Water is necessary to flush the cells. Water that comes up out of the ground 90 degrees or above is naturally purified water. Distilled water has been on the rise in the last 20 years. Everybody seem to think that distilled water is better than just plain ole spring water. Distilled has a Ph of 7 which means it’s neutral  but distilled water is not good to drink because it will rob you of your minerals. Spring water has the minerals. Spring water or thermal water  – this is why thermal water was so high; cost so much, because it is filtered and purified by nature. So the best water is spring water. Any good spring water is good. The cleanest water in the world comes from Uruguay and Argentina South America.  Other water that is the best water is Snow Water, Fiji Water, Perrier, Thermal water and Glacier Mountain water.

The Nile is polluted. The Nile been polluted for years. All the cites have been dumping their waste into Lake Victoria. The Egyptians have to purify the Nile. Purified water has a chemical in it. Nature didn’t make any water with chemicals. Using chemicals to purify water is no good. Carbon based filters is preferable, even if the water is tested at 7.6 pH then the water is still on the alkaline side and desirable.

Alkalinity is always good; providing that it is alkalinity that is produced by nature. The point that you should stop consuming alkaline water is at 9.6 pH.  Never go into ten (10.0pH) A battery is alkaline which means that it is electrical but the alkalinity is at 14; it will burn you. Whenever you find an alkalinity at the range of 14, nature didn’t make it. Natural only makes alkalinity between the range of 9 and 9.6 pH. Alkaline water is natural spring water.

Carbon filters will aid in the removal of fluoride and leave the water at 7.6 pH.  But it is better to consume natural spring water as long as we can find a clean spring.

Perrier water is noted for being naturally carbonated but all natural water will be noted for having minerals.



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Dr. Sebi recommends drinking a gallon of water a day while consuming the herbal compounds. Cellular life depends on hydration and a good supply of oxygen that it can get from water. Beware of dehydration, it happens much faster than you think.

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    • At the moment only advocates have access to the free items. In the future this will change, but in order for it to change we need more advocates. You can pay whatever you want to become an advocate.

    • You need to watch videos on how to make your own products. It’s easier and more cost effective.

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