You will be given the “Iron Liquid” initially. This will replenish your minerals. Then you will be gradually given “potassium phosphate” to open up the kidney, so that your urine can start again on a diuretic.

Listen for more by Dr. Sebi.


See Video


Treating kidney failure is tricky and tedious Even Dr Sebi has not been successful in all cases. Conditioning comes into the picture. A strict diet must be observed and ordering the therapeutic package is necessary. Some people who were treated recovered overnight and was off the dialysis and there were others who just could not stop eating that Canadian bacon.

Click on image of compounds below to be taken to Dr. Sebi’s official website for purchase.

THE LIQUID IRON (Iron Plus & Bio Ferro)

Iron plus


IRON PLUS – Iron Plus offers enhanced iron-rich nourishment for the blood, brain and central nervous system. Is designed to fight inflammation, purify and strengthen the entire system. Its key ingredient is “Chaparral” (Larrea Tridentate) has been recognized as a powerful antioxidant. Native Americans have used Chaparral to treat various conditions such as respiratory illness, chickenpox, snake bite and arthritis pain. Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, chaparral is a great treating liver wellness, cleansing of blood, improving immunity, weight loss, and overall well being. It has also been used to treat digestive problems such as cramps and gas, and respiratory tract conditions.



Bio Ferro


BIO FERRO – Bio Ferro combines the right ingredients to bring the most powerful and effective blood nourisher and purifier. Its key ingredient is “Yellowdock” (Rumex crispus) is a natural herb used as a digestive bitter for people with poor digestion. Yellow dock root is a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. Yellow dock root stimulates bile production, which helps digestion, particularly of fats. It can stimulate a bowel movement to help remove lingering waste from your intestinal tract; it also increases the frequency of urination to assist in toxin elimination.







FUCUS – A natural diuretic. Flushes excess stagnant fluid from the body; removing dead cells and promoting healthy skin. High in magnesium, calcium, phosphates, and other minerals. Fucus is a therapeutic item and can be found in the Booster Package.




Small cleansing packageTHE SMALL CLEANSING PACKAGE
The Small Cleansing Package is comprised of Chelation2, Bio Ferro and Viento. This cleansing package is designed to cleanse and renourish your body at the cellular level. The package will help rid the body of mucus, toxins and acids which accumulate throughout the body. It will also nourish and purify the blood and will bring the entire body to a healthy state. This is not a therapeutic package. If you have complex health issues, please call our office to formulate a therapeutic package designed to address your specific conditions.



Warning signs of kidney disease and how to keep them healthy





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  1. Im a dialysis patient with high blood pressure, been on dialysis over 10 yrs fear of transplant to many pills at this time anything can help it not i can understand im just happy sumbody heard my cries from fighting this diease

  2. Hello! I recently purchased the small cleansing package and I’m wondering once I am done with the cleanse, how can I properly treat my aldosterone problem (hypoaldosteronism)? My adrenal glands are producing too much aldosterone, which is causing a potassium deficiency, and is keeping all the salt in my body, which in turn, is raising my blood pressure. I also am type 2 diabetic, 5’4″ 162 lbs.any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

    • Simply purchase the Iron products. I usually recommend that people start on this first. When you are done with the cleansing package and you feel the need to do more; the Iron products will provide you with the minerals that you probably didn’t get enough of and balance everything out.

    • Tia, it seems like you also need to start eating Strictly from the Nutritional Guide immediately, or commit to gradually becoming an Alkaline Vegan to quickly help with your weight and diabetes, and it’ll be a positive domino effect.
      This is just my opinion. My family has been healed from The Late Great Dr.Sebi’s teachings, and I hope you and your family can be healed as well.
      Salute to Zee Malachi for doing great things in the name of Dr.Sebi. Peace Brother!

  3. What do you recommend for hyperthyroid? I’ve had this for 6 years now and I can’t take it anymore.

    • For an under active thyroid gland means that it needs to be fed natural iodine. Over active thyroid gland means that there is an acid condition that is causing the gland to go haywire which depletes the body of energy, so we treat the central nerve system and the gland itself with herbs that have potassium iodides, bromides and phosphates. Salt water and Sea vegetable are good for the thyroid system. I recommend ordering the Bromide plus.

  4. I am a dialysis patient. In 5th stage rental failure.I was diagnosed at age 11 with IGA renal disease.I was diagnosed also with high blood pressure at the age of 14 which was told to me now at 46 is due to something in my DNA. They (Doctors) told my mom I would be on dialysis at age 17 and would need kidney transplant at age 21.I would not have children.I have two beautiful grown daughters and I did not go on dialysis til I was 43 which I feel was due to stress and depression from a 22 yr marriage that ended amongst other issues that contribute from childhood terror. Now the doctors are saying that I must get kidney which is a last resort for besides dialysis in order for me to continue to maintain life. In my heart I just don’t feel that’s true. So I’m writing to you to see if you can help me still with the treatment I need to over come this obstacle I’ve had to face for so long. I just came aware of who Master Dr.Sebi was and still is late last early of this year.I have listen to many of his teachings and lectures on how we need to change our eating habits amongst other things in order for us to heal ourself. Unfortunately I did not get to personally speak to my Creator sent baba my master healer about my situation and what medicines would need to take along with the changing of my diet. I’m divastated of his transition so soon. I’ve been for him to come nearly all my life to help. I’ve never trusted the doctors. Anyway, now I’m not sure what to do. I know Dr.Sebi said kidney victims need to the therapeutic package. Can you please tell me the contents of the package and it’s cost so that I may complete my healing process. How do I go about getting the package. I’ve seen products on his website. I don’t see the therapeutic package. Or at least let me know what individual products I need to format my on therapeutic package so I may continue to try and heal my body.it’s my last hope. I refuse to allow them put someone else’s kidney in my body and I’m tired of being the governments lab rat.

    Much love,

    • You will be contacting the office for the small cleansing package and the “Endocrine” compound from the therapeutic package. I have an associate who had the exact same situation as you and he recovered just be eating according to the nutritional guide. he was able to urinate on his own within 6 months and stopped dialysis after 9 months.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      That’s amazing that you held off on needing dialysis for that long. May i ask how did you do it? My mother has ckd and her doctors are pushing for a fistula and everything but like you she doesn’t feel that’s true. Please reply.

  5. Hi, I’m on PD , meaning getting treatment through my peritoneal frame. I would like to get ride of the mucus that causes my kidneys from working. I have no urine and high blood pressure. I would love to do a trip to Honduras. Since I’m not able to afford it, first do you recommend me to take the trip since I dialyize everyday? Second, if so, how do I get sponsors to help me pay for the herbs and trip?

  6. Anthony philogene

    As I read these comments I feel a great wave of emotion. I have a host of problems including congestive heart failure. Cardiomyopathy to be exact I also have renal failure and I am currently undergoing dialysis I made up my mind to not pursue any means of transplant. I have 2 sons that I would like to see grow up to be outstanding gentlemen.please tell me what I must do I’m already following the nutritional guide I appreciate anything you could help me with

    • Continue to follow the nutritional guide and apply what you have learned from this article/website. I would like to hear from you in the future.

  7. my husband kidneys are functioning at 7% that want him on dialysis immediately he doesn’t want dialysis he is taking blodd pressure medication and cholestral and he has chronic back pain due to two cracked disc and takes pain medication. He eats organic veggies and meat. He still urinates well. What packages Of Dr Sebi does he need and for how long should he take whatever u suggest and where is the food guide to show him what to eat. Please help quickly. Thanks A Million and how do we order the products u suggest

  8. Please comment on the amount of products/ and or/process needed to rid the body of herpes? I saw the curing herpes article but was unsure of how much of each item is needed for treatment (for example is a bottle of Iron plus to be taken daily for xyz days)? Thank you in advance for your time.

    • The only product and amount significant enough to mention is the Iron tonics. You already know the other two most important things:
      1. that you need to reserve time for cleansing.
      2. that you need to be consistent in your use of the compounds and consuming the least detrimental food when you eat.

      We start by addressing your iron deficiency via rising your internal reservoir for mineral iron which your immune system requires much of. You will need to consume a bottle a day of either “Iron Plus” or “Bio Ferro” for at least ten days. Then you will only take two or three spoon fulls when you start on your therapeutic package. Noon and evening you can consume a cup of bromide tea.

  9. Just overwhelmingly impressed at the accomplishments and greatness of Dr. Sebi’s journey on behalf of all mankind but even more for us as a people ( Black People or the darker-carbon-based People of the World.). I have changed to the Alkaline diet and look forward to ordering his compounds..
    His tenacity,his courage,his integrity spoke volumns….

  10. Greetings Brother, can one take more than the recommended amount of herbs from Dr. Sebi? For example, his green cell food plus and Testo recommend taking 4 capsules daily. But what if I feel so depleted of minerals that I want to take more than 4 capsules daily. What would happen if I took more? And can they be taken out of the capsules and placed in a tea or smoothie? I don’t take pills well.

    • It would be better to take the green food plus and testo accordingly (2 in the morning and two by noon). It is the iron tonics that you want to be able to take beyond what is recommended. The small amounts recommended when taking the iron tonics are for economic concerns. When in Usha village when consuming the iron tonics, the entire bottle is drunk during a single moment for the day. If you feel significantly depleted of minerals then Dr Sebi recommends that you drink a bottle a day for 10 days.

      And yes you can take the mineral substances out of the capsules to make tea and smoothies out of. I have done that with the ones that are palatable enough for me to find favor in doing so.

  11. I have low energy, body aches, and overweight, will any of these products work for me? And if so which one?

  12. I have kidney failure and I’m currently on Peritoneal Dialysis. What I want to know is how do I order the Fucus (Potassium Phosphate) separate instead of ordering the entire booster package? Also, in the video Dr. Sebi said take Iron for kidney failure and then potassium phosphate gradually,so I wanted to know how long I should wait in order to take potassium phosphate.

    • When you feel healthy or energetic you can then apply the diuretic. Contact the office for ordering the Fucus.

      PRODUCTS https://drsebiscellfood.com/pages/product-list

      2807 La Cienega Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90034

      9:00 AM-12:30 PM

      10:00 AM-3:00 PM
      All times are pacific time

      • Peace Advocates For Dr. Sebi,


        My Mum began dialysis in March 2016 and wants off the machine. She has 9% kidney functioning and currently still urinates. They keep telling her she should not be urinating. SMH. They also keep telling her not to drink water and to stay away from juicing veggies and fruits like the beets and oranges, etc., Should she really not be doing these things? I almost believe she should be doing the opposite.

        Where should she start? Is purchasing the Iron Plus still the best place to start? She is in a very weak state. Are there other products she should get as a start? Will there be specific instruction given as to when to take the Iron Plus and the like? Even though the machine removes so much, the products will still be effective? Also, is there someone she can consult with, on a consistent basis, as she progresses?


        • I do my best to bring this information from Dr Sebi to you. Remember the name of the game is to removed the acid from the system. It is the cause of all problems. We have an acid condition that is eating away on us. Our cellular structure is destroyed by acid and mucus replaces the areas that once had healthy cells. Plant based iron is the backbone of the African Bio Mineral Balance. When taking the compounds, you must eat according to a strict diet – the nutritional guide. You have to stop eating the foods that are also robbing you of your energy just as the dialysis machine is doing. Have you called or contacted the office yet?

  13. Hello blessins to all. I just got diagnosed with HIV a year ago and have started my meds what treatment should I start I know I was told I had low vitamin D. Any information is helpful thanks <3

  14. Hello My dad had prostate cancer like 11 years ago and underwent the seed implantation for his treatment, the cancer is gone. But after all this he developed diabetes, heart issues (Had Congestive Heart Failure), and takes the blood thinner Warfarin. Would he be able to take any of Dr. Sebi’s Products if he is on Warfarin? Seeing that Warfarin is a deadly blood thinning drug.

    • http://advocatesfordrsebi.org/faqs/bladder-problems/

      All African Bio-mineral Balance compounds are comprised of natural plants; which means its constitution is of an alkaline nature. This is important – and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies – because disease can only exist in an environment that is acid; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base. Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleans and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state. Our system of nutrition goes even further. In addition to removing the accumulation of years of toxins, the African Bio-mineral balance replaces depleted minerals and rejuvenates damaged cell tissue eroded by the acid diseased state.

      PRODUCTS https://drsebiscellfood.com/pages/product-list

  15. Hello, I have a relative that had Prostate Cancer 11 years ago, and the cancer is now gone, but after he received the seed implant for the prostate cancer, he developed Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, impotence, some sort of brain complication (Mimicked a stroke), and he takes Warfarin (Coumadin) and a host of other drugs. So with his medical conditions; can he still take DR. Sebi Herbals? I wasn’t sure because he’s already taking the dangerous drug Coumadin which thins the blood already. I know that he will have to start with the Dr. Sebi Strict Nutritional Diet cutting out all Meats and Starches. But I was wondering while he’s on this Diet should he or should he not take DR. Sebi Herbals? Should he wait until he can gets off of the Coumadin through the Strict Nutritional DR. Sebi diet without the Herbals?

    Note: I’ve read on one Dr. Sebi’s Guides that you should take his Herbals one hour before you start taking the hospital Medicine. But I wasn’t sure if this related to a Medicine like Warfarin (Coumadin)?

    • Yes, they can still take Dr Sebi compounds but they will have to apply it to meet or raise beyond the consumption amount of chemicals or acid based food that they put in their body. Chemicals and acid based foods remove mineral content from the body and leave damaged cell behind. A strict diet is a great start, which is why we have Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide. Take the compounds an hour before any medicine.

  16. So, I’m trying to figure out how the herbs work; when it says improve your blood; will this affect the Warfarin in anyway?

    Apparently the Warfarin drug is used to help stop blood clotting, The Medical Doctors give you portion servings of how much Vitamin K you can eat….So, when eating the items on Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide, will this cause an issue with the Warfarin Drug?

    • Hello,
      Can you help answer the question in regards to the Warfin (Coumadin)? When your on Warfin the Dr’s tell you to only eat a certain portion of Greens. Should my Dad avoid going over those portions and eat other things on the nutritional diet that are not Green?

  17. I have been asthmatic for a good 35 years. Used to be really bad. Had to stop work because I could not get on to a plane. Was recently told I have enlarged prostate. I am also hypertensive and have skin problems. What products do you think I ought to take for my problems. Thank you.

    • http://advocatesfordrsebi.org/faqs/bladder-problems/

      All African Bio-mineral Balance compounds are comprised of natural plants; which means its constitution is of an alkaline nature. This is important – and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies – because disease can only exist in an environment that is acid; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base. Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleans and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state. Our system of nutrition goes even further. In addition to removing the accumulation of years of toxins, the African Bio-mineral balance replaces depleted minerals and rejuvenates damaged cell tissue eroded by the acid diseased state.

      PRODUCTS https://drsebiscellfood.com/pages/product-list

  18. Hi I’m a 21 year old I was recently put on dialysis I had about 3 treatments. Do you recommend I stop the treatment right away and take the herbs and iron or still do the treatment with the herbs?

    • Eating according to the nutritional guide alone will return your health to you. You can even choose to do without certain things on the nutritional guide in order to speed the healing process up; such as chic peas, avocado, spelt bread, quinoa and nothing sweet no matter what. But you do not have to stop the treatment right away, you can ween yourself off of it by consuming Dr. Sebi’s compounds and eating according to the nutritional guide.

  19. Hi,
    i was wondering if you can assist me. My husband was diagnosed with ckd 5 last year december. He tried a herbal treatment which helped reduced the toxins but he suffered from fluid retention and PE. He has been on dialysis for the past 6 months. he was able to urinate throughout only now on HD lessened for a while til he began using dandelion, raspberry, sasparilla and burdock teas as well as maintaining an alkaline diet not a strict one though. Since then his last test results after 5 days without dialysis were great but the doctors insist he has to continue taking it three times a week which has made him feel even worst and now his ankles are slightly stolenand his BP has gone up.. i already ordered the cleansing package but i need to know what i should order next since he seem to be recovering but in my country doctors refuse to remove anyone off dialysis. Its a case of the fear factor and a money making business. can you please assist. he hasnt started the cleansing package as yet. I just need to know what else i should order since it is very expensive on my part.

    • Yes, I can imagine that you would like to be prepared for a long and consistent attending to the maintaining of an internal alkaline environment as much as possible; and I would agree. Be sure to have the bromide plus powder handy for making tea and drinking it at least three times a day. You only need a very little amount to make tea. Boil 2 cups of water, put the boiling water in the blender and turn it on. Place half a tea spoon of bromide in the blender while it is on and in a minute or two your tea is ready.

      The Doctors definitely don’t believe that he can get off of dialysis, don’t let that be enough to believe the same and help him acquire some better eating habits. If you don’t have the green food plus, be sure to.

      • doesnt he need the liquid irons as well and the fucus as said in the article above?

        he only has the cleansing package. i will be ordering the liquid irons and fucus soon and this means i must include the bromide powder and green food plus to make it a full therapeutic package?

        how will i know when he is ready to get off dialysis

  20. well its been about a week since he has been on strict alkaline diet and has been using the cleansing package. he has been feeling a bit weaker and losing weight really fast. Im really not feeling the cleansing package since he needs to build up now. chelation 2 sends him to the bathroom over 6 times a day. So im not sure if i should put the cleansing package aside and start with the products listed liquid irons plus some bromide and green food plus. i need some advice please

    • The acid condition needs to be removed. Since there has been some time spent in removing some of the acid condition, it would not hurt to switch up and go with the liquid tonic in order to see some improvement in energy. Afterwards you can resume the cleansing with is very important.

  21. Hi, I am looking to treat my dog who has end stage renal failure. Her vets have said that her days are numbered but dialysis may give her a couple of months. Not to under mind their education but I know my dog and I know that she is stronger than they think. I Birthed her from her, she was a runt and I nursed her back to health. Her body has adjusted to living with partially functioning kidneys. She has some of he symptoms of end stage renal failure like thirsty and lately she’s been lethargic but she still goes potty outside, she still plays with other dogs and people and is active. She still eats and she still drinks water. A lot f people have told me i am doing too much for a dog. I don’t want to justify my love for my pet and I am willing to do what ever to keep her. If I can clean her blood I can change her life. I don’t know if your products are safe or approved for dogs but any information would be greatly appreciated. I have to look outside of western medicine, the vet practice is no different than the doctors.

    • Contact the LA Office and see what they have to say about this. It is very interesting. Keep me posted.

      2807 La Cienega Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90034

      9:00 AM-12:30 PM

      10:00 AM-3:00 PM
      All times are pacific time

      • Hi Zee Malachi. I followed your advice and contacted the LA office. A woman I spoke to there gave me all the ingredients in all the products so I could research if they were okay for dogs. I ended up getting the bio ferero (she’s allergic to the yellowdock but I give her some once in a while anyways hoping she’ll adjust to it), the green food and the bromide plus powder and the iron plus. She had a blood transfusion because she was severely anemic shortly after I reached out to you and was prescribed epoetin alfa, an artificial human hormone to produce red blood cells. It worked but had a lot of side effects so I quit using it after one dose. It’s been two months and her skin looks nice and pink and she gets warm when she plays which she didn’t before. There has definitely been an increase in her energy and her latest blood test showed that many of her values had lowered (ever so slightly) including her BUN and creatinine. She’s due for another blood test and I can’t wait to see how much more she’s improved. Her vets are still trying to prescribe euthanasia when they should be trying to find out what is keeping her alive and so spry. It is veterinary protocol to euthanize dogs in end stage renal failure. She is a very active dog. I have three other dogs. We go hiking in the mountains and she always keeps up rain or snow or sunshine. After a month on doctor Sebis products and another supplement I think has made a huge difference called corticeps (or caterpillar mushroom) she no longer seems lethargic and is just as happy as before her diagnoses. Also we still have not been able to get dialysis, which her vet said she wouldn’t live a week without, and that was back in December. Thank you so much. I am starting a blog to help out other people in similar situations and I’ve been spreading the word about how Dr. Sebis products have worked for us.

        • Also, a friend has been supplying us with alkaline water from a machine he has. There was a noticeable difference the first time she drank it and I cook her food in it. I’ve also stopped giving my other dogs unfiltered tap water. In fact there is a natural spring about an hour away from where I live (Seattle, WA) and I give them that mostly but it has too high mineral content for my dog with kidney failure. If I can’t give her the alkaline water I filter the spring water


    • I am not related to Dr Sebi. And I was eating meat and all kinds of detrimental foods a whole 2 years into building these platforms. I still eat potato chips and cheese to this very day. I don’t let that or anything else stop me from telling the world about Dr. Sebi. Yes, I have consumed several of Dr Sebi’s products. I do my part to make sure that people have additional information that can lead to more ways for them to get a better handle on their health. This website began May 2014, while the blogs began January 2014 and works on facebook began 2011.

      You can read more here: http://advocatesfordrsebi.org/disclaimer/

  23. I am forty years and was diagnose with kidney failure in June 2016 on dialysis since do not like it. Can you tell how to start eating right and what herbs can help me i am ready to live again help me Stage 5 renal failure.

    • Be sure to review Dr Sebi’s information here several times. Be sure to stick to the nutritional guide. Visit the website of my nutritious team for additional information. They are up-to-date on Dr Sebi’s food guide and can help you determine what foods you can get that may be in your area.

      Review the lettuce section.
      Porridge – Use the approved grains to make porridge because it is easier on the digestive system and less work for the body to extract the mineral content.
      Daily Teas – Be sure to get the Bromide Powder Plus.

  24. Hi, I have stage 4 kidney disease, with chronic anemia. And I have a blood disorder which causes my body to produce to may blood platlets. I take medications for the blood disorder and every 2 weeks I get a shot of Procrit for the anemia. I want to get off all meds, and heal my body. I have beeb taking 1 of the small therapeutic packages for 2 month, and eating 90% from Dr. SEBIs list. I haven’t seen any changes in my health as of yet. What else can I do?

  25. I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The doctors have no underlying issue to treat so I have no help in improving kidney function. I have headaches, muscle spasms in my legs and feet and have recently started smelling an odor, my blood pressure fluctuates (I’ve never had blood pressure issues before 3 weeks ago), I experience extreme fatigue and I have gained weight. I urinate as I always have and have used cell food and oil of oregano. This has only improved function from 52% to 72%. I have not improved anymore since August. I was diagnosed in May. What do I need to purchase to improve kidney function.

  26. Hi, My husband is getting treatment injections of something called denosumab to treat a rare tumor condition he has called Giant Cell Tumor. My question is, will any products from Dr. Sebi, conflict with the treatments he is getting? I want to make sure not to mess with the effectiveness of the treatments or supplements.

    • It will not interfere. Dr. Sebi’s compounds is referred to as electric cell food straight from plant-based substances. The body is simply receiving the minerals that it lost in the first place. Contact the office for the bromide plus and chelation

  27. My mom has myeloma (bone marrow cancer that decreases red blood cells) and congestive heart failure with only about 30 percent cardiac function. I called the office and the consultant seemed unknowledgeable and seemed more like a seller than someone that truly wanted to help me. What should she begin taking?

    • 1. Get the Chelation
      We want to make sure that we cleans the cells and wash away the substances that are causing the acid condition that is eating away on the bones.

      2. Get the Bromide Plus
      We use the plant base calcium instead of the oxide calcium to bring appropriate minerals back into the bones.

      3. Get lily of the Valley
      For congestive heart failure, a gentle cleansing of the cells and energy; lily of the valley is used.

  28. Sorry for not becoming an Advocate.

  29. Hello.. I just found out about Dr.Sebi’s work and was wondering if u can help me.. see at age 14 I was diagnosed with failed kidneys so I started dialysis immediately after at age 15 I got a transplant which lasted me for 7 years so got another transplant which also lasted me 7 years and now it’s been 3.5 years that my transplanted kidney has failed again and I’ve been on dialysis.. so my question is: is there hope for me to cure naturally without another transplant ?? Would greatly appreciate ur reply.. Thanks in advance

    • Treating kidney failure is tricky and tedious Even Dr Sebi has not been successful in all cases. Conditioning comes into the picture. A strict diet must be observed and ordering the therapeutic package is necessary. Some people who were treated recovered overnight and was off the dialysis and there were others who just could not stop eating that Canadian bacon. He did recommend the use of the bromide Plus powder.

      • Ok…. what’s this “diet” that dr.Sebi recommends for dialysis patients??
        Can it be done tho?? Can I get myself off dialysis??

  30. Hi my mom has recently started dialysis due to having polycystic kidney disease. I’ve been reading all the post but I don’t understand if they tell you that you need protein on dialysis how can you follow the nutritional guidelines here. What should or can she do to get off of dialysis since she has polycystic kidney disease?

    • Consistency is the key.

      Stay away from certain foods


      Prepare the iron based teas.

      It is impossible for you to get sick if your iron level is up to par. If you have a disease, no matter what kind of disease it is, you are anemic. Iron is the mineral that conveys oxygen to the brain. Iron should have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. (the CHO chain). Iron is the spark plug of the human body. When you are deficient in iron, you are susceptible to a whole bunch of diseases. Iron fires the body up and is the only mineral on the planet that is magnetic. Being that iron is magnetic it has a tendency to pull other minerals to it. It pulls magnesium, zinc, gold, calcium, phosphorous, etc. It would be safe to say that when you take large doses of iron that you are taking all the other minerals. The lack of iron causes 40 manifestations of disease. Without iron, the body looses energy and the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen going to the brain when iron is low. Without iron, we wrinkle at a young age and no longer able to walk straight. The Burdock plant is rich in iron and has 102 minerals. The body naturally consumes or uses the amount of 3 table spoons of iron a day. Dr. Sebi recommends 2 table spoons 3 times a day.

      Sarsasparilla – Highest content of iron.
      Sarsil Berry – Berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.
      Guaco – It’s high in iron and strengthens the immune system. Has potassium phosphate.
      Conconsa – An African plant. Has the highest concentration of potassium phosphate.
      Lily of the Valley – Rich in iron fluorine and Potassium phosphate.
      Purslane – Rich in iron.
      Kale – Rich in iron.
      Dandelion – Rich in iron.
      Lams Quarters – Rich in iron.
      Burdock – Rich in iron.
      Blue Vervain – Rich in iron.
      Yellow Dock – Rich in iron.
      Chickweeb – Rich in iron
      Anamu – Rich in iron

  31. Please what of patient that suffering from advance liver cirrhosis as well kidney desease but l used to tired at night. I realised most of the food on Dr Sebi nutritional food guide contains alot of sugar which is not good for people suffering with liver cirrhosis

    • The nutritional guide is good. The least detrimental foods will give the body room to begin healing. The process is complimented by the herbal compounds when we use them on s consistent basis. Acquire the necessary teas and do not eat the foods that will deter the intake of minerals that the body needs.

  32. Does Dr Sebi talk about where to get vitamin b12. Thanks.

  33. Nephrotic syndrome healing advice?

    Thank you!

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