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¬†¬†Okay so you’re talking to your doctor about what he/she is prescribing to you for your heart condition and you mention Dr. Sebi’s products. Then he asks, “what in it?” Of course you tell him/her that it’s all natural plant-based herbs, but the doctor says “well I just want to make sure that there is nothing in there that can cause you some blood pressure concerns.” Now he’s got your attention right? LOL.

These are compounds; a combination of herbs. The medication that most doctors prescribe will have a combination of ingredients. One ingredient from the product that the doctors is prescribing might cause you some blood pressure concerns, but while mixed with other ingredients it will not cause you those concerns. Simply ask the doctor, “which ingredient in the product you are prescribing might give me some blood pressure concerns?” Anywho, here is a list of ingredients of the cell food products.

Dr. Sebi has stated that it has taken him 18 years to learn how to combine herbs just right. Please study these herbs as much as you can if you plan on making your own compounds and be as careful as you can in mixing them. Some herbs are far more aggressive than others.






Santa Maria
Blue Vervain

Bio Ferro (tonic)
Burdock Root

Bio Ferro (capsule)
Burdock Root

Bromide Plus Powder
Irish Moss

Estro 1
Irish Sea Moss

Testo 1
Chaparro Amargo

Eva Salve
Olive oil
Nopal (Prickly Pear, Nopal Cactus)

Eye Wash
Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis,Euphrasia rostkoviana)

Green Food Plus
Tila (Linden)

Hair Food Oil
Olive Oil
Natural Fragrance Oil

Iron Plus
Cardo Santo

Hombre Gandre
Irish Moss

Tooth Powder
Myrrh Gum Powder

Uterine Wash
Red Clover


Chelation 1 (tonic)
Cascara Sagrada
Rhubarb Root

Chelation 2 (capsules)
Cascara Sagrada
Rhubarb Root

Dandelion Leaf
Chaparro Amargo


Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley

Red Clover


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  1. Hi, I will receive my therapeutic package today. Any suggestions? Extremely nervous my diet is official( dr sebi nutritional guide). Please help.

  2. I love him and never met Dr. Sebi. He speaks direct and truthfully I listen to him on Utube.

    1)Where to start if you are new to the correct way we should be eating as one of many beautiful females with melanin(LOL)?
    2)Which Dr. Sebi’s products to buy for a beginner advocate with a family? I’m not ill(by he’s strips, I’m healed).
    I never knew broccoli is not a veggie put on earth by God. I was shocked…LOL
    So glad God put him here for us and he’s resting with all the others who God showed grace too!!!

  3. Thank you For sharing brother.

  4. Hello I wanted to know what the best product was for cleansing your system my son was recently diagnosed with HIV and his CD4 count is very low already what would be good for him?

  5. I recently stumbled across Dr Sebi on You-tube. I am very interested in his products but I need to speak to someone. I live in London, England, please help.

  6. What are. The. Products.completely needed for the. Hsv2. Protocol zee.? What. Do I need. To do. And. Get.? Should I fast with juicing. All day. How many times should I eat A DAy?
    Personally . I really. Dont eat much. I might eat one meal a day. And.then Mostly fruits on Dr sebis list. I am tall with thick athletic built. How long should I stay I on the. Cleansing.then go get checked out.

  7. What specific diet should one take on to heal arthritis? What can be ingested for quick relief?

    • There is no quick relief for arthritis. The calcification trapped by mucus and the hardened uric acid that contributes to it must be flushed out by a consistent means of eating foods that improve your mineral balance and refraining from eating detrimental foods.

  8. Augustin Martinez

    Hi zee malachi, i was hoping to becoming a advocate for drsebi but was unable to contact your email address, if you could help me, it would be much appreciated.

  9. I am from Belize and I am desperately in need of help. I follow Dr sebi alkaline diet for 2 years now, but I need much more than that right now! I need his compound to heal myself. How can I get them. Belize is very near to hunduras, I can’t afford to stay at the village for a long time, so I am in need of the compound! And the information how to clean myself of this deadly disease. Help me please.

  10. I’m new to this path and would like to begin the journey. I’m 60 lbs overweight besides that I have no known health issues. Are there any recommended book that would help having daily food suggestions at my fingertips. Thank you and be well everyone!!!

  11. Does this work for Hemophilia?

  12. Seems on Dr Sebi’s website doesn’t list the endocrine formula if they discontinued it?

  13. Hi, thank you for all your information you answer almost everything! God bless you for that! I have very excessive dandruff and I wanted to know if this is a cleansing of some sort (because we have pores on our head) is my body getting rid (shedding) something or do you have any recommendations to help this.

  14. Hello Zee Malachi
    Ihave Tinnitus which is a constant ringing in the ears. docotrs have no cure and only gave me hearing aids as a solution. Need to know if you have anything that can help me .

  15. Hello,

    Thanks in a advance for all the knowledge.

    I want to heal my brother who suffers from blood clots. Can you help us?


    • As you determine herbs to use, remember that consistency is the key. Go longer periods without eating and drink plenty of water. Dr. Sebi always said refrain from eating detrimental foods. Study this website, see the food alerts page and nutritional guide.

  16. Hello is it possible to ship to belize central America?

  17. I love the good work u are doing. Pls add me to become an advocate. Have been trying hard to pay but all not positive bc I have no financial power to do so. I am from Africa Nigeria.

  18. Hello Zee, I have been to nutritional guide,went to Usha twice, and now doing Jamal’s products. My thyroid levels are normal, but I want to stop unwanted hairs from growing. I want my hair on my head to grow thicker like before thyroid. I also still have tremors and restless leg.

    • Remain consistent. I have known people who have had issues for two years and got rid of issues just by refrain from the consumption of detrimental foods after visiting Usha Village.

  19. Hi, Zee, I love sports, the endurance sports and I want to weed myself of the sports supplements and the starches as carbs source for energy. Following the nutritional guide from this website and I am grateful to Dr Sebi work.
    They said I need electrolytes in a form from man-made which is probably is acidic!
    I am so used to eat loads of rice, potatoes, oats, bread, yams, cassava as a source of slow releasing carbohydrates.
    I am have been vegan for five years, so there is no blood in my diet.

    • Electrolytes is the combination of your salts and sweets. So you can mix a cup of strawberry juice with two pinches of sea salt and whallah!!
      Date juice to Dr. Sebi’s Bromide powder plus tea and whallah!!!!
      A cup of cherry juice with two pinches of sea salt and whallah!!

      Fruits build muscle. Disease feeds on artificial sugar. If the vegetable is not bitter, it is because of the presents of sugar. So vegetables do have small amounts of sugar. It is the combination that yields a substance high in OXYGEN along with the combination of natural sugar that grants the body with high endurance abilities. We are better off turning towards our own sweet teas because the probability is higher for the herb/plant/vegetable as a tea to have more oxygen/sugar, than these industry sports supplements. And it offers an excellent source of energy.

      We have chefs and cooks today who prepare food according to Dr. Sebi’s recommendations that are quite capable of being a far better source of slow releasing carbohydrates and the kind of carbohydrates that agree with your cellular structure.

  20. Can I ask if this works for lyme disease please and all the other nasty infections and viruses that come with being bitten by a tick? And if so what can I do? What do you recommend please? Thank you

    • It is better to develop an immunity to lyme disease (bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi). These herbs assist the body with developing a strong immune system. To be very clear, your body is the cure. According to Dr. Sebi, since the body is electrical – it needs electrical substances. The body is deprived of electrical substances after consistently consuming detrimental foods. Soon the immune system is weakened, especially due to the loss of one major mineral of necessity – Iron.

      So acquiring an illness or disease is not completely based on invasions from external sources; it is also based on the state of your immune system. Which means if you need to cure lyme disease, it means curing several other conditions as well. While considering this, we include the knowledge referred to as “The Healing Crisis.” Briefly, this means that things can get worse before they get better. We simply prepare to expect this. Some people may get rid of lyme disease sooner than others via the use of these herbs when made into compounds.

      The task where healing must be accomplished is due to the blood of the body’s pH balance where immunology reveals that getting sick, acquiring diseases and bad microbes are due to a deficiency of the immune system. If the pH of the body is acidic, then it will strip the body of it’s mineral nutrients and deprived the body’s ability to have a strong immune system. Dr. Sebi has addressed at least seven things regarding the method of boosting the immune system

      1. Fasting
      2. Dr. Sebi Compounds
      3. A Gallon of Water a Day
      4. Exercise
      5. Refrain from consuming detrimental foods
      6. Eat according to a list of foods that Dr. Sebi has recommended.
      7. Usha Village (or stress relieving practices)

      If you plan to go to Usha Village you will want to use the methods listed from 1 to 6 prior to arriving in order to help condition you for the cleansing process.

  21. Are any of these effective in curing undereye bags? Please respond

    • I am not an herbalist, but many of them view this page. In time someone will reply with an answer according to your question.

  22. Did you get these ingredients from the bottles before Dr. Sebi passed away?

    Thank you.

    • Some of them I did yes. Others I got from a list that someone posted in our groups. I just posted the pictures on the page so that you can see.

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