Dr. Sebi on Virus, Germs and Bacteria

1988 Smack dab in the middle of the supreme court Dr. Sebi said, “There is no such thing as a virus, a germ or bacteria.” The judge said, “What is it then?” It is a microbe that is generated in the body when erosion begins,” said Dr. Sebi.

Nature only create the things that COMPLIMENT itself in support of life.  How does a virus, a germ or bacteria compliment or support in life? THEY DON’T! And in Dr. Sebi’s words, “THEY NEVER EXISTED.”

But listen to Dr. Sebi Say it himself.

Virus Germ and Bacteria Nevr Existed
In order to help teach or spread Dr. Sebi’s message to others, you may copy and paste to whoever you may be speaking with in social media groups:

Everything in nature COMPLIMENTS! Everything compliments!


A bacteria, a gerrn, a virus simply does not exist. It is a manifestation that is caused by erosion. But the erosion is cause by mucus and the mucus came from the foods that you eat.


When cells cease to receive oxygen they break down and depending where the erosion is taking place, there the disease you would have. If the erosion is in the nostril then it is sinusitis. If it’s in the bronchial tubes, it’s bronchitis. If it’s in the lung it’s pneumonia.


The only thing that causes the body to go into erosion is acid. Not alkalinity; acidity.









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  1. Will we be able to share info to other ppl not a member in the Sebi group…Or just a advocate for his group only…

    • You may share information already made available to the public. The Dr Sebi facebook groups are public domain; information on websites are public domain (with exception to information on password protected pages).

  2. I was told that if I have a Hormonal imbalance that I should take Apple Cider Vinegar. What is your take on Apple Cider Vinegar on your health?

    • It doesn’t matter what MY take is on Apple Cider Vinegar. The purpose of this website is to help people become familiar with the things that Dr Sebi taught and he does not recommend Apple Cider Vinegar. He teaches that acid has no place in the body.

      • In your article on detoxing you said drink 10 bottles of bio ferro iron plus do finish these bottles before you start on the compounds? I am going to do a juice fast do I take the herbs during the fast?Im trying to understand the order of doing the detox thanks

      • It is ridiculous to state that acid has no place in the body. If this was the case our bodies could not assimilate the food we consume. The key is balance

        • The reason Dr. Sebi states that acid has no place in the body is because it’s true. Stomach acid is not allowed to be distributed throughout the body via the blood stream. Once the food hits the stomach the hydrochloric acid turns to food into a chime and the chime along with some of the acid enters the duodenum. The pyloric sphincter opens and closes to regulate the flow of food into the duodenum. The pancreas then releases a liquid bicarbonate ion to neutralize the hydrochloric acid of chyme. And this juice is prepared by the pancreas’s own exocrine glands.

          An hour or two after eating, the parietal cells in the stomach release bicarbonate ions and continue to release it until the amounts of hydrochloric acid that made it into the blood stream has been neutralized. Does this sound like balance to you? This process is known as the “Alkaline Tide” because it lasts until the acids in food absorbed in the small intestine reunite with the bicarbonate that was produced when the food was in the stomach.

          There is no balance and perhaps only convenience; the acid can not be allowed to eat through the stomach and enter our blood streams. Acid is contained because it will harm the body on a cellular level if it is not regulated by the digestive system and neutralized by the digestive system (which the pancreas is a part of). The body looses its electrical status by way of the presence of acid or by the body’s own failure to produce bicarbonate ions.

  3. How can I find a list on all the good foods to eat that Dr Sebi recommended, so I can start a shopping list?

  4. How can I cure herpes …?

  5. Will the products still work if I don’t change my eating habits? if not how long do I have to give it up for?

    • It depends on what you will be eating. A plan to return to consuming detrimental foods will only cause you to revisit conditions that welcome sickness.

      • If I’m trying to reverse herpes, will welcoming back acidic food make the virus reappear in the body? As if it was never reversed?

  6. How would i go about curing Multiple sclerosis

    • All African Bio-mineral Balance compounds are comprised of natural plants; which means its constitution is of an alkaline nature. This is important – and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies – because disease can only exist in an environment that is acid; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base. Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleans and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state. Our system of nutrition goes even further. In addition to removing the accumulation of years of toxins, the African Bio-mineral balance replaces depleted minerals and rejuvenates damaged cell tissue eroded by the acid diseased state.

      PRODUCTS https://drsebiscellfood.com/pages/product-list

  7. Wouldn’t “std and sti”be considered a bacteria?and doesn’t detoxing right kill all the bacteria since it’s in your bloodstream?

    • Here at advocates for Dr Sebi what I do is present to people the things that Dr Sebi has presented. This collection of information is for people who want to learn more about this man after having learned of his accomplishments. That being said, I am certainly not telling you what to BELIEVE or HOW TO THINK.

      Many things are considered to be a virus, a germ or bacteria – by other people; not by Dr. Sebi.
      Returning the body to an alkaline state from an acid state by consistently using Dr Sebi’s compounds and refraining from the consumption of the major detrimental foods, is what gets rid of disease.

      • Once on an alkaline state, if going back to old ways of eating before can the herpes virus reappear in the body as if it was never detoxed out of the body?

        • No, you would have to contract or acquire the herpes microbe all over again. To be sure that the herpes is gone the body would at least have to have had been consistently functioning on an alkaline level where the circulation system is strong and the immune system boosted. Whether 3 week, or 7 weeks, you determine how long you will be consistent.

          • Thank you for answering my question! Also, What do you mean by 3 or 7 weeks? The duration of how long I stay at an alkaline environment? Or something else??

  8. Hello all,
    I am looking for encouragement and I plan on going Alkaline and eating the foods and the herbs suggested by Dr. Sebi. About how long does it take to cure the genital Herpes virus? I have only had it for about a month now. I am devastated and terrified. Trying my best to not fall into depression because doc. said it is no cure & transferable. However, I have been researching and learned about Alkaline/Dr.Sebi which has given me hope. Do you know anyone that has experienced being cured of Herpes virus?About how long does it take to cure the genital Herpes virus?

  9. I am intersted fully in following Dr. Sebi alkaline diet and fast. Im also thinking about visiting the village. However, im a person that uses more thought than action. My question is do you also offer coaching for getting started?

  10. Do you have an email that I may contact you?

  11. Does Dr. Sebi’s herbs for curing Herpes work for Mexican — Hispanic Americans, or only for African Americans?

    • Unlike other therapies, the African Bio-mineral balance specifically benefits the nutritional needs of the African gene structure. But the beauty of the African Bio-mineral Balance is, because of its highly electrical nature, it has ample capacity to accommodate the nutritional needs of the entire human species. Over the years, we have cured people from all walks of life. In our early years, the bulk of our clientele were Mexican and Caucasian, who benefited especially from cures for diabetes, Lupus, and diseases of the central nervous system – from insanity to schizophrenia to paranoia. We are proud to say our methodology, though initially designed to rescue the African gene, compliments the genealogy of all races. This can not be said of other therapeutic approaches. Other therapies, including the allopathic, homeopathic and naturopathic approaches, may yield benefits for other gene types, but fail to meet the nutritional needs of the African gene because the substances used in those therapies do not compliment its high electrical resonance.

  12. I have a question about herpes. I have been living the alkaline diet since i found out this year in february i have this disease. I found out i purchase the wrong sugar i meant to get date sugar. I eat almost everything on Dr. Sebi list. My back been has been hurting and i have bumps on the lower spine. Should i drink blueberry, elderberry, Ginger and dandelion tea to flush out the sugar that I thought was day sugar out of my system

    • Yes drinking herbal tea will help you flush the nervous system and boost your immune system. It will take time but remember consistency is the key. Things will appear worse before they get better.

  13. Can I be cured of Ulcerative Colitis if I follow dr. Sebi’s instructions? Or it will be just remission.

    • I do not know how dire your situation is in dealing with Ulcerative Colitis, but YES! You will need a chelation. It comes with two additional compounds that is referred to as the small cleansing package. In regards to remission, if you resume the kind of food consumption that can contribute to the cause of Ulcerative Colitis, then you will receive this disease again.

      It is better to develop an immunity to UC (Ulcerative Colitis). Dr. Sebi’s compounds assist the body with developing a strong immune system. To be very clear, your body is the cure. According to Dr. Sebi, since the body is electrical – it needs electrical substances. The body is deprived of electrical substances after consistently consuming detrimental foods. Soon the immune system is weakened, especially due to the loss of one major mineral of necessity – Iron.
      As a result, some of the detrimental foods that we eat can establish a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract.

      So acquiring an illness or disease has a lot to do with the state of your immune system. Which means if you need to cure UC, it means curing several other conditions as well. While considering this, we include the knowledge referred to as “The Healing Crisis.” Briefly, this means that things can get worse before they get better. We simply prepare to expect this. Some people may get rid of UC sooner than others via the use of herbs or Dr. Sebi’s compounds.

      The task where healing must be accomplished is due to the blood of the body’s pH balance where immunology reveals that getting sick, acquiring diseases and bad microbes are due to a deficiency of the immune system. If the pH of the body is acidic, then it will strip the body of it’s mineral nutrients and deprived the body’s ability to have a strong immune system. Dr. Sebi has addressed at least seven things regarding the method of boosting the immune system.

      1. Fasting
      2. Dr. Sebi Compounds
      3. A Gallon of Water a Day
      4. Exercise
      5. Refrain from consuming detrimental foods
      6. Eat according to a list of foods that Dr. Sebi has recommended.
      7. Usha Village (or stress relieving practices)

      If you plan to go to Usha Village you will want to use the methods listed from 1 to 6 prior to arriving in order to help condition you for the cleansing process.

  14. Jonathon Sifuentes

    My grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis, what herbs or foods cure this?

    • All of the plant-based iron teas will help. The blood will be responsible for removing what does not belong but the immune system has to be strong enough to send the soldiers with the genetic wisdom to breakdown the oxides and crystalizing uric acid that become arthritis – Plant based iron does all that.

      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Lily of the Valley – Rich in iron fluorine and Potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.
      Burdock – Rich in iron.
      Blue Vervain – Rich in iron.
      Yellow Dock – Rich in iron.
      Chickweeb – Rich in iron
      Anamu – Rich in iron

  15. Ever since I was young I was told I’ve asthma when I do x-rays it shows that one lung is not function like it should.
    So how do I feel
    1. I don’t feel any pain in my chest
    2. I breath heavily(like am overweight) I am a 1.75m/75kg
    3.I got blocked easily by cigarettes smoke
    What can help me?

  16. Is it recommended to drop arvs before you access Sebis medication. When is sebi reaching out to people who cannot afford getting to USha village from.other countries due to financial.constraints

    • Dr. Sebi does not use any medications. He uses herbs to make compounds. He passed away in 2016. It is recommended that you TAPER yourself off of medications while using herbal products if you want to get away from using chemical medicine.

      We have to make an effort to reach out to people who can not afford getting to Usha Village from other countries and let them know of any available solutions that we have come up with ourselves. The only on that I have come up with is the advocate’s program.

  17. What do you mean taper in that reply to Nelidap ?

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