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Jöns Jacob Berzelius is credited with coming up with the word PROTEIN. It is obvious that he simply wanted to have influence over Mulder, enjoyed it and told him what to think. “Yeah, lets call these that we know have carbon based organic compounds, “PROTEINS”; because it’s important for things to have names.” Yet, Berzelius later claimed to have proposed the name because the material seemed to be the primitive substance of animal nutrition that plants prepare for herbivores. You can see information on these two briefly when you look into the etymology of the word PROTEIN from the .com platform of “etymonline,” But you can find more here:
The Origin of the Word PROTEIN

Based on my research, I have to assume that Dr Sebi found what I found. Which is that IT IS AN UNNECESSARY TERM. Camaraderie among established platforms for European science merely praised the term “protein” in an act of loyalty to traditions benefiting their own collective starting with the exchange via discussion of protein between the Dutch chemist ‘Gerhard Johan Mulder‘ (1802-1880) and J. J. Berzelius (1779 – 1848), to the point of establishing protein chemists.


So what has Dr. Sebi always been telling us?





Bio-minerals = compounds

Compounds = electric cell food

Electric cell food = Complimentary food

Complimentary food = easily assimilated food

Easily assimilated food = Chemical Affinity

Why and when is food easily assimilated?
When what we eat is made up of the things that our bodies are already made up of.
Dr Sebi shares with us that this is called Chemical Affinity.

How can anyone know what protein is?

It’s a name that scientists gave to compounds that already had a name.

Now sugars are acids and acids are sugars and people act like they don’t see the contradiction, refuse to wake up and keep talking about amino acids and macronutrients.

Here is a transcription from a video that has been removed from youtube where Dr Sebi tells of his experience in court with Dr Steinburg.

01:13 – 02:10 …………… We going to come here and we are going to show you something that our father and mothers didn’t have to know but you better to know it now.

02:10 – 03:10 cause the professors they use it against you and it happen to me in Washington by a lady by the name of Dr. Steinburg and Dr. Glover. This lady was use to imposing herself on black people, cause we limited….you know we….slave son. Cause you know….Well this particular day something…..occurred in DC, which a child got sickle cell anemia. The child was sickle cell anemic two years she was only two years old she was born with sickle cell Keyla Stroud.

03:10 – 04:20 the father snatched the baby out of the hospital and hid the little girl in Silver Spring, I began to treat her. Two and a half months later close to three months the law caught up with us. The police came and pick me up at 2010 Kendall St. North East DC, the community warehouse and got the father and mother and now we find ourselves in the hospital. Dr. Steinburg upon noticing that in the three months that I was treating the child, I made a log of everything she ate. She notice this one particular thing, I didn’t give Keyla protein. Boy did she jumped on me. I notice here you didn’t give Keyla protein……protein? She said yes. I said Dr. Steinburg are you sure?

04:20 – 05:16 that you want to rest your argument on protein being the base of your premise, she said yes, unless the great Dr. Sebi believes that protein is an unnecessary food…….I said I don’t know anything about protein. I said you forgot something I’m the child form that continent you call Africa and we didn’t know anything about protein then…… do you? What is protein? Protein is one of the 19 amino acids the building block of life. I said Dr Steinburg that is the response that I get from everyone that protein is one of the 19 amino acids. But the body needs acids?

05:16 – 06:18 what could the body need acids. The body is composed of 102 minerals not one acid, the body is alkaline the body is carbon based. I said furthermore being that the body is carbon base it is electrical it moves and it would be no movement unless that movement is electrical. Now that we understand that the body is electrical, the food that would feed an electric body would necessary be…. Electrical. How many electrons per atom does protein contain? …..I don’t know…..I said but you use protein as your premise you should know all about it.

06:18 – 07:18 do you know Dr. Steinburg didn’t know about protein? And do you know that nobody in the audience knows about protein, neither do I? And why should we know about that? Because they told us that protein is a necessary food and we believe that. And we begin to consume those things that represent protein.

Dr Sebi has reviewed the concerns in presenting protein and chose a broader and more beneficial way to address nutrition from a position of the Lowest common denominator in regards to the building blocks of substances that strengthen our cellular structure and health of our cells. – MINERALS (the lowest common denominator)

What do most people refer to when they use the term Protein? Animals? Plants? Amino Acids? Enzymes? That’s right, why wouldn’t Dr Sebi have considered this? When Dr Sebi says, “NO PROTEIN!” some people say he was talking about animal protein. – all of the sudden, whey products, nuts and protein bars don’t exist.

Some people want us to believe that Dr Sebi is confused or that he doesn’t explain everything down to detail when it comes to protein. But he has and in a very simple way at that.

If you are to BELIEVE biology literature that tells you what protein is, you might like to know that terms like SUGAR and PROTEIN share defining references with sources that are acid and electrical. This is too much of a contradiction.

Sugar is one of those things as a term that lacks validity as a term, instead of by context.

Sugar = a substitute or pure granulated sugar
Sugar = a non-electrical substance (NOT ELECTRICAL)
Sugar = an attribute of the DNA as an electrical molecular structure (IS ELECTRICAL)

So what is sugar? – when it is in food and when it is in the body?

The same with proteins,

Protein = Amino Acids (NOT ALIVE OR ELECTRICAL in regard to being acid)
Protein = Amino acids is a lump term for the compounds of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. (and THESE COMPOUNDS ARE ELECTRICAL – not acids)

When Dr Sebi studied, I think he realized that the scientific community had a code among professors and passed students based on proper use of terms with dual meanings. Sugar in DNA and foods; what is the difference? Acid in body or foods; what is the difference? Only a professor can tell you and they used this protocol to teach certain people where others may remain unlearned simply because they favor an economy where a collective of their own is thriving. If Nubians had our own collective or our own community, they would be asking about these differences if such contradiction in use of terminology even existed among them.

The term protein has no validity. It was establish in favor of one scientist seeking to have influence over another. The context of the term protein that is represented by the items that are described as Proteins, already had a name. They were known as your organic minerals and carbon based compounds. These are your blood purifiers, your food for muscles, the building blocks for living cells, good health and proper body function. 102 minerals exist in varying amounts for any specific plant based food and these mineral are called several different things as compounds such as amino acids, but the fact that 102 of them are all vital sources for essential needs in humans or herbivores, one scientist saw the need to refer to them as PROTEINS.

Dr Sebi Simply refers to the impirical formula [CHO (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen) the chain of life] but he teaches us about mineral compounds.

When scientists try and teach us about amino acids, they say, “They contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen like the carbohydrates and lipids, but they also contain nitrogen and often sulfur and phosphorus.” Because they don’t want you to know about the 102 attributes of electric cell food.

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  5. This website has become my little google for I search for any question that pops in my head. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE!!! I am already sharing it with all my family and friends. My background is graphic design if I can be any help I will be more than happy to do so.

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    • Here at Advocates for Dr Sebi we are a different office.
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  8. Truth sits right under our noses, if only we choose to seek it. It’s amazing to me that lies, if told ENOUGH, become ‘truth’ to tha point that when you engage in conversation, attempting to share truth, ppl want to dismiss it, argue and generally continue self destructing, despite being at least exposed to healthier, truthful possibilities. I guess ignorance really, really is bliss..for many people.

  9. How to get rid of arthritis?

    • The same way we get rid of everything else. We observe Dr. Sebi’s method; The African Bio Mineral Balance.
      1. Fast
      2. Stay away from detrimental foods
      3. Drink plenty of water
      4. Exercise
      5. Use the compounds to help assist the body.

      Dr. Sebi reports how he put his mother on a 52 day fast; consuming only water and his compounds. Afterward, her arthritis was gone and she was able to lift her arms above her head.

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