Dr. Sebi Writes Robert Mugabe

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Dr Sebi reaches out to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to shed some light on legendary accomplishments in order to unite and address the most subtle acts of slaughtering a nation of African people.

Robert had just been reappointed into office and is accused of the elections being rigged and unfair. Just six months into office, he is soon to receive Dr. Sebi’s letter.

Lets take a look at what he read:

Dr. Sebi’s Letter to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe


sebi letter to Mugabe





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  1. Interested in info to cure obesity, Hpv cure, high blood pressure, & Diabetis.

    • To lose weight ,fatigue,heart,insomnia,left leg cramp.

      • Dehydration must be address to begin with and then the refraining from acid foods. So a gallon of water a day, chelations and bromides will assist you greatly. Call Dr. Sebi’s office for compounds and more information.
        Monday – Friday
        9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
        1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

        10:00 am- 3:00 PM
        All times are Pacific time

        • How do u get your self to drink more

          • You body will adjust to how much water you consume based on when and how it uses the water you drink. The body regulates its use of water based on which foods you consume. Sometimes people talk about the body retaining water as if it is a bad thing but it accounts for avoiding dehydration. If your occupation requires you to be stationary then you want to stay away from melons, quinoa and any other foods well known for being diuretics.

            Once your urine is clear it means that your body is completely hydrated. In this mode, the body is super efficient at riding itself of excess water and managing the rest for detoxing and preserving energy. This is the best state to start eating only fruits & vegetables and put an end to eating meat, cheese, milk, sodas and smoking. If you find that you are not having bowel movements, then do a few short and simple exercises. This will aloow you to be able to drink more water, if necessary.

        • How many days should I fast for HPV?

          • As long as you need to, including weeks of 3 days of fasting, 7 days of fasting, 1 or 2 days of fasting or even daily fasts of 12 to 16 hours of fasting.

      • What will you recommend for high blood pressure and chronic chest ulcer. Drugs are not helping matter.

        • Drugs are usually starch based. Foods rich in calcium are noted to reduce high blood pressure. Eva salve is just one of the herbal compounds that can be used in order to internally create an alkaline environment that will be capable of reversing many if not all diseases, including chronic chest ulcers. The bromide powder (rich in calcium) tea is used to strengthen bones, Iron plus is used to boost the immune system and chelations are used to cleans the system of starches, acids or mucus that is causing a slow healing process in order to turn it into a faster healing process. Keeping the body hydrated will work wonders.

    • Me Too Hpv Cure

      • Dr. Sebi ….DOES NOT…. make a compound for AIDS or for any particular kind of disease. He makes compounds for the purpose of simultaneously cleansing the body and providing it with nutrition.


        You will need a combination of herbs; compounds. It is reversed by Dr. Sebi by cleansing the mucus membrane. The mucous that needs to be cleaned up is found in the skin, the blood and the lymphatic system. Usually we are dealing with cellular stress and fatigue as our bodies constantly exhaust its oxygen supply and any means to remain hydrated in order to deal with constantly being suffocated in laboratory-sugar, starch, medical-chemicals and animal products.
        There is only one disease and that is the result of the mucous membrane being compromised. The mucous membrane is necessary to maintain health because it is the membrane that protects the cells. When you brake the mucous membrane down it turns to pus and expose the cells. And then we have disease.

        For example, if there is excess mucous in the bronchial tubes, the disease is Bronchitis; if it is in the lungs, the disease is Pneumonia, in the pancreatic duct, it is diabetes; in the joints, Arthritis. Again, even when it comes to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A.I.D.S.) the mucous is found in the skin, the blood and the lymphatic system.

        When we fast we benefit from making more oxygen available for our bodies to use. Then we introduce teas to our bodies that are rich in iron fluorine and potassium phosphate which contribute to the flushing of mucus, tumors and toxins from the internals walls and flesh of our bodies. We cleans because we know that our intestines, pancreas and liver are power players for great circulation and in getting rid of AIDS, blindness, LUPUS, autism, multiple sclerosis, herpes, fibroids, hair loss and diabetes.

        The genesis of all disease can be found in the mucous membrane. To repeat, there is only one disease and it is due to excess mucous. Disease will above all, break your energy, it takes away your energy. First it takes away your will and then it begins to eat all the way on you; it’s going to own you now. It’s going to make you hate yourself for the rest of your life until you die. Every disease is caused by the deprivation of oxygen.

        The only thing that causes the body to go into erosion is acid. Mucous causes erosion in the body. And again, the erosion is the deprivation of oxygen. Diseases just like herpes lives off of synthetic sugars and starch.When we eat, we know it’s better to eat natural greens and fruits with seeds. We make sure that our grains are not man-made and that the oils we use are able to retain nutrition after processing. We prefer spring water because it helps us maintain our mineral content instead of robbing us of it.

        Dr. Sebi uses 40 plus herbs to simultaneously flush the system of inflammation and nourish it. Aids is cured in 3 months time at Usha Village. I should add two things. You can cure yourself of AIDS without going to Usha Village in Honduras, but ti may take longer than 3 months. Prior to going to Honduras, stick to the nutritional guide and be consistent with consuming alkaline food. I recommend that you practice fasting before you get there.Dr. sebi cures AIDS by electrifying the body. This simply means that he feeds the cells via use of his compounds.

        • Hi can you please inform me on how to cure aids hand herpes without going to Usha village am in south africa klaasico@gmail.com

          • Plan for 3 months or more to remove mucus from the following areas:
            1. the skin,
            2. the blood
            3. and the lymphatic system.

            The skin, blood and lymphatic system make up the immunological system.
            It will take longer to remove mucus from these areas if a strict diet is not applied. To boost healing time, you simply only eat the green leafy plants (lettuce, Dandelion greens, Nopales, Purslane, Lams Quarters, burdock plants, wakame, dulce, arame, hijiki, nori), peppers, spices and mushrooms from the nutritional guide. When you start taking the compounds, be sure to drink a gallon of water a day and exercise. If you have a gallon prepared to consume within the day, then you may apply it towards the making of your teas as listed on the nutritional guide with exception to the Chamomile; you can replace that with red clover tea. If you are not urinating as often as you think you should, do not worry; you will be getting started on the natural diuretics soon enough.

            We start by addressing your iron deficiency via rising your internal reservoir for mineral iron which your immune system requires much of. You will need to consume a bottle a day of either “Iron Plus” or “Bio Ferro” for at least ten days. Then you will only take two or three spoon fulls when you start on your therapeutic package. Noon and evening you can consume a cup of bromide tea.
            Now you are ready for a detox of the deep cellular cleansing kind.
            Call the office and inquire about the following products:
            ELECTRA CELL – Strengthens the immune system and breaks up calcifaction and build-up of mucus throughout the lymphatic system. Increases mineral and oxygen content of the lymph fluid which provides nutrients necessary to buid healthy blood for a strong immune system..

            CELL CLEANSER – Removes toxins, acids and mucus on the intracellular level, increasing bowel movements to 3 – 6 times daily. Not habit forming.

            CC4 – Removes toxins, acids and mucus on a deeper intracellular level and provides mineral nourishment during the cleansing process.

            CHELATION – Extensive cleansing on the intracellular level, increasing bowel movements to more than 4 times daily. Simultaneously conditioning the digestive tract.

            DBT – Is for the cleansing and nourishing of the pancreas. The stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas are three of the most important digestive organs in the human body. These organs work together to produce and store secretions that digest our food into its most basic building blocks. The pancreas manufactures insulin which it secrets into the blood stream. Insulin is essential for the proper utilization of sugar in the body. (This will help you get the most from your greens)

            ECAL – Flush toxins and fluid from the mitochondria of the cells. It’s high in iodides, bromides, phosphate and carbonates.

            FUCUS – A natural diuretic. Flushes excess stagnant fluid from the body; removing dead cells and promoting healthy skin. It’s high in magnesium, calcium, phosphates and other minerals.

            LINO – Removes excess calcification throughout the body. It’s high in mineral gold which is essential for the body and aids in dissolving and breaking up calcification.

            LUPULO – Breaks up inflammation, relieves pain and calms the nervous system.

            This is the short version in comparison to the serenity, hospitality and care that you would receive at Usha Village. So in general, stay away from stressful situations, perform good deeds, listen to good music and keep your environment clean.

  2. I am interested in healing from high blood pressure and epilepsy, after being diagnosed in 2003 with hbp they gave me lisinopril which caused me to pass out on several occasions modern doctors only increased the dosage and diagnosed me with epilepsy. I have had a concussion recently. I want to travel there asap. Blessings and favour be yours

  3. Hi there I want to know about pumpkin if dr sebi ever spoke about it and also in the carribean we cook with a lot of coconut oil did he gave any explanation as to why not to heat

  4. What can I use for tuberculoisis

  5. I am interested in healing lupus.

    • Lupus is a yeast disease. Micheal Jackson’s mother had it and Dr. Sebi cured her of it. It is healed by addressing the central nervous system.
      Call Dr. Sebi’s office for compounds and more information.
      Monday – Friday
      9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
      1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

      10:00 am- 3:00 PM
      All times are Pacific time

  6. I desire to know what products Dr. Debi recommends for curing dementia. Willing to pay for treatment or private consultation. Thank you for your time, knowledge and consideration.

  7. Hello- Ive had a problem with a swollen ankle (some times both but one more than the other). Its been happening for years. I never learned why it happens. Doctor gave me water pills at one time but it didn’t help. Do you know what I can take/do for this. I have one sister that have this problem and my daughter as well. Thanks in advance.

    • Greetings,How can Dr.Sebi’s book & food lists ( not to eat & foods &herbs that are good) Get rid of belly fat, & night blindness? Thank You Ever so much!

      • Glucose contributes to belly fat and most if not all and any type of blindness is due to mucus blockage. An alkaline environment needs to be established in the body in order to the cellular structures to play a positive role on the organs and their functions. Dr Sebi teaches that there is only one disease – MUCUS. Thus we can reverse any so called disease although the process for some may take longer for others. Dr Sebi teaches that we need to give our bodies time to heal, that it can do it on its own with a little assistance. If we are consuming detrimental foods while we are taking Dr Sebi compounds and observing the nutritional guide, then our healing will take longer.

  8. Hi I would like to know what type of treatment for HIV

    • It is not a virus. It is reversed by Dr. Sebi by cleansing the mucus membrane. The mucous that needs to be cleaned up is found in the skin, the blood and the lymphatic system.

  9. Im looking at Dr Sebis cookbook and I noticed there is a few items thats not approaved still listed. Shouldnt this be updated and when?

  10. what cure do u have for hpv the warts strand in a male zee malachi and a female who can’t grow hair on her head due to some disease that start with ly or lu I feel bad for her she don’t know I am asking she cries a lot because of that

    • Greetings Lenny, both situations have a remedy that begin with cleansing. Even though the damage here for both have a significant residence in the skin, they are injuries via the opportunity provided by a compromised central nervous system and cellular membranes. Just as if we were curing AIDS and blindness, we must cleans the body (for sake of the skin) of mucus with aid to restore the intestines and pancreas to better health and then boost the immune system while addressing any nerve damage.

      Preparation means staying away from mucus causing foods, starches, synthetic/processed sugars, meats/animal products, store-bought-breads and juices, hybrid fruits & spices and being able to drink at least 2 liters of water a day if not a gallon. Download a copy of the nutritional guide.

      Fasting must play a role at some point in order to boost the healing process. The body takes advantage of the oxygen that has additionally become available through fasting. Dr. Sebi’s compounds can be used during this whole process, even when fasting. Dr. Sebi’s small cleansing package along with bromide plus offer a lot of support for those who find fasting very difficult.

      Dr. Sebi’s chelations are very important for the cleansing process. Chelation2 comes in the small cleansing package but there is also a chelation that comes with the therapeutic package. Excellent cleansing compounds such as lily of the valley can be made available for certain people in a therapeutic package.

      Green Food Plus – Multi-Mineral formula made with herbs from Africa, offering chlorophyll rich food for the entire body. Promotes overall good health and nourishment. Addresses the heart, brain, central nervous system and blood.

      Viento – An energizer, cleanser and revitalizer. Viento brings oxygen-rich blood to the brain, central nervous system and the lymphatic system. Viento addresses the kidneys and respiratory system and combats the craving for addictive substances.

      Iron Plus – A Maya-plus mixture offering enhanced iron-rich nourishment for the blood, brain and central nervous system. A pro-biotic designed to fight inflammation, purify and strengthen the entire system.

      Banju – Brain and central nerve tonic made especially for children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Effectiveness for nervous system condition (pain, irritability and sleeplessness). Also effective in adults.

      Eva Salve – Nourishes and tones the skin. High in calcium, fluorine and potassium phosphate, which are essential for maintaining proper elasticity of the skin.

    • I Would Like To Know What Cure He Would Have For HPV too

  11. How about HPV, Herpes and Infertility

  12. thank you very much zee and how long do she have to fast for her hair and how long fasting for the hpv and which addressing method is for her is the t.c.n.system or the N.d.s.care

    • You don’t fast for your hair to grow, you fast for your health to get better. Hair may grow back as a result. Resersing hpv and getting hair to grow has to do with cleansing mucus out the body and improving circulation, so “as soon” as that is done you should see some results.

  13. I have Aids & autism. Cannot afford therapeutic package. Starting diet. Which individual compounds should I buy?
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • For autism mucus is in the head of the child/person. For AIDS mucus is in several more places such as the lymphatic system, the skin and the blood. Removing the mucus from the head the child immediately begins to talk, draw, or even stop dragging their feet. The brain needs more oxygen. Mucus is obstructing the oxygen from reaching the brain. Eat according to the nutritional guide, get the following items and call the office for further instructions:
      Iron Plus
      Bromides Plus

  14. What is recommended for fibroids and for a body cleanse what products will I need?

      Mucous membrane has been compromised (broken down) in the reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the body there. Doctors try to cut it out, but there is no knife that can separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus; the doctor is going to cut into you now. If the doctor doesn’t cut all the way into you, he’s going to have to leave some in there.
      You need something that is consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines; which is potassium phosphate. When it comes to Dr. Sebi, you are given something to drink that enters the blood stream and where doesn’t the blood go? The blood goes everywhere; into the walls and pushes things away. This is how you naturally get rid of Fibroid tumors.

      Call Dr. Sebi’s office:

  15. How do I become regular? I suffer from constipation, fatigue, 20 pounds overweight. I want to have a clean colon for sure. What do you suggest?

  16. I am a South African who strongly believe in Dr Sebi’s African Bio-mineral Balance. How can i be of help to my fellow South Africans who are suffering from diseases that USHA can heal.

    How do i become Dr Sebi’s advocate in my own land (Africa-South Africa)?

  17. Good evening . I wanted to know what Dr sebi says to do for lung cancer . What steps to do . thank you

    • The cells of the lungs are made of sulfur. You need natural plant based minerals rich in sulfur. Dr. Sebi applies the use of sulfur in the saunas on Usha Village. There are foods rich in sulfur such as kale, onions, chip peas, lettuce and mushrooms. Sulfur is essential for chlorophyll formation, so foods rich in chlorophyll such as the plant anamu.

  18. I was diagnosed with stage 2 infiltrating ductile carcinoma (breast cancer – triple negative). I have completed chemo, surgery and now am undergoing radiation. What do you recommend?

    • These require an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. An intra-cellular chelation; meaning we are going to clean the cells. The cells that make up the organs that make up the system. So not only the organ, but we are going to clean up the cell that makes up the organ. Why? Because when cancer is present it’s showing that there is a high level of acid condition; a very extremely high level of mitosis – the cell is eating up the chest. It is only cause the presence of acid. So the body must be nourishes simultaneously. Disease requires nourishment back to health. So we give them the Bio-mineral Balance. It is the Intra-cellular chelation coupled with the Bio-mineral balance. Contact the office for further assistance.

  19. Recommended to cure herpes?

    • A series of fasting and eating foods that are far more less detrimental to the electric body will help rid anyone of herpes for sure. The goal is to create an environment where the source of disease can not live. Your cells need oxygen. Chemicals such a medicine for herpes will rob the cell of oxygen and in most cases will be laced with herpes.

      Curing herpes is going to take some cleansing and plant base Iron products. The office has the bio ferro, but you should know of the other stuff.

      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.

      NUTRITION is the name of the game. While the immune system is getting a boost from the iron, most of the mineral nutrition that is needed can come from the bromide plus powder; just make the tea and drink it. Boil water, pour it into a glass blender, turn on, drop teaspoon amount of bromide in there and let it blend for a minute or two. Do it twice or more a day.

      Even more important, curing herpes is all about what you ought not put in your mouth and body. Stay away from starches and sweets. Very very small amounts of fruits or plant food that is sweet. Do more bitter foods that sweet. There is a variety of lettuce to choose from, but for healing purposes stay way from chic peas, avocados, quinoa, and gravitate towards zucchini, squash, mushrooms, cactus plants flower or leaf (izote), and the Sea Vegetables (wakame/dulce/arame/hijiki/nori).
      If you have plant based iron teas such as burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, this will help. Consume them several times a day for as long a period as you can; ten days minimum. You do not have to mix them. If you would like to, that is your choice. They may be difficult to find depending on where you are. You may have to order the roots from online herbal websites.
      Practice fasting; plan and go for it. The more you fast the quicker you heal.

      If you feel weak, eat dates. They are sweet but shouldn’t agitate your cells. Only eat them when you feel weak.
      Eat salads as if you were eating a bag of potato chips. Get the light crisp kind, but no iceberg salad.

      The answer according to what Dr. Sebi teaches is to get rid of the mucus in the body, and it goes like this:
      There is only one disease and that is the result of the mucous membrane being compromised. The mucous membrane is necessary to maintain health because it is the membrane that protects the cells. When you brake the mucous membrane down it turns to pus and expose the cells.
      For example, Sickle Cell Anemia is when the blood plasma has broken down by mucous into a sickle. Mucous sinks into the plasma, into the cell itself, breaks and disunites the cell. Removing the mucous the cell unites again. To maintain that level, you have to feed the patient large doses of iron phosphate. Not ferrous oxide.
      The Iron based herbal compounds produced by Dr. Sebi such as the MAYA product, provides your body with over 14 key organic (carbon-hydrogen-oxygen) plant and herb based minerals.
      The suite of vegetation cell food products not only contain Iron Phosphate, they are derived from electrically charged tropical plants and herbs; some of which come from tropical Africa, Honduras, the Caribbean, other Latin American countries and the United States.
      The plants and herbs contained in Dr. Sebi’s vegetation cell food compounds are highly electrical. Their molecular structure is complete and carbon-based. They will immediately assimilate and energize the body with the food provided for us by nature. The compounds, provides you with necessary phosphates, carbonates, iodides and bromides…The Food of Life!

  20. I noticed that a lot of the recipes call for almond milk or almond butter, also maple syrup. But I read earlier not to use any of these ingredients. Please advise.

    • Yes, things do change. And one of the things that have change is the recommending of almonds due to a higher presence of cyanide. Maple syrup companies were caught using chemicals to keep the trees open and even though they all claim that they no longer use it, they are no longer trusted to recommend.

  21. Hi I just found this page because I was looking for some information about Dr. Sebi. I’m from Peru and I have HIV, is the same treatment that for Herpes? I mean avoiding sweets, starches?for how long do I have to fast? Any testimonials? Is just for hope and which therapeutic packages should I buy? I don’t have enough money to stay in USHA VILLAGE for 3 months so that’s not an option /:

    • I realize that not all of us are as fortunate as Dr Sebi was YEARS AGO in his efforts to find healing. This website is here to report Dr Sebi’s knowledge and people’s testimonies where have found them. Be sure to contact the office office for any additional concerns.

      In regards to your question I present you with something that Dr Sebi always says: There is only one disease; MUCUS.

  22. Zee Malachi,

    Thank you for being so helpful!
    Where is the mucous for Herpes found?

  23. Looking for products and foods good for curing gout (uric acid build up)

  24. What are good products for Gall stones and gallbladder attacks? I have used bromide, viento, and ferro from his office, as well as diet. Also I have pcos with male pattern hair growth for over 30 years. I’d there a way to get rid of hair growth/beard? Thank you for your help on this forum

    • There are products within the therapeutic package from the OFFICIAL DR SEBI OFFICE just be sure to contact them. The product called Lino is designed to remove masses of calcification throughout the body. This will help break up and remove gall stones.

  25. Blessed love Hon Zee Malachi, InI do give thanks for all d love & wisdom share with one and all, my name is Jah lion and im living in Chile, Southamerica, im dealing with some aflictions from my Youth, im 34 years old, I have candidiasis, a fungi (fungus) in my nails from I was 17 years old, digestion problems, irritable bowels S.,etc. My question is if a have to follow d same diet that you explain for the Herpes? Can I eat avocado, mushrooms, probiotics like miso or soy sauce, because my intestinal flora its very damage, because I eat propolis every day for I have tooth decay and some amalgam (mercury) in 4 molars from i was a child, so im cleaning my blood but its a low process, because of my ignorance and all d hibrids that we eat daily, Here in Chile are diferent plants, seeds and fruits, what do you know about d Chard (green) and cashew nuts, because we dont have brazilian nuts but this nuts we have: walnuts, peanuts,and sunflower seeds, I know cashew nut is native from Southamerica what u know about this, thanks

    • Dr Sebi teaches that we need to give our bodies time to heal, that it can do it on its own with a little assistance. If we are consuming detrimental foods while we are taking Dr Sebi compounds and observing the nutritional guide, then our healing will take longer. So for quicker results I would recommend eating the basic fruit & vegetable from the nutritional guide which are the sea weeds, kale, danelion greens, nopales, squash, turnip green and zucchini and any of the fruits except for the limes, dates and berries. Stick to the biiter foods as much as possible, staying away from avocados, chic peas, quinoa, amaranth, parsley, misco or soy sauce.

      I tend to believe that the lack of nutrition in the body causes tooth decay and not directly because we eat a lot of inappropriate sweets.
      And yes cleansing the body can be a slow process especially in certain regard. Have you looked into getting the tooth fillings that are detrimental to you removed?
      Contact the OFFICIAL DR SEBI OFFICE. Eat according to the nutritional guide and look into acquiring the cleansing package. If the cleansing package is not available, then you still have the green food plus, Iron plus or Bio Ferro, banju and bromides. If you need items from the therapeutic package they will let you know.

      Meanwhile, just know that you are not alone in facing such rigorous work to determine what is hybrid, we are all a bit ignorant in that field until we have found the time to dive into it and honor the effort to research. Still we would like to hear what Dr Sebi has to say about it. D Chard Green sounds like a type of lettuce and so far Dr Sebi has only spoken against one type of lettuce which is the “Iceberg Lettuce.” I did a little bit of research on lettuce and made an effort to exclude those that hinted at being more hybrid than the others. I hope that’s not confusing but here is the post. Cashews are definitely not recommended but walnuts and sunflower seeds are a go.

      • Thanks for d advise honorable, last friday one of my tooth broke when I was eating, was an old piece with lack of calcium, well , my cheek swell up, n I start to fast, drinking nopal, and d next day, only eat fruit (plum, orange, in d morning) but dat start to pain me another tooth, but when I eat apple in d evening never pain, d next day I go to d dentist,and he said that I have a serious infection, so dangerous that I could die in 48 hours if I not use d antibiotic drugs that he was giving me, I tell him that I want to use natural ways to healing, but he say that d natural ways are only for prevent. Well, I put a poultice mud with ginger and andean horstail to reduce d swelling of my face, im keeping drinking nopal, ginger tea with lemon, andean horstail, when i feel hungry I eat pears and melon pear, because I was working too and have not enought time to make a salad or some like that, but I feel very good , this is my 4 day puting me poultice in my cheek and my belly to absorb and clean my body, d swelling go down a lot, just I have a little swell in my gum but dont feel pain,Im gonna change my dentist, and keep my mud therapy with natural antibiotics, what u think? I must go to d fast? Or drink some greens juice with tomatoes and sea plants? I must included d mushrooms? Are d Raw mushrooms better than cooked?

        • I see you’re mixing a lot of things that is not on Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide, but I realize that you have to use what you have access to. Fasting and eating according to the nutritional guide are definitely preventive measures for minute or major illnesses just as your doctor said, but it has been known to reverse this diseases as well. There is nothing wrong with letting the Doctor treat you in order to get rid of the infection, especially now that your life style has changed for the better. The chemical treatment that your doctor may offer will be temporary means while your life style is a more permanent effort to secure the best of health for yourself. It is not that you are trusting in the chemicals or whatever the Doctor has to offer, but you are trusting in your body that it will do what it is designed to do with the assistance of the natural way whether you acquire infections or chemical medicines.

  26. I have fibroids, loss of hair and swelling in the leg and ankle. I’ve tried just about everything and seen a dr and they give me the run around. Can you please tell me what can I do to solve these problems?

  27. what do I need to eat for my weight lost.

  28. Zee, My son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, what do you recommend?

    • According to Dr Sebi all constructs of our bodies depend on our cellular disposition; the health of our cells. A healthy immune system safeguards development on all levels, so to ensure this we turn to Iron. While the bromide plus is a wonderful way to make sure that he is getting as many of the mineral compounds that the body needs to keep his cellular system from starving, I recommend that you also make sure that he consumes the least detrimental type of foods. You can look to the nutritional guide to accomplish this.

      When you are deficient in iron, you are susceptible to a whole bunch of diseases. Iron fires the body up and is the only mineral on the planet that is magnetic. Being that iron is magnetic it has a tendency to pull other minerals to it. It pulls magnesium, zinc, gold, calcium, phosphorous, etc. It would be safe to say that when you take large doses of iron that you are taking all the other minerals. The lack of iron causes 40 manifestations of disease. Without iron, the body looses energy and the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen going to the brain when iron is low. Without iron, we wrinkle at a young age and no longer able to walk straight. The body naturally consumes or uses the amount of 3 table spoons of iron a day. Dr. Sebi recommends 2 table spoons 3 times a day.

      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Lily of the Valley – Rich in iron fluorine and Potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.
      Burdock – Rich in iron.
      Blue Vervain – Rich in iron.
      Yellow Dock – Rich in iron.

      You can make soup, salads and teas out of these. be sure to contact the OFFICIAL DR SEBI OFFICE for well rounded assistance and be sure to inquire if there are any therapeutic packages that may be of benefit.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Zee. I have been taking the Black Root Tonic as well as The Purge from @iz.ra.el who actually sent me to Dr. Sebi’s website for the food guide. I know the Black Root Tonic has a lot of Iron and many other great stuff in it. What would you recommend i take to cure my migraines, high blood pressure and fibroids. I had surgery in December they removed 80% of the bigger one which was causing me to bleed months on nonestop. How do I naturally cure the rest of them and the hbp. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • I recommed the continuing of iron consumption and get some plant based sea food in the system to help resolve high blood pressure. After surgery is definitely one of those times to either eat less or the least detrimental foods available.

      • hello Zee, thanks for the good work, being silently following Dr Sebi diet fora month now, i’m from Ghana and its difficult to get the products and also the foods quinoa ,spelt, rye etc .what can i do to make the products available to my people and also educate them. i want to be a product of Dr Sebi

  30. I have been on the african bio- mineral electric diet for 6 months now and lost 30lbs in the process. I love my high energy levels and 90% of peploe i run into, even on the streets, complement how radiant my skin is. I just discovered i am pregnant…after trying for 10 years. What are the best supplements and herbs to take while pregnant?

  31. I have PCOS abd herpes and i would like to know whats the process to of curing this

    • All illnesses are addressed the same way by refraining from the consumption of meat, starches, soy, processed sugar or synthetic sweeteners, hybrid foods, etc; we stay away from detrimental foods, fast and drinking alkaline teas as listed on Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide. Major disease is addressed by detoxing via the assistance of several compounds. Visit the official website and contact them.

  32. This information is very helpful, I am interested in becoming an advocate for Dr Sebi. I just found out I have gallstones in my gallbladder and osteoperosis what can I do to pass the stones and strengthen the bones in my hips.

    • The office has compounds that can break up stones and drinking bromide teas will help with strengthening your bones.

  33. im black and i have hyperpigmentation from using hydroquinone on my face. My face have darkend allot, when i strech my skin you kan see my skin original colour underneath. Does it mean i have copper and carbon overload. How can i repair the damadge on my skin please help.

    • Eva salve is one of the compounds that we recommend on skin in order to address the vitality of the skin, but it can also be used in order to internally create an alkaline environment that will be capable of reversing many if not all diseases. The bromide powder has 92 of the 102 minerals the body is made up of and will do an excellent job in reviving the central nervous system due to a finally nourished cellular structure. This will give your immune system a boost which will then play a role in clearing up your skin. The Bromide tea is also used to strengthen bones and with healthy bones brings healthy blood and healthy blood will help produce healthy skin. Iron plus is used to boost the immune system and chelations are used to cleans the system of starches, acids or mucus that is causing a slow healing process in order to turn it into a faster healing process. Keeping the body hydrated will work wonders. Visit the official website so that you can review additional products.

  34. What can I do for neuropathy and diabetes

  35. Hi – I suffer from Hay fever badly in the Summer (UK), candida and just been informed by my doctor that I have 1.2mm fibroid – If I do a water fast for 60 days and take Dr Sebi’s cleansing package, will this cure me from all the above – Please advise and many thanks in advance.

  36. Hello,my name is Elaine and I’m new to the site and to Dr. Sebi.I have been reading all the questions and answers on and off for about a week. Zee, you are very helpful and I understand I have to clear up the Mucus in my body to get rid of the migraines, constipation,alopecia,etc. I spoke to Christie at Dr. Sebi office and she recommended that I order the bio ferro,viento and bromides. I’m a vegetarian so the nutritional diet transition isn’t to hard for me. Please explain what you mean by fast and if there is any foods on the nutritional diet I shouldn’t eat. Thank you.

    • Dr. Sebi taught us how to focus on giving the immune system the type of care that will allow the immune system to reinstate itself by doing two things:
      1. Fasting – immediately increasing the oxygen use within the body.
      2. Strict diet – eating according to the nutritional guide and eating only a select food from that list if necessary. All in an effort to eat the LEAST detrimental foods there are.

      FASTING = no chewing. Smoothies and liquids can be consumed during a fast.

      FOODS TO STAY AWAY FROM ON THE NUTRITIONAL GUIDE (in concern for quicker results): Chic peas, all fruits (bitters optional), breads (eating grains as cereal sparingly), nuts (hemp seed exception), oils.

      Plenty of lettuce is available, land weed and sea weed are also available.

      • Hello,thank you. Eating instructions will come with the supplements? (ie,take supplements with smoothie for breakfast)?

        • No eating instructions will not come with your order of Dr Sebi’s COMPOUNDS. These are not chemical medicines that will cause harm on an empty stomach. You may take the compounds according to the times and amounts instructed with or without your smoothies.

          • Hello,please explain fasting statement, No chewing? I’m not going to eat any food, just having different kinds of smoothies?

  37. Greetings Zee,
    My daughter in law has lupus and low iron what do you suggest for her? I called the office but the therapeutic packages are to expensive for me to purchase for her. I also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol what do you suggest for those issues as well? Thank you so much for your time, patience and knowledge.

  38. Greetings dear friend, Zee Malachi. I believe have leaky gut and it happened from antibiotics. When I relapse I usually can’t eat, I gave nausea and lose about 9 pounds. My liver and kidneys are working hard to detox, but they’re getting tired at times. Also I gave this yeast infection that always comes back, especially when I relapse. Leaky gut from what I understand is small food particles going in my bloodstream because my stomach or gut is so damaged. Please if you have any advice, it would be so helpful. And yes I also have about 7-8 silver amalgams filling and I may also have the MTHFR gene but not sure about that one. Meaning it’s hard to detox properly because of that gene. Is there any info or help you can give me. And thank you so much for your devoted time and patience. Blessings sir.

    • Getting healthy when we are sick means getting control of our addictions and weening ourselves into a lifestyle of good habits starting with the food we eat. It has a lot of logic to it and the effort sounds very much like an easy one until we are forced to consider making a change right at the moment we end up facing the presence of our full-grown selves that just happen to be under years of the kind of conditioning associated with pleasures that did not immediately land us in the hospital.

      Dr. Sebi seemed to be able to explain healing a thousand different ways. I collected the information and still to this day I am making webpages that present exactly what he presented when people came to him with concerns. Now only are the web pages available for people to study, but my answers to people asking questions in the comment section as well. Leaky gut, mucus obstructing the digestive system. Chelations to help.

      Be sure to read: http://advocatesfordrsebi.org/its-not-hereditary/

  39. Greeting Zee, I read the entire comment list and I still need a break down on fasting… Sorry.. also how long should I fast with the issue of hpv and what products should I purchase. Thank you in Advance…

    • Seems that people NEVER see the answer simply because it is so simple. Please study the website and contact the LA office.

  40. Hello,
    My name is Jeffrey and I have recently been informed about Dr. Sebi’s fascinating healing work. I have reading and watching the youtube video’s in order to obtain information about how to treat Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. In consideration of my ill Mother I have tried the traditional approach and feel instinctively that there has to be a better way. I would approach any additional information about Dr. Sebi’s approach and expected result(s)

    Thank you

  41. gabrielle thompson

    Hi Zee. What can be done for healing diverticulitis? Eating according to the plan, bromide powder, and iron plus? Thank you for your assistance.

  42. Hello,
    I suffer from belly fat almost all my life . I’m a slender young woman, but I can’t seem to get rid of my midection obesity . The fat can not be grabbed or pinched . I know it’s internal . I believe I have visceral fat . I feel like I have a hard ball in my stomach and I’m constantly bloated . I can not produce a natural bowel movement without using suppositories . I don’t know If have cortisol issues , stressed adrenal glands or yeast issues . I’ve tried everything and had plastic surgery twice and I still have a bloated protruded stomach . What products do you recommend I try on your site ? Is there a special tea or supplement that I can purchase ? Please help me .

    • It is time to fast for 40 days and 40 nights. Contact the office for chelation. If you feel that you MUST have something to eat, then eat lettuce only without adding anything to it. Drink 2 liters of water to a gallon of water a day.

      2807 La Cienega Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90034

      9:00 AM-12:30 PM

      10:00 AM-3:00 PM
      All times are pacific time

  43. Hi
    I suffer from swollen legs feet and ankles. Doctors give me water pills and have me prop my feet up but none of this worked. I even lost weight and the swelling never stopped. What can i do to stop the swelling all together

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