:
      Gluten is starch. Starch is carbonic acid. Gluten clogs the system, it rots in the system and wears the system down. It will rob you of your iron and deliver sulfides in your body. The sulfides will cause cancer.

      He even says he has to get away from eating spelt bread; that he may be eating too much of it.

      He never addresses it as something too detrimental of the grains listed in the nutritional guide.

      It’s just like he says about Agave
      It may have a very bad reputation by many. Just like moringa has a very high reputation by many, but it is a hybrid. Agave is not a hybrid. Agave is a cactus that comes from the desert and they process the resin. It’s glucose free, not like sugar which has glycerinic acid. So agave coming from a natural source can not have glycerinic acid; that only come from cane.

      It’s the same way with chic peas. He tells me on recorded line that it has a little bit of starch. And it’s on the nutritional guide.

  3. Squamous carcinoma (head neck cancer) mayo clinic says the lymph node swollen in my neck has cancer cells that are coming from my tonsils. I never got them removed as a kid and they are now cancerous. Please help. I don’t know what to do. I’m very scared I’m only 30 single mom my hud died of heart failure I have to live for my child. I stopped eating from depression of this fear of cancer in my body

    • Dr. Sebi suffered from being overweight and multiple obstructions in the category of several diseases according to the medical industry. He later learned that he only had one disease; mucus. He was healed in Mexico by being made to refrain from eating for 3 months while only being allowed to consume herbal teas. You are giving your body time to do what it was designed to do when you stop eating; so do not worry. Order the Viento and Bromide plus powder so that you can make some tea or get the small cleansing package.

  4. Hi Zee. I was diagnosed with HSV 2. Which therapeutic package will work best? I am desperate for a cure

    • Study this website and call the LA Office.

      • Thank you! I have literally dissected this website I am so thankful for people like you!!! I do see that you recommend Bio Ferro, Iron Plus, and Bromide Powder…. Do I just need to order these 3 products or do I need to order one of the therapeutic packages?

  5. Wanted to ask when you speak about fasting. Is it okay to drink water and tea? How many hours a day should the fast be?

  6. Hello,
    I suffer from facial acne. Could you please help me find a cure? I tried everything and now I feel like it’s causing me to become depress.

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