THE LEAST DETRIMENTAL FOODS with Dr. Sebi ‘who & what’ Facebook Group

Here we have the least detrimental food dishes prepared by our facebook members all according to Dr Sebi’s food recommended list (nutritional guide). People who get into the kitchen to save a nation are definitely a part of the life savers who give our children a chance in every community. Food compliments the home on such a platform that it can effect the world in many ways. Here are the people and their dishes who do it for the better!

If you would like to see recipes, check out our related facebook group for more incredible dishes made up of electric foods with all the ‘WHAT & HOWs.’

Images are selected based on 2 things.
1. Picture quality
2. Dish list of foods/spices involved
3. Table setting, tray setting or design

Awards are based on the following
Star Grade: All mucusless foods
Electric Grade: Meat and pasta substitution dishes
Green Grade: Salads and deserts


Special Awards
Snack food

Okimma Zo - alkaline Mushroom Taco



Teff flour tortillas and wild rice. It doesn’t have to be hard, keep it easy and simple.

by Okimma Zo?





Mock Tuna with Electric Mayo

Mock Tuna with Electric Mayo


Allow me to change your life with this DELICIOUS & nutritious midnight Alkaline snack! This is mock tuna spread made from chickpeas on watercress greens..with rye crackers, tomato, cucumber & avocado

Rye crackers by Ryvita
(Only contain rye flour, salt, water – purchased at Whole Foods)

Chickpea spread
Cooked chickpeas, onions, electric mayo, sea salt, kelp powder, nori flakes, lime juice, cilantro.

Vegan mayo
1 cup soaked brazil nuts, lime, spring water, olive oil, salt.

by Kaycee Ash



Lazy Spiced Banana Nut Raisin Baked French Toast

Lazy Spiced Banana Nut Raisin Baked French Toast


This morning’s Breakfast is what I like to call my “Lazy Spiced Banana Nut Raisin Baked French Toast”. I garnished it with additional bananas, raisins and walnuts and a sprinkle of dehydrated and finely chopped coconut meat. All drizzled with some agave syrup. I also added a side of one of my homemade sausage rounds. All electric and approved!

Bread Ingredients
garbanzo bean flour, bananas, agave syrup, raisins, walnuts, dandelion tea, quinoa flour, amaranth flour, sea moss, coconut, sea salt, avocado oil, allspice and ginger

by Sandy Selph











J Rooths Ketchup

I made ketchup today. Nope, sorry I did not measure – this was made by tasting – sun dried plum tomatoes that were softened in spring water, lime juice – i used about 1/2 cup to get it thin enough for dipping, salt onion powder, cayenne, dried oregano, a little agave -and ginger you got to taste it to get it where you want. I put it all in the blender and let it work.

by Jacki Rooths










The Amun Ra El Quick Snack

The Quick Snack

The Quick Snack

The Mix
Golden raisins
Hemp seed
Sea salt
Sebi Approved
One of my favorite quick filling snacks
by Amun Ra El












Monica’s Penne & Greens

Penne & Greens

Penne & Greens

Organic cherry tomatoes, onion, oregano, and organic tomato sauce.
Mixed lettuce & kale (quick, easy,alkaline , electric,Sebi approved)

I’m satisfied and proud of myself for staying focused and determined to succeed
by Monica V-Wilson






Lunch Burger

Lunch Burger

The Andrews Lunch Burger

Lunch: burger
Filling: Avocado,mushrooms, onion, peppers, nopales, cilantro,
Buns: quinoa flour, hempmilk, sea salt and agave.
Seasonings: oregano, and onion powder.

by: Adri Andrews






Quinoa-Bromide porridge

Quinoa-Bromide porridge

It tastes just like my momma’s cornmeal porridge.

I boiled the quinoa then blended with:
Bromide powder
Coconut flakes
Water (spring)
by: Amber Jasmynn Williams


Banana-Cumber Salad

Banana-Cumber Salad


Burro banana coated in spelt flour, steamed bell peppers, plum tomato, chayote, cucumber and onion.
Ginger, cayenne pepper, sea salt, lime, agave syrup and all spice.
Steamed Veggies, coated burro banana served with cucumber salad.

by Kareem Fame Nesta




Sebi Vegan Chilli

Sebi Vegan Chilli




Tomato, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, okra, scallion, habanero, chickpeas, quinoa, tomato paste (NO citric acid) spring water. Fresh Herbs: sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf. Seasoned by Cayenne, onion powder, coriander, sea salt, kelp. Garnished by avocado, cilantro, & coconut sour cream (coconut milk, lime, sea salt.)

By Jef Freedom




The Sebi Caswell Salad

The Sebi Caswell Salad

Romain lettuce, roma tomatoes, onion powder, lime, olive oil, and salt to taste.
Mushrooms, onion, kale, tomato,  salt and cayenne pepper for taste.

by Caswell Burrows




Spring water, amaranth, avacado, nori seaweed wrap,
cheri tomatoes, cilantro, ginger, tamarind,
habenero chili, cucumber.
-by Forest Wilson


Spelt Pancakes

Spelt Pancakes


with walnuts and blueberries.

Breakfast with a question mark???  “Why” you may ask.
Because our children still have to eat and as they grow
it’s better for them to weigh a little more than 50 pounds.
A little agave syrup will help keep them from becoming
sugar junkies and more appreciative of the foods that you
cook at home.

by Lisa Frank





The Electric Fajita

The Electric Fajita



Fajitas usually come with meat but not
this one. Here we have fried portobello,
grilled peppers, onions and cilantro.

Made with coconut milk, key limes, and sea salt.


by Jef Freedom




This splendid creation of electric grade food is a dish full of healing
and compassion as we learn to ween ourselves away from acid foods.
The plate is laced with the spangle of steamed red quinoa.
It is topped with coconut milk cooked burro bananas and a special
salsa made with the Nopales cactus which is seasoned with a touch
of Sea salt, lime Juice and habanero pepper.
And you will see that it is joined by the avocado and roasted
Chayote (squash) tossed in black sesame oil.
-by Forest Wilson



Forest Wilson’s Green Grade SALAD DRESSING
Get away from that sucrose rich salad dressing that will
eventually break down your mucus membrane. Check out
the new electric GREEN DRESSING made with avocado,
cilantro, tomatillos, green onion, habanero chili pepper,
key lime juice and sea salt.
by Forest Wilson



Here is another salad that you may enjoy. It’s all
according to the Dr. Sebi food nutritional guide. If
you are feeling green today, here’s a salad made of
green burro bananas, avocado, kale, green onion,
green chayote squash, green leaf lettuce, cucumber,
GREEN GARBONZOs, okra and the “green dressing”.
by Forest Wilson




You won’t find lamb or any other kind of meat on this kabob. It’s all veggie baby!
In our food prep we have Portobello, mini kabobs (to be grilled in black sesame oil ginger & seasalt) red bell pepper, onion and chayote,
“How did he do it?” you might ask. Well we have kale sauteed in a ginger black sesame oil. To make the kale real tender at the same time only cook for 1-2 minutes (keeping the nutrients) and squeezing 1 key lime on the kale while sauteeing. He uses a stainless steel saute pan for best results. Next he steamed the red quinoa in spring water and when finished he took an iron skillet and flashed the quinoa and cilantro with the ginger black sesame oil for 2 minutes.
When you look at the kabob on the right from the top down, You have:
Red bell pepper, the green cut stem onion piece, portobello mushroom, Chayote squash, red bell pepper, shaved ginger drippings, portobello mushroom, Chayote squash, red bell pepper, portobello mushroom.
You can see in the final stage the portobello, onion, chayote and bell pepper were skewered, ginger black sesame oil drizzled on kabobs then grilled. And it was all placed on a bed or red quinoa and kale.
By Forest Wilson



Forest Wilson’s SEBI SOUP OF THE DAY
Yeah we still eat soup! No meat, sucrose, heavy salts or sugars
in this alkaline soup. Eat and lose the weight that you’ve been
trying to lose. What we have here is ginger,  coconut creamed
garbonzo beans, kelp & kale stew with a spelt biscuit.
“I steamed the garbonzo beans in spring water sea salt, grape seed oil, onion powder and onions, then added my Coconut milk, cilantro, green onions, bell peppers, shaved ginger, kale and chopped kelp, simmered until desired consistency. The biscuit was done with spelt flour, key lime Juice and spring water.”
by Forest Wilson



What are your children snacking on? Nothing TOO sweet I hope.
Blueberry, Key Lime, Dates and Spelt flour.
“I kept it simple for the youth! Spelt flour, key lime juice and spring water. I rolled it out to make flat. Cooked blueberries and dates in lime juice & spring water, reduced until a jelly texture, spread on dough pieces, bake 350° till cookie brown.”
by Forest Wilson



The Home Plate.

The Home Plate.

Cardell Williams’s HOME PLATE

Don’t just sit at home wondering what
you’re going to eat. I promise you that
it won’t take that much to put this Home
Plate together.
Avocado spelt pasta, sauteed vegetables, kale and Portobello mushrooms.
Coriander, onion powder, sea salt, thyme and some onions. Grape see oil and sesame seed oil is in there as well.  by Cardell Williams


Burro banana & Kale

Burro banana & Kale


I’m sure you would love to enjoy some of the
more elementary dishes such as this one prepared
by Muriel C Mayes-Godfrey.

She sautéed green pepper, red peppers, and orange peppers in grape seed oil.

Oregano, sea-salt, sea salt and Cayeene pepper.

Burro Bananas; ripe (soft as possible) cute round
and fried to a golden brown (not too dark).
by Muriel C Mayes-Godfrey



Electric Taco

Electric Taco

Christine Tanchvk’s ELECTRIC TACO

Cherry tomatoes, onions, and peppers
sauteed in avocado oil. Cooked wild rice
is added.

?Onion powder, sea salt and cayenne.

Topped with a mango salsa in a
homemade spelt tortilla.

by   Christine Tanchvk’s



Sandy Selph 2The Selph Grit & Veggie

Today’s dinner – Country Girl’s Kamut Grits with a tender sautéed vegetable medley. Simple, quick and oh so delicious! 😋

Kamut grits – Grind uncooked Kamut berries to course flour in magic bullet then cook like cream of wheat. Cooks really fast! (You have to keep stirring until done). Then add your favorite cooked veggies.

FYI: I used about 3 tablespoons to a half a cup, depending on how hungry I was. Then I added about double the water or a little more according to how thick I wanted it. Then I boiled it down while stirring. The grinned Kamut will swell like grits. Once you make it you’ll get a feel for how you like it.
by: Sandy Selph





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    Por favor, les ruego que me guíen un poco y si es posible. Vivo en Knoxville, TN, USA.

    DIOS los bendiga!

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    • When mucus begins to leave the body as a cleansing stage, you may have experiences where things get worse before they get better.

  11. Question, since the cleansing packages has sold out; what else will do the same job as the package? Also, how long does a total cleanse last (days by #)?

    • The compounds are all designed to enrich the body on a cellular level. Many of us have been eating wrong (or simply not eating) for years, so when we finally feed our cells the cell is then able to cleans itself and compliment the structure and functions of the organs. There is still the green food plus, Iron plus or Bio Ferro, banju and bromides.

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    • Ir a Google y escriba “traducir Inglés al español . ”
      Copiar y pegar el interior del panel , según sea necesario .

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    • Cumin – Made in a laboratory; it’s an artificial chromosome. It’s extremely bad for the liver.

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        • It should be clear here that this website is presenting the information that came directly from Dr. Sebi. Keep in mind that I am not able to see what you are referring to when you ask me how did I find something out. But again, the website references Dr. Sebi ONLY. This website is for people who want to learn more about what Dr Sebi has said. This website is not here to tell you how to eat or what to eat or how to live your life. Nor is it here to tell you what to research or what to believe. I hope this helps.

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