Currently on the Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, all lettuce is approved except iceberg and only three types of cabbage is approved (Kale, Turnip greens & Watercress). On this page I would like to present some of the lettuces.


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  1. Good day… Please can you recommend a cure for thyroid disease

    • For an under active thyroid gland means that it needs to be fed natural iodine. Over active thyroid gland means that there is an acid condition that is causing the gland to go haywire which depletes the body of energy, so we treat the central nerve system and the gland itself with herbs that have potassium iodides, bromides and phosphates. Salt water and Sea vegetable are good for the thyroid system.

    • Ordered uterine wash and have done three sessions and each time the odor disappears and returns 24 hours later. I don’t want to get discouraged and return to the pharmaceutical company for a prescription but is that normal? Most of the reviews said BV cleared after one douche. Is it expected to use the entire jar before your body cleanses the inside?

      • Even though everyone’s body is different and favorable result will differ because of this, there is still more that we should understand. Acid conditions can be responsible for issues in the areas of body odor, bad breath, vision and skin. The compounds that Dr. Sebi has designed to specifically target these areas are artificial and merely serve the purpose of meeting the emergency of an immediate need for relief.

        Yes, thousands of people experience longer-lasting results from the use of eva salve, Eye wash and uterine wash but there are two areas that we need to relieve of an acid condition if we want permanent results:
        1. The Brain – This an alkaline environment must be established in order to break the chain of habits and addiction.
        2. Intestines – Must be properly cleansed so that the mucus build-up can not block the body from receiving the nutrition that it needs and to keep toxins from recirculating in the body.

  2. I am 45 yrs old and have spots all over my body it started with seborric dermatitis on my scalp. A few months later I have had a rash under my breast I was told it was a fungus. A few months after that it went everywhere on my body, my stomach between legs, vaginal area outside, behind my legs, elbows, arms, face. Now they are saying its psoriasis which I had for about a year twenty years ago I had got some shots and never seen anything again until now. They gave me a Celestone shot last week it seemed better for 2 days now it’s bad again. They are round red spots and some have white on them but under breast and between legs are just a huge rash and it’s itchy. I would appreciate any help my son just told me about your program and spent $250 on cleansing system that I can’t afford.

    • Dr. Sebi taught for over 30 years that our health problems were due to the foods that we are eating. He never kept his essential blue print a secret. Stay away from starches and hybrid foods. His technique in healing people as quick as he does merely has to do with restoring what he refers to as a nutritional reservoir (LOTS of plants based iron) and then he instructs fasting and cleansing of the body in order to get rid of the mucus that filled up the body due to damaged cells.

      You can heal yourself at home. Fasting gives the body time to cleans itself. Here are some foods rich in iron:
      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.

      Some of them can be juiced or blended and strained in order to drink. Have a cup or more throughout the day.

      If you have plant based iron teas such as burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, this will help. Consume them several times a day for as long a period as you can; ten days minimum. You do not have to mix them. If you would like to, that is your choice. They may be difficult to find depending on where you are. You may have to order the roots from online herbal websites.

  3. What do I do for diabetes & high blood pressure


    • Diabetes and high blood pressure are reversed the same way any other diseases are reversed in order to restore health; stay away from meats, starches, breads, synthetic sugars and hybrid foods. Give your body time to restore itself. there are herbal compounds available to assist you.

  4. Hello and good day !
    I noticed broccoli lettuce…we can eat the leaves but not the broccoli?

  5. My thyroid has been removed due to rapid goiter growth. What should I do now? Been taking synthroid since returning. Removal?????

    • Retain a carbon based diet. Drink alkaline teas rich in iron and keep the body cleansed of mucus. The goal is to create an internal environment where your cells and organs constantly feed of off a plant based mineral balanced nutrition so that any damaged nerves or removed organs can grow back. Go to Dr. Sebi’s official website and get familiar with the nutritional foods as compounds.

  6. Hi I have arthritis and bone loss, My Dr. wants to replace my hip. what can I do to strengthen my bones to prevent surgery?

    • Eat foods rich in Magnesium and calcium.
      Checkout your sea veggies:
      the Sea Vegetables (wakame/dulce/arame/hijiki/nori)

      And check out your iron based plant foods
      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.

      You can make teas; you do not have to mix them. If you would like to, that is your choice. They may be difficult to find depending on where you are. You may have to order the roots from online herbal websites.

      Be sure to get the Bromides plus.

  7. Peace & love,
    In my body there is a loose fibroid tumor that started growing along my uterus. I just transitioned to all raw to cleanse myself. What herbs can u recommend for consumption and how often. Much thanks for any and all information.

    • What Dr Sebi has said about fibroids is that the mucous membrane has been compromised (broken down) in the reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the body there. Doctors try to cut it out, but there is no knife that can separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus; the doctor is going to cut into you now. If the doctor doesn’t cut all the way into you, he’s going to have to leave some in there.
      You need something that is consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines; which is potassium phosphate. When it comes to Dr. Sebi, you are given something to drink that enters the blood stream and where doesn’t the blood go? The blood goes everywhere; into the walls and pushes things away. This is how you naturally get rid of Fibroid tumors.

      Herbal consumption can be a daily thing when consuming teas; see nutritional guide. Dr Sebi has both the Uterine wash and Estro that can help with Fibroids and if necessary the office can provide you if items from the therapeutic package; particularly the Fucus & Lino. Simply check and see if there are any other item they would recommend.

  8. I am a young mother 38 that has two kids my mom now age 53 had an alcohol problem most of my life 4 years ago I had to rescue her from the hospital and bring her to live with me in Detroit she was diagnose with dementia is there anything that I can do to bring back her memory I would do anything for my mom so that she can be in her right mind once again she is so young is there anything I can do please help me

    • Order “Banju” and eat according to the nutritional guide.

      • Is moringa good are bad? If bad why

        • It may not be among some of the most detrimental hybrid herbs, but it isn’t favored by Dr Sebi as an item worth promoting as a beneficial herb.

          I used moringa while fasting just as long as I used Dr. Sebi’s “T1” while fasting, both on separate occasions. Great results from T1 and no results from Moringa. Due to that experience it cause a challenge in my interest to take moringa on a long term basis.


          Before we get into the real lecture; pull this out. This is how people take privileges on us. They don’t care about us. They feed us information that, Oh God; that’s why the rest of the world laughs at us. Because they know that we have both eyes closed.

          Here it is:
          Ah, Moringa; moringa has 23 more times the iron in spinach. Spinach has iron? No, because spinach {let me take my time because a whole lot of information, I don’t wanna jog it up.} Anything that has the Ph of 7+ is alkaline. Anything that has less, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, is acid.

          Spinach = acid. Why compare moringa with spinach when spinach has a starch base? It has no iron.

          7 times the calcium in milk. Milk has calcium? When I stopped drinking milk 42 years ago and I could fall on my knees. When you drink moringa with milk; because they say to mix it with milk in some pages here, you’re not going to fall on your knees at 73. You gonna leave your knees down there. [laughter]

          11 times vitamin A that you find in carrots. Carrots have vitamin A? Carrots belongs on the acid side of life. So right there and it said to mix with carrot juice. Why would they do that? Then up here [looking at the brochure] they talk about the Ayurvedic system of medicine recommends moringa. Ayurvedic is Indian. The ayurvedic system of medicine recommends cow milk? The ayurvedic system of medicine has never cured any disease, NOR MORINGA or any other system in the world.

  9. Hello, what is recommended for IBS & ovarian cysts

    • The same method is applied as the ones for
      These require an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. An intra-cellular chelation; meaning we are going to clean the cells. The cells that make up the organs that make up the system. So not only the organ, but we are going to clean up the cell that makes up the organ. Why? Because when cancer is present it’s showing that there is a high level of acid condition; a very extremely high level of mitosis – the cell is eating up the chest. It is only cause the presence of acid. So the body must be nourishes simultaneously. Disease requires nourishment back to health. So we give them the Bio-mineral Balance. It is the Intra-cellular chelation coupled with the Bio-mineral balance.

      The reason black females are facing such high incidents with fibroids is because of their diet. They have been taken away from the diet that nature has designed for us. And we have become victims, conditioned to that diet. Now we have to turn this thing around, we have to bring back everything that we know is consistent to our cellular predisposition.
      Mucous membrane has been compromised (broken down) in the reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the body there. Doctors try to cut it out, but there is no knife that can separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus; the doctor is going to cut into you now. If the doctor doesn’t cut all the way into you, he’s going to have to leave some in there.
      You need something that is consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines; which is potassium phosphate. When it comes to Dr. Sebi, you are given something to drink that enters the blood stream and where doesn’t the blood go? The blood goes everywhere; into the walls and pushes things away. This is how you naturally get rid of Fibroid tumors.

      For IBS we have the small cleansing package where the Chelation will do wonders! The Bromide Plus will assist.

      • I’m having alot of issues with ibs can’t barely go to the bathroom having trouble passing gas scared to eat because not sure what’s good for me I’m anxious can’t sleep at night I have faith in God but I also need someone who cares about patients and can help what should I do?

  10. I stopped eating meat and all dairy products 9 monyhs ago, i now have problems with my skin i now have acne something i did not have before what can i do please help.

    • During a healing process or a transition of the body positioning itself to benefit from a better internal environment, it is common to experience acne.

  11. Hello,
    What is recommended to treat reoccurring bacterial vaginosis? Thank you

  12. Alot of great info. I was told by afriend that there was a herble cure for diabeties what diet do I need.

    • You heard about an herbal cure but you’re asking about a diet? The cure to all disease is a strict diet. Herbal compounds merely assist the body in doing what it naturally does which is to keep you strong and healthy. We simply have to refrain from eating detrimental foods. We use Dr Sebi’s nutritional Guide to assist us.

  13. im in south africa, how do i get hold of Dr Sebi down here, im vegan, thank you.

  14. This site is a wonderful thing constantly monitored, all messages responded to, people just helping people…I am in awe.

  15. What do you suggest to cure a spinal tumor. My friend has a Intradural-Extramedullary Tumor” on his spine and needs to be cured. Any remedies?

  16. Hey Zee,
    I’m an athlete and bodybuilder. If I were to purchase the “Small Cleansing Package” shown on Dr. Sebi’s website can I continue with my current plant-based meal plan? The meal plan includes foods on Dr. Sebi’s list except for mung bean sprouts. Are sprouts OK? If not what can I use to substitute for the mung bean sprouts? Also, what should I use to replace my Sun-Warrior Vegan protein powder that includes raw organic pea protein, raw cranberry protein, and raw organic hemp protein. All ingredients are vegan and non-GMO. Is it OK to continue with this protein powder or what should I use to substitute if not OK?
    I have overall good health other than some occasional moderate acne flare ups but always looking to get better!
    Thanks for your help!

    • Yes, if you get that, you would be able to continue with your current plant-based meal plan. If your acne flare ups do not decrease to a less-than-occasional experience, then I recommend excluding the mung bean sprouts, and all the protein items except for the hemp product.

      Yes sprouts are okay as foods according to the nutritional guide. The bromide tea will give you the power punch and muscle feed that you are looking for in place of both the mung bean sprouts and your Sun-Warrior Vegan protein powder. You can add hemp seed milk to it if you like.

  17. Greeting Zee, I’m curious about weight loss and preventing myself from any further damage to my body. At this point I’m boarderline everything and need change. I’m 38 years old, 5′ 8″ 315 pounds. Just started back in the gym down 20 pounds from 336. I currently purchased 4 products Testo, Green Food Plus, Bromide plus and Bio Ferro capsules. Would you have any recommendations and is a good place to start?

  18. My husband suffers from chronic back pain from an injury he experienced about 5 years ago. The doctors says he has a slipped disc. Because of the chronic pain he has been on pain meds for quite some time. Now he experiences inflammation in his joints and occasion swelling in his hands. Is there ANYTHING you can recommend. The chronic pain leads to constant bouts of depression. PLEASE HELP, if you can.

    • I know two people who have reversed back injury and cured back pain by jogging. Eating bad foods can contribute to the cellular erosion that is already depriving the body of a naturally quick healing process. Try eating according to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide as much as possible. For internal application there is Banju and viento, but be sure to get the Bromide because it will assist with one weening themselves away from the most detrimental foods while we make an effort to collect better ones to eat. It will also address the swelling. If healing is slow it can be based on obstruction in the intestines, contact the office and get the chelation and endocrine.

  19. Hi, I suffer from phimosis which is the tightening of the foreskin on my penis. When i pull it back it hurts and leads to tiny rips on my foreskin causing bleeding. What do u recommend?

    • Men who have not been circumsized need to eat by strict means but this is rarely taught all over the world. The skin is the larges organ of the body and happens to be a part of the immunological system. So this requires an intra-cellular chelation and a very strict diet. Steroid creams will compromise your cellular structure and leave a stain on your penis. Instead, we learned from Dr. Sebi to use plant based potassium phosphate because when consumed its activity in the blood is an effort that removes mucus and toxins internally. We have lily of the valley for that. Contact the office.

      Make a liquid solution of Bromide Plus tea and Eva salve (start with a small amount first and adjust to preferable strength) and apply it externally by pouring onto the penis, by dabbing with cloth, soaking into a cup or however you are to manage. Do it as often as necessary. While warm water bathing you may apply eva salve as well.

      You can add Chickweed tea to this solution or apply it to the penis after the sensation from use of eva salve has left. this tea will help keep the penis from getting too dry.

  20. I have been suffering from Plantar Fascitiis for over three months. Have you treated any? Please help as it is really frustrating.Any advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you & continue the good work you’re doing

    • According to Dr Sebi this is due to dehydration, oxygen deprivation and obstruction cause by mucus. The cellular structure simply needs to receive CELL FOOD while you give the body a break from consuming starches, sweets and meats, hybrid foods, yeast and other acid causing foods. Natural plant based foods rich in iron, oxygen and chlorophyll are most recommended. Eva Salve can also be applied.

  21. I suggest from spider vein what can you suggest

  22. My mom has been on program for 3 years. She first got lung cancer and received radiation later it came back after two years to the brain, That’s when we started the program. However she received more radiation it shrunk. Then 1 year later it went to the liver. We opted out on radiation. However, now it has grown even after 3 months of special herb formula. What do think we should do?

    • What program was your mother on?

      • She was on special packages big, medium, small, back to big. Then a special formula for the liver. It is in the liver and her stomach is protruding.


        • She was on what kind of special packages? big, medium and small what? Who did you go to or who did she go to in regards to receiving these things?

          • We spoke to the people in the office. Pablo, Jenny, and Beatrice. They suggested the packages. Nothing grew in the brain or lungs but now she is unable to walk or feed herself. It did grow in the liver was the last test results.

          • 1. You need to reserve time for cleansing.
            2. You need to be consistent in your use of the compounds and consuming the least detrimental food when you eat.

            We start by addressing your iron deficiency via rising your internal reservoir for mineral iron which your immune system requires much of. You will need to consume a bottle a day of either “Iron Plus” or “Bio Ferro” for at least ten days. Then you will only take two or three spoon fulls when you start on your therapeutic package. Noon and evening you can consume a cup of bromide tea.

            I hope this helps her.

  23. What do you suggest for enlarged prostate. My dad is trying to figure how to overcome this.

  24. Hello, I suffer from endometrious. Will the nutrional guide help this? Would you also recommend any of the products for this please if you feel it will be beneficial for me? Many thanks in advance for your help.

    • Mucus is obstructing the reproduction areas. Refrain from eating acid producing foods and to do this, eat according to the nutritional guide. Chelation for cleansing, Iron Plus for mineral balance and Estro for nutrient focus on reproductive areas.

      Be sure to confirm with the office.

  25. Hello Zee,

    What is the cause of cramping during a woman’s menstrual cycle, what should be taken. In addition, what should be taken to improve eye sight or clear up cataracts? I love this site!

    Thanks again

    • According to the norm, a woman is supposed to see her menses every month. But not according to life. History doesn’t show that. Dr Sebi is told by many ancient people that the woman use to menstruate once every four years and only for ten minutes. But her body was clean. “My Sperm” Dr Sabi says, “was not white, it was green. Now my sperm is white and you have a menses every month. You are releasing an ovum every month. That is unnatural, because you are accelerating the body; high metabolism. So when some of them say that their menses has stopped, it can be a good thing.”

      Dr Sebi has mentioned that black females have been taken away from the diet that nature has designed for them/us. And we have become victims, conditioned to that diet. Now we have to turn this thing around, we have to bring back everything that we know is consistent to our cellular predisposition. Check out the Estro for assistance in this area.

      Dr Sebis has offered some excellent information on the subject matter of health for the eyes.

  26. What does it mean to be an advocate? I want to help people

  27. How long are the vegetables and fruits on Sebi’s guide good after juicing them. We are told they lose nutrients if not drunk immediately. Can we juice them and store them for a few days? I don’t believe anything main stream society says about anything now.

    • Vegetable and fruits loose a lot of their vital essences one removed from the stem or ground. What is left is a bio mineral nutrition that can be stored for at least 3 to 4 days. You would have to experiment to learn the cycles yourself.

  28. Good day, I’m interested in finding ways to grow healthy hair, bones, and avoid joint pains. I’m in early onset of diabetes and slight high blood pressure and wou km d to purchase a regimen that would alleviate or eradicate the early onstage of the disease. I’m obese and would also like to reduce my gut (belly fat); it is said that the gut is also the cause of some diseases like diabetes, is it true?

    Also, obtainin excellent skin is of interest as well

    Hope to hear from you.

    B4 I forget to ask, my sister had an operation years ago to lose weight. She had the procedure t b st reduces b12, lowers the production of iron and leakage of enzymes, I think. She had the duodenal switch, a high risk procedure. She’s had numerous hospitalizations, dangerous to her health and would like to know what can she do to improve the negative symptoms she experiences. When she passes gas, it is lethal.

    She is traveling to Honduras in October. Our parents, may they rest in peace, father is from Trujillo and mother is from Travesia, Puerto cortes. She is familiar with Ceiba, but not Usha Village.

    I am mentioning just in case she would need to go to Usha Village to receive a better treatment

    • Clearing the obstruction of mucus from the body will renew all of the features that you are interested in. I recommend the Bromide Plus Powder so that you can make tea and drink it daily. It is rich in calcium which will address 3 things:
      1. Bone health.
      2. Joint health.
      3. High blood pressure.

      You can see a video where Dr Sebi drops to his knees unharmed at the age of 81. This is the result of consuming Bromide teas for years.

      Contact the office to order the Chelation or go online and order the small cleansing package to assist you in your effort of clear out the obstructions in your gut. An acid environment in the gut definitely contributes to diabetes as well as bad skin.

      All your sister needed in order to lose weight was to be fed some real food. When we eat compromised and detrimental items titled as food, what we are really getting is STIMULANTS that merely deprive the body of the oxygen and mineral nutrition that the cells of the body need. So the body stores and collects toxins and collects more fat to increase its ability to store toxins until it is able to get rid of it. While this is taking place, cells are not being fed and while cells aren’t being fed, the organ structure is not being fed which will soon result in the central nervous system being compromised and the organs neglecting to perform the duties that they were designed to do.

      The medical industry is successful because we are addicted to poison. The medical industry is a prodigious sponsor of the food industry to the point where due to marketing strategy in the business world, the food industry now serves as a toxic/poisonous fence around our communities in order to keep disease producing items closer to us and healthier cell food feeding items far more distant from us. And the high prices for healthy food offers a balance for such devious goals.

      So all your sister needs to do, is the same thing that you will be doing. Once your cells are fed, you will no longer experience the cravings caused by chemicals/preservatives in foods that hit you with the combination of starving your cells and stimulating both the parasites and areas in the brain that aggravate nerves associated with the appetite.

      • Brenda Lee Arauz-Martinez

        Thank you so much, I will relate the message to my sister and reach out to your office to purchase what you indicated. Truly appreciated it, many Blessings to you and your generous work of healing. I’m sure, Dr. Sebi is proud that his legacy is being honored through your honest labor and love for humanities health.

  29. Do you think a coffee enema will release toxins and the tumor in the liver?

    • no, a coffee enema will not release toxins and tumors in the liver.

      Dr. Sebi does not recommend enemas. However, only in extreme condition (patient being in a coma) and then he would only use the herbs “Arnica” or “Lily of The Valley.” If the patient is not in a coma, he does not recommend the enema. And the reason he would use these herbs with the water combination (enema) is to make sure that the solution that he is using will have compounds that will prevent bacteria from replenishing itself in the colon.

  30. Reading this website makes me want to cry. Partially from the joy of finding info that finally makes sense to me, and partially from the frustration of knowing (and being taught) such incorrect info about food in the past. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. Please can you help me with authentic sites that one can purchase these herbs?Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
    Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
    Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
    Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
    Budock Root
    Borututu Bark.Thank you
    Do you have any centre in Afri

    • For now see what you can get from your local whole foods store and herbal store because you can find most of these teas there. I just contacted my people and told them to go ahead and get a website up for their teas so that I can direct people like you to it.

  32. Greetings Beloved, pray all is well. I thank the Lord for Dr. Sebi & pray his words will continue to live in your lives & all others that desire God’s original plan. My son suffers from eczema. We recently stopped eating the norm & only have been eating seeded watermelon & juicing fruit & veggies. He’s tired of this, but I’m still reading on what to eat. Please offer any information that will heal him from the inside out? His skin is still very itchy & scaley. Lastly any information for long healthy hair & small breast? I’m sure my diet at an early age contributed to my breast not growing naturally. Jesus blessings to you, yours, & all of us that have been touched by Dr. Sebi. Jesus is Lord!

    • IRON
      It is impossible for you to get sick if your iron level is up to par. If you have a disease, no matter what kind of disease it is, you are anemic. Iron is the mineral that conveys oxygen to the brain. Iron should have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. (the CHO chain). Iron is the spark plug of the human body. When you are deficient in iron, you are susceptible to a whole bunch of diseases. Iron fires the body up and is the only mineral on the planet that is magnetic. Being that iron is magnetic it has a tendency to pull other minerals to it. It pulls magnesium, zinc, gold, calcium, phosphorous, etc. It would be safe to say that when you take large doses of iron that you are taking all the other minerals. The lack of iron causes 40 manifestations of disease. Without iron, the body looses energy and the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen going to the brain when iron is low. Without iron, we wrinkle at a young age and no longer able to walk straight. The Burdock plant is rich in iron and has 102 minerals. The body naturally consumes or uses the amount of 3 table spoons of iron a day. Dr. Sebi recommends 2 table spoons 3 times a day.

      FOOD WITH HIGH IRON CONTENT (Make teas with these)
      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Lily of the Valley – Rich in iron fluorine and Potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.
      Burdock – Rich in iron.
      Blue Vervain – Rich in iron.
      Yellow Dock – Rich in iron.
      Chickweeb – Rich in iron
      Anamu – Rich in iron

      Lay off of anything that is fat or anything that contains lactic acid. These things tend to obstruct the dermal of the skin. Eva Salve is recommended for the skin while Banju is recommended for cleansing the blood. We use the intra-cellular cleansing to cut through all of the calcium build-up and cholesterol; all the fat and all the grease. You will be given the chelation, liquid iron and a diuretic. Contact the LA Office.

  33. Is there anything to take for kidney disease, ESRD , poor circulation, diabetes vision loss, high blood pressure, ACID REFLUX.,what is recommended

    • Everything about the African Bio Mineral Balance is about removing the acid condition that is eating away on the body. All of the compounds that Dr. Sebi has to offer actually play this very role. Simply take some time to review this website.

  34. Greetings Zee, pray all is well. What suggestion do you have to grow breast naturally? I’m not just wanting bigger breast, I’m just desiring some breast without breast augmentation. I’m not fully an A-cup, Lord help me. I really appreciate you & all Dr. Sebi is doing through us.

  35. Mr. Malachi,
    I have a question regarding, “Mercury Toxicity”.
    My Daughter have been suffering from this condition for over 8 years, her symptoms are very debilitating she has 24-7 Dizzness, Brain fog, Hypertension, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fatique and Shortness of Breath. Can you “Please” give us some guidance as to what she needs to take to remove the Mercury from her system in a “safe way” so that she can regain her quality of life back. the methods that have been suggested to us is that
    1. To remove the mercury from her mouth (fillings).
    2. Cook w/stainless steal & glass cookeware.
    3. Eat specific organic foods to heal her gut,rid her body of Imflammation and to began a slow process of
    chelating the mercury out of her system.
    Regarding Chelation, we are very concerned with the Mercury “exiting her body in a proper way” so that it dont “Reinfect” her system. So we desperatly need your guidance in this matter. I am also sufferning from Enemia, Hypertension and Hip Pain (can’t lay on my right side with out experiencing pain). One last question, I had been drinking Kefir and Kombucha, what did Dr. Sebi have to say regarding consuming them. We appreciate any guidance that you can give to us. Thank You in advance.

    • The key is consistency so keep up the good work in regards to chelations especially if you are getting them from Dr. Sebi’s office. Refrain from consuming things that can cause acid conditions in the body. If items are not listed on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional Guide then he does not recommended them.

  36. Hello…
    I’m 268lbs, doctor says I’m borderline high blood pressure, right eye has cateract ( no sight) .. anemic & heart paps, osteoporosis in both elbows & knees. What do you reccomend for me to purchase. I need help.

    • The knowledge that Dr. Sebi has left behind is archived on this website. What if there was nothing to purchase to help you? Are we not concern with the cause of disease? The food that we have been eating for years is causing an acid condition to eat away on us and compromising the very cellular structure responsible for good blood pressure, a healthy heart, eyes, joints and healthy blood. If we had been eating real food for the last 3 decades, we would not be sick and disabled. All of Dr Sebi products are designed to finally feed the cellular structure.

      You will want to cleansing package that includes Bromide Plus, Chelation and Veinto. But your immune system needs a boost and your iron balance is a reservoir that needs to be restored; for this Dr Sebi recommends drinking a bottle a day for 10 days, one of the bottles of tonics such as the Banju, Iron Plus, or Bio Ferro. The acid conditions and mucus will be getting removed at this point, but then to directly address the eyes, we cleans the gut; ask for the compound called, “Endocrine” which will also address diabetes. Contact the office to see if there is anything else you might need.

  37. Hello and thank you for this forum.

    If you smoke natural herbs how do you clean your lungs?

  38. Thank You for responding. I am following Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide but in addition to that, I would like to know what products that I need to order for “Migraine Headaches” “Hypertension”and “Gurd Issues”. Thanks in advance.

  39. how do I get Dr. Sebi’s Nutritonal Food Guide

  40. Need to know what I can use to cure diabetes.

    • All African Bio-mineral Balance compounds are comprised of natural plants; which means its constitution is of an alkaline nature. This is important – and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies – because disease can only exist in an environment that is acid; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base. Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleans and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state. Our system of nutrition goes even further. In addition to removing the accumulation of years of toxins, the African Bio-mineral balance replaces depleted minerals and rejuvenates damaged cell tissue eroded by the acid diseased state.

      PRODUCTS https://drsebiscellfood.com/pages/product-list

  41. Hello I’m trying to see what can I use for fatty liver and liver health

  42. I am wondering I have been diagnosed with IBS 6 years ago and more recently (last year) with leaky gut. My body has become increasingly reactive to a growing number of foods: Interestingly all starches (particularly rice but even carrots and pumpkin), mince meat, cashews and almond nuts often peanuts (I haven’t tried walnuts but intuitively I thought I would be ok with these and then saw them in the guide), dairy, caffeine, coconut oil, some coconut products, sometimes red meat also. I was instructed that fruits contain sugar effect the body negatively but I see in the nutritional guide that these are recommended.

    I also have under the surface bumps that I suppose would be considered acne that I only started to get in the last 3 years on my chin – around my mouth. Sometimes they are smaller than other days but I wonder if you know what this would be related to? My PMS symptoms intensified in the last 3 years also.

    I am wondering – how long typically do you recommend fasting for? Or is it just for a few days here and there at a time? Also what frequency of fruits is suggested? Should this be every day or every other day? Or just eat what you want with regards to fruits?

    Also to reverse these conditions (any conditions) would the nutritional guide need to be followed indefinitely?
    Thank you!

    • The nutritional guide must be followed by strict means. Mucus an toxin needs to be cleans from the gut and this can happen by fasting or taking chelation (small cleansing package). You fast until you are better. You will want to have bromide plus powder as a fasting companion. You can fast by eating green leafy vegetables which you will find in a variety of lettuces. Do not any any sauce, spice or flavor to the lettuce. You can eat fonio or quinoa every 3 days during your fast (you can apply sea salt).

      • Farrell Brocklebank

        Hi Zee, How long would the fast need to be for?

        Also after the fast how often can you eat fruits?

        Will the nutritional guide need to be strictly followed forever?


        • Those of us who have spent a lot of years eating detrimental foods usually have habits/addictions (starch/meat addictions) to deal with; so it would be a good idea to consider FASTING as a way of life – something they we do on a regular and as long and as often as we choose.

          Depending on the illness that a person is dealing with, staying away from fruit until the illness is cured is a great idea.

          The nutritional guide is a list of the least detrimental foods that we can consume. It is completely up to you if you select to moderately consume some of the more detrimental foods. Until we get a better handle on our economics so that the majority of us will have access to the natural plant based foods that we would prefer, I recommend strictly following the nutritional guide forever.

  43. My 28 year old son woke up one day with paraniod schizophrenia and he also seems to have some form of dementia is there anything you could recomend to releave his symtoms? Thank you

  44. Hi Zee,

    Why is Avocado to be avoided when curing Herpes? Thanks

    • It will cause mucus in the body. Even though it will cause the least amount when compared to other mucus causing foods, people with diseases that they want to be quickly cured from may want to refrain from consuming avocado and other foods listed on the nutritional guide.

      • Hi
        please could you list the other foods on dr sebi nutritional guide that we should avoid to helps us heal faster and better?
        peace and blessing

  45. Hi. I currently have a history of DMII,hypertension, and elevated cholesterol. Other than changing my diet, are there any recommended supplements that I should be taking. What would you recommend for intermittent muscle twitches/spasms? How would I know if I need an intracellular cleanse?

    • If you have an acid condition or a nervous condition caused by an acid condition then you need an intracellular cleans.

      Banju and bromide powder plus

  46. What does Dr Sebi suggest for herpes?

  47. hi zee, when eating your salads for curing hereps can you apply olive oil, seasalt, and lime juice to your salad as a dressing or dry only ?

    • Olive oil, sea salt and lime juice are all for the experience of texture and flavor right? Those items are fine but if you want to heal faster you can either eat the salad dry or by adding a paste made of zucchini-sea salt-ginger juice (often) or avocado-sea salt-ginger (sparingly).
      Explore your lettuce options and happy healing.

  48. Greetings Zee Malachi,

    Apologizes in advance for the long message. I have been doing a lot of research on this site, reading comments, an just gaining as much knowledge as possible but I need some assistance. Im trying to cure herpes an come up with a plan to do so. I have been eating by the nutritional guide for about 10 month now an I also did my first fast this week for 5 days and I started to feel so weak all I wanted to do was sleep but I work 6 days a week. I was losing weight so fast (2 to 3pounds daily). Im 6’2 was 170 an I dropped to 150. I drunk bromide all day, took green food plus, chelation, bio ferro,an iron plus. I wanted to do a longer fast but I started to feel like I was going to past out at work soon. So I started back eating from the guide. I make my own spelt flat bread and a mix consisting of zucchini, sqaush, mushrooms, kale, bellpeppers an seasoning from the guide. That’s all I eat. Im going to start another fast today any suggestions/tip on helping me come up with a plan to heal myself? How do I keep my energy levels up while fasting? I also read a previous comment stating not to eat avocados due to it being mucus forming. If I have to break my fast again what can I eat? What foods are an are not mucus forming on the nutritional guide? Is spelt suppose to be wheat or white because I have both due to not being sure if the both are electric. Where can I order guaco, conconsa, an sarsasprilla? Where can I get the Sea Vegetables (wakame/dulce/arame/hijiki/nori)?

    Thanks so much in advance, your a great help.

  49. Hi
    Firstly I want to thank everybody that contributes to this site. my god bless you. I have sever chronic fatigue syndrome/ M.E for nearly 9 years now. So I am mostly bed ridden due to my weakness and intensity of my symptoms. Apart from the physical and mental fatigue and pain, my next worst symptom is dizziness, light headiness followed by slow boated stomach. I am unable to travel for 3 minets without feeling nauseas which quickly leads to severe abdominal pain and intense feeling of faintness and breathlessness.
    I have finished 2 dr sebi cleansing package as the 1st one I don’t really feel/see any mucus being released. The 2nd I saw a small amount. I did these 2 cleanse while following the dr sebi nutritional guide while trying to copy the usha village type of fasting.( fruits in the morning followed by a lunch made solely from the nutritional guide and nothing after that except water and bromide until breakfast the next day. And of course your recommended herbs/ package from the office.
    I got this information from a patient of dr sebi who runs this site,http://www.godcuredme.com/ ) he said that its ok to have home made fruits juices from the nutritional guide too.
    so this is what I have been eating like for nearly 3 months now avocado with 3 table spoon of home made juice blended into a smoothie in the morning and quinoa with agave syrup only for lunch and nothing after that except for my bromide and my home made juice. I did do my small cleansing package while on this type of diet and fasting routine. so far I have not improved and sometimes I feel weaker.
    I am concerned especially after reading that avocado is mucus forming and that fruit’s should be avoided. which feels impossible for me to do as I feel extreamly hungry and weak, faint if I don’t not get the fructose from the fruits.
    its like my stomach continues to throw very extreme hunger pains until I eat a fruit or my home made fruit juice. which is hard to bear being that I am already in a very frail state and trying to cope with already intense symptoms. not to mention I am underweight and have lost a lot of weight from this diet and fast. worryingly my weight has fallen of from my bottom ( I have a very flat butt now:() and now if feel like it falling of from my breasts!?
    what’s the best course of plan for me? can you educate me on what I should eat? what are the low fructose fruits? what’s the best vegetables to juice? I have dr sebi All Inclusive Package (Female – Estro)and iam working my way through it. How can I get the most out of this package? please please reply, I have tried contacting dr sebi office but they are always busy, I am from the uk so its hard to reach them.
    thank you and peace and blessings to you and everybody
    p.s I lost 2.5 liters of blood when I gave birth to my child, my health problems really started from there. although I felt off my whole life. Grew up on fish, chicken, and rice mainly.

    • I like where the direction of your effort is, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Your second brain has to kick in. THE GUT BUGS. Give time for the new microbes to be developed in your gut. These are the ones that will break down additional calories from your food. Ever wonder why the gorilla is so huge after merely being a vegan? – Well that’s how – all of their gut bugs are designed to give them the MOST of what they eat.

      Many of us have ate so many of the wrong food for years that the result is that we created meat bugs (microbes specifically capable of breaking down the meat) and what it places in our blood stream over the years are substances that our cellular structure repels. So the cells go year after year being deprived of nutrition to the point the cellular membrane is compromised. So simply allow time for the probiotic environment that needs to be in your gut to take place. The more greens you eat, the quicker you will get there.

  50. Hi brother zee
    Thankyou for replying. please can you answer another question.
    Do you think it will be helpful for me if I did the 1 bottle a day of iron plus or bio ferro for 10 days.
    if yes could you tell me if there’s any side effects that I should look at for such as increase detox symptoms etc and can it be done with the fasting routine I am doing.( no food after lunch)
    peace and blessings

  51. I have recently been diagnosed with AIDS and I am a mother of a 4 year old daughter. What can I do to reverse this?

  52. Do you know why cashews aren’t on Sebi’s list? From what I can tell when researching it, it is a natural tree that produces cashew apples and cashew nuts. The apples don’t ship well so are only sold in locations where the cashew trees are.

    • When Dr. Sebi recommended nuts to eat he did not agree with cashews as a nut that should be consumed. If you would like to eat cashews nuts because you like what you found in your research efforts, then please eat the cashews.

  53. I suffer from itchy skin from head to toe. My doctor said I had eczema. Do you have any recommendations to help cute itchy skin?

    • It’s not just what we can put on our skin such as Dr. Sebi’s “Eva Salve” but it’s also what we put in our bodies. We have to eat better. Study this website and learn about Dr. Sebi’s method.

      The task where healing must be accomplished is found in the pH balance in the body’s blood. Immunology reveals that getting sick, acquiring diseases and bad microbes are due to a deficiency in the blood which affects the immune system. If the pH of the body is acidic, then it will strip the body of it’s mineral nutrients and deprived the body’s ability to have a strong immune system. Keep in mind that during some healing or cleansing processes, you will need to get more rest than usual. Depending on your situation, you may need to prepare to endure what is referred to as the healing crisis; which in short means to expect things to get worse before they get better. This has a lot to do with why Dr. Sebi uses the terminology of “reversing disease,” because during the healing process the body is known to re-visit each kind of pain, skin rash or disease that it experienced prior to the healing; all depending on how long the healing process is. Dr. Sebi has addressed at least eight things regarding the method of boosting the immune system.

      1. Fasting
      2. Dr. Sebi Compounds
      3. A Gallon of Water a Day
      4. Exercise
      5. Refrain from consuming detrimental foods
      6. Eat according to a list of foods that Dr. Sebi has recommended.
      7. Sleep (be kind to your body and get some rest)
      8. Usha Village (or stress relieving practices)

      If you plan to go to Usha Village you will want to use the methods listed from 1 to 7 prior to arriving in order to help condition you for the cleansing process.

  54. I have Inflammation of the Gall Bladder, due to a large Kidney Stone. The Doctor has said I need to get my Gall Bladder removed. I don’t want to go down this road. Is there anything you can suggest for me?

  55. you say “only three types of cabbage is approved (Kale, Turnip greens & Watercress).”… what about the regular cabbage, the green/purple cabbage, the round one??

    • Regular cabbage, the green/purple cabbage, the round one are cabbages that are not recommended. However, there are worst things that you can eat – depending on your condition.

  56. and what about the white/purple root of the turnip plant.

  57. Hello Zee,
    I read the article on how to cure herpes. But could u give step by step instructions. Or should I drink the one bottle a day, iron plus or bio ferro? Can u drink both, like one bottle of iron plus today and then a bottle of bio ferro tomorrow? I wasn’t sure after reading the article on exactly what to do. It refers u to do the same steps as reversing hiv. I just ordered iron plus, bio ferro tonic and bromide powder like it stated, but only one of each. Not really sure where to go from here. Pls help! Thanks in advance.

    • The references that you mentioned regarding drinking a bottle a day, have to to with replenishing your iron reservoir. You may consume the herbal compounds however you like as long as you are consistent. Consistency is the key.

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